Top 3 FREE WordPress WYSIWYG Editors You Should Use in 2021

If your blog or website runs on WordPress, you must use the WordPress WYSIWYG Editors to craft your content in a better and easy way.

Today if you want to rank well in Google, you have to serve good contents for your audience.

The quality of content depends on how you express your thought on your article. WYSIWYG WordPress Editor plugins help you to craft your content with good formatting.

I think you all go through the font selection and formatting problems when you write your articles. WYSIWYG Editor is a plugin which adds some extra features into your WordPress article editor panel.

When you install a WordPress WYSIWYG Editor to your Website, you will see some extra options along with the basic formatting tools.

In simple words, you will get an advanced word formatting toolbar on your WordPress editor.

There are many WYSIWYG Editor Plugins available for WordPress. Though their basic features are the same they have some different features like fonts family etc.

But, I am going to describe my 3 favorite WordPress WYSIWYG Editors in this article. These are the most popular WYSIWYG Editor plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

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Don’t worry these all are free.

1. TinyMCE Advanced WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

tiny mce advanced WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

I personally use TinyMCE advanced WYSIWYG plugin. At the time of writing this article still, I am using it to craft my writing skills with better formatting.

I personally love its features.

You can add, remove and arrange the buttons which I would like to show or hide in WordPress visual editor.

I have not tries but I know you can add up to 4 rows of buttons with text background, font family, color, tables etc.

This is the setting window which you will find on the WordPress setting option in the dashboard. You can clearly see that there are 4 rows where you can configure the buttons via drag and drop feature.

Just drag which toolbar button you want in your visual editor and save the settings. The settings will appear on your visual editor.

Tiny MCE advanced is a tool which every blogger should have in his plugin list. It will save a lot of your writing time.

You can edit your articles with the lightning-fast speed with this WordPress WYSIWYG Editor.

This Plugin adds some extra features to your basic visual editor

  • You can create and edit table easily with this WYSIWYG Editor.
  • You can get more options when editing your lists.
  • It gives an extra feature – search and replace a word.
  • This feature I really love – the ability to override the basic font family and font sizes.

In Total, you get 15 plugins from Tiny MCE which can automatically enable and disable depending on the buttons you chose from the Tiny MCE settings.

2. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Black Studio TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor

The second WordPress WYSIWYG Editor I would like to suggest is the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

When you install this WYSIWYG Editor to your Wordpress website, you will get a new type of visual editor widget which allows you to insert rich text and media objects to your blog sidebars.

This is a very useful tool as with WordPress text widget you only get the basic formatting options. This widget gives you the ability to add rich text and images so you can craft your sidebars like a pro.

Sidebars are the 2nd most clicked area of your blog or website and you can’t underestimate its importance.

You can give your messages, products, and other useful items to your sidebar with an attractive and high CTR design with this WYSIWYG Editor widget.

Features of Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

  • You can add rich text widgets to your sidebars and edit them with the visual editor.
  • You can switch between visual and HTML formats.
  • It will get a full-featured TinyMCE editor just like your visual editor.
  • Wow, this feature is great. It’s compatible with major TinyMCE plugins like Tiny MCE advanced etc.
  • You can add images and media from the WordPress media library.
  • You can insert internal and external links to media and text.
  • Supports full-screen editing mode.
  • And many more features.

as I said above the sidebar is the 2nd most important area of your blog or website. You can easily design your sidebar with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget.

3. Advanced TinyMCE Configuration

Advanced TinyMCE configuration editor

The last one in our list of best WordPress WYSIWYG Editors which I recommend you is Advanced TinyMCE Configuration. It will change the default configuration of the WYSIWYG tools.

You can use it to alter the TinyMCE settings as well as you can add, remove and change the tools in the visual editor.

You can say it a replica of the TinyMCE advanced plugin.

But you will get a much more with Tiny MCE advanced, hence that WordPress WYSIWYG Editor is downloaded more than 2 million times from the WordPress plugin directory.

Using this tools is very easy. When you install this tool you will get a menu in WordPress setting dashboard.

Just go there and configure the buttons which you want to show or hide and press the save button.

Now all set.


The quality of content is very important for the success of a website or blog. Specialists say that the formatting is an important part of good content.

Everybody wants to read a well-formatted content with proper titles, paragraphs, images, font colors, font styles and many more.

Over 2 million installations of Tiny MCE advanced cleared that the formatting is the main ingredient of a good content. So you must have to use a WordPress WYSIWYG Editor from today.

If you have any questions on this article the comment box is waiting for your questions. I will try to answer your queries. Also, share this post to your social circle so that as many webpreneurs can use it.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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