ZonBase Review 2023: Useful OR NOT? (TRUTH)

Is Zonbase one of the best eCommerce product-finding tools on the internet? This Zonbase Review will answer all your questions regarding the product finding tool.

Dropshipping is an effective eCommerce business modal for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It can make you millions if you do it in the right way. But, most people fail in dropshipping.
Do you know why?

They don’t do it in the right way.

And the most common mistake they do is choosing the wrong product that is already either outdated or doesn’t have enough demand.

That’s why I always recommend you to do product research before starting your dropshipping business.

A few years ago, product research was hard due to a lack of resources and tools. But, today, we have several product research tools that help you choose the right product for your dropshipping business.

And the most popular product research tool among all of them is ZONBASE. In this article, I’ll be going to review Zonbase for you.

Zonbase is an all-in-one product research tool. Whether you are researching dropshipping, inventory-based eCommerce, or an offline business, it is equally helpful to find trendy and hot products.

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In this review, you will read,

Well, let’s begin,

First off,

What is Zonbase

is shopinspect

I came across Zonbase when searching for a faster way to find out trendy and hot items for my dropshipping business. I got this tool on Google and signed up for it.

I wanted to see if it was worth the money I paid for it. And, really, it has given me the desired results. So, I decided to review this online product research tool so that other dropshippers could get benefit from it.

Let me give you a quick introduction to Zonbase.

Zonbase is an online product research and analysis tool that helps users quickly find hot and trendy products from the ocean of products.

It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a team of eCommerce experts to find hot, trending products BEFORE they go viral.

If you want to start dropshipping business but don’t know what to sell, then this tool would be helpful for you.

It provides you with the product suggestion and gives you the estimated sales for a product in a particular store.

This information helps you to decide if you should start selling similar products or not.

Here are some more points about what Zonbase does.

  • It finds the best selling products with the information of WHO sells them.
  • You can discover what other products your competitors are selling.
  • You can spy on their Social Media marketing.
  • Also, you can find similar but more profitable products that sell.

Now you know what is Zonbase, what does it do; let me show you why you need a dropshipping product analysis tool?

Why Do You Need a Dropshipping Product Research Tool

See, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar-based business or an online business, you have to invest your time and money in it. So, if you fail, you will be lost your money and time, which never come back.

That’s why you need a failproof plan before getting started with your business plan. Choosing the right product that sells is one of the crucial parts of your business plan.

If your product fails, your whole business plan will fail. Here comes the need for a product analysis and research tool like Zonbase. With these tools, you can predict what will sell and choose the right product.

Choosing the best-selling product reduces the risk of failing your business.

You have to pay $16 monthly to use Zonbase but what you get is much more than the price they charge.

Let’s see the main features of Zonbase after then we’ll see how this tool works.

Zonbase Features

In this section, you will read about the main features of Zonbase product analysis and research tools.

The Dashboard

shopinspect dashboard

When you sign up for Zonbase, You’ll see a dashboard that is very easy to use.

In the dashboard, you will see a section showing you the hot products automatically. You can directly choose the products from that section. There is no need to search for the products manually.

However, if you want deep research, then you can use the other features of this tool.

Hot Shops

shopify hot shops

In the dashboard, you will see a button that opens a section where you will see the hot stores.

In this section, you will see high traffic Shopify stores from where you can get an idea of the theme and look of your store.

Because these websites are getting high traffic, if you use the same look and feel in your Shopify store, you can also get the same traffic and conversion.

You can spy on them off, what they are doing to get high traffic on their stores.

Hot Products

hot products

In the dashboard, you will see another button, “Hot Products.”

Clicking on that button leads you to the products which have the highest orders from the wholesalers and the manufacturers.

This section also shows the sales percentage of all hot products alongside its selling price. You can also use the filter to narrow down the list as per the product category, selling price, etc.

Product Search

hot shopify products

You can also manually search for a product category in the dashboard. For this, you have to type a keyword for a product name or the name of a store.

If you type “Earphones,” it will show a detailed report about the product or the store.

Smart Score

When you see the left side, there will be a box showing you the Smart Score of the product and the average monthly web searches.

Smart Score is a built-in ranking feature of this tool scores between 1 and 100. This ranking feature is based on a mathematical formula that includes the number of product searches and the number of stores is selling that product.

It’s just like a score used in Clickbank’s gravity score.

So, you have to choose a higher “Smart Score” product. The higher the Smart Score, the more trendy and hot product.

You will see a line graph that is displayed to show you the search volume for a specific keyword.

It’s ranked from 1 to 100 and similar to the keyword volume shown in a keyword research tool. The higher the volume, the more people are searching for the product.

Word Cloud

The word cloud is a great feature by Zonbase, which shows the list of other search words relevant to your search.

You can start with a basic word and then with a word cloud and Smart Score; you can find out winning products for your dropshipping business.

Wordcloud is just like the related search queries in SEMRush.

Top Dropshipping Products Research Tool

Another great tool Zonbase provides us is “Top Dropshipping Products.”

in this tool, you can see the monthly searches for any product, the price, and how much the product earns per month.

With the sales data, you can decide whether you should sell the same product or not.


adinspect tool

This is the most powerful tool by Zonbase. Through AdInspect, you can search by brand or keyword to get the data of what ads are performing well on Facebook and Instagram.

You can see the likes or shares count an ad achieves, as well as the targeted audience.

With this tool, you can predict how your own ads will perform. You can set up the same audience targeting, ad design, etc., to get the same result that a winning ad is getting.

It’s my favorite tool in Zonbase because it allows you to run winning ad campaigns easily.

How does Zonbase Works

Zonbase helps to identify and catch new emerging products quicker than other sellers by showcasing exactly the best-selling and viral products that have the potential to grow rapidly.

It helps you in several different ways to find out winning products that can scale your dropshipping business from nothing to a billion-dollar business empire.

See, in today’s world, data is the king. If you have the sales data of products, then you can decide whether you should go with the product or not?

That’s the way every winning business is using to make money. Without Zonbase starting a dropshipping business is just like sleeping in the dark. It will help you build your marketing strategy without wasting your hard-earned money on the wrong products.

Finding trending products with Zonbase

In the Zonbase dashboard, you will see 3 tabs.

  • Product search tab
  • Shop search tab
  • Hot websites tab

With these 3 tabs, you can find out the winning products for your dropshipping business. Let’s see how these tools work?

Product search TAB

hot shopify products

There are 3 parts to the Product search tab. Do you have to understand how they work?

The first one is,

Smart score: This feature provides you the insights and information about the monthly search estimates that is displayed from low to medium. You should choose a high smart score product because there are a limited number of sellers competing for that product which increases your chance to get success.

Seasonality indicator: This indicator gives you a brief if the product sells seasonally or not. If yes then how much?

Word cloud: Word cloud is another great feature of the Product search tab. It simply gives you an extended search list of products showing an average monthly income and with the latest social media connections related to the product. This feature provides you with the data of real products sold every day on Shopify.

Shop search TAB

shop search tab

The Zonbase search tab is the second product search option available in the dashboard. It shows you the stores on top in selling for the keyword or product you have searched for.

In this tab, you can find out about a product that how much it sells in different stores.

Hot Products TAB

This tab allows you to get an idea of all the top-selling items across the internet. It runs on an AI algorithm, so the results are more accurate.

After identifying the products, you can export the list and upload it to your Shopify store easily.

Hot Websites Tab

With the help of the Hot Websites tab, you can instantly access the traffic analytics of the top 100 Shopify stores along with the data, such as which apps and devices they are using on their Shopify stores.

You can also compare all the stores as per the percentage rise in traffic compared to last month.

How to build an ideal eCommerce store with Zonbase

how does shopify works

Building a perfect store that converts is not easy. It takes time and experience to master the art of selling through online stores.

However, Zonbase would reduce your time to build an ideal eCommerce store from months to days.

With Zonbase, you can easily find trending products that sell, spy on other websites for their design and appearance, and the tactics they are using to convert their customers.

Finding out hot products to design your eCommerce website would not be easy without a tool like Zonbase.

So, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to Zonbase. After all, you are investing your hard-earned money in a business, so don’t move forward without deep research.

You can easily use Zonbase data in Shopify to build a high-converting store.

Facebook and Google ads strategies for Zonbase users

adinspect ad spy tool

Zonbase also helps you build a marketing strategy around your products and store. Zonbase will provide you the data such as keywords related to hot products and how your competitors are running online ad campaigns.

You can use this data to create and run your ad campaigns on Google and Facebook ads. To read most about paid ad strategies on social media, I recommend reading my article “Social Media Marketing For Businesses and Startups.”

Zonbase Pricing

First of all, I would say Zonbase offers 7 days free trial in that you can make three searches for free. After the trial will over, you have to upgrade to a paid plan to use Zonbase.

Don’t worry; the prices are under your budget.

Zonbase has 2 paid plans.

  • Standard Plan – $16/Month paid annually
  • Legendary Plan – $19/Month paid annually
shopinspect pricing plans

The standard plan features 10 searches per day for the tabs; Hot Trending Products, Shopify Product Search, Shopify Shop Search, Top Shopify Stores, and Trending Shopify Stores. It does not include the AdInspect feature.

Legendary Plan features 250 searches per day for the tabs; Hot Trending Products, Shopify Product Search, Shopify Shop Search, Top Shopify Stores, and Trending Shopify Stores. Of course, you will get the AdInspect tool with this plan.

My Verdict About Zonbase

Researching is a crucial part of any business. Without proper research, if you jump into a business, you will lose your money.

That’s why I recommend you to research first then implement.

Well, researching takes a lot of time, sometimes months. Here, Zonbase helps us.

With Zonbase, we can reduce our time of research from months to days or even hours. With proper knowledge of product, branding, and marketing plan, you can quickly start your eCommerce store.

So, if you don’t want to research for months for dropshipping business, then I recommend you Zonbase.

See, one winning product will cover the cost of the Legendary plan and make you millions. So investing in a tool like Zonbase is not bad.

Let me know what you think about Zonbase in the comment box below, and do share this article with others on social media so that others could benefit from it.

Zonbase review FAQs

Is Zonbase worth for dropshippers?

When you start a new business, you need to research the market and workflow; otherwise, your chances of frailer will increase. That’s where Zonbase helps you. It provides all the necessary data to research and starts a dropshipping business.

Which plan is best?

In my opinion, the Legendary plan is best. See, every eCommerce business needs a good advertisement strategy. You can’t bet on a keyword or a product blindly. Otherwise, you will lose your hard-earned money on looser ads. In the Legendary plan, you will get AdInspect, a very useful tool for eCommerce businesses regarding ad campaigns.

Do you need training in Zonbase?

Zonbase frequently conducts live training on various platforms, including their Facebook group. 
You can approach them there and ask your questions. They will be happy to answer all your queries. 
They also organize live demo’s for their new customers. You can approach them for this.

How to find trending products in Zonbase?

With Zonbase, it’s very easy to find out trending products. There are various tools like Hot Trending Products, Shopify Product Search, Shopify Shop Search, Top Shopify Stores, and Trending Shopify Stores and AdInspect that help you find hot products within minutes.

What is AdInspect, and what does it do?

It helps you spy your winning ads on social media and Google ads and what strategies they are implementing to get conversions. With this tool, you can create high-converting ads for your ad campaigns.

Can it help me to build my brand?

Yes, with “Shop Store search,” you can find out the trending store to get an idea about the branding and appearance of your store. See, good branding is a key ingredient to building a winning business. Zonbase will help you with this.

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