20 Best Winter Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money online regularly. But choosing the right product for dropshipping business is crucial otherwise, you’ll lose your money on it.

Just like my article ” 21 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Products to Sell Online,” today I’m going to share with you the 20 best winter dropshipping products to sell in the United States this winter.

I have researched a lot to make this list of dropshipping products for winter. I searched on 100s of eCommerce websites and found out these 20 products that sell well during winters.

So, if you are a dropshipper and finding a product for this winter, then this list is for you.

But, before jumping into the list, let me show you how you can also find trending dropshipping products online?

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How to Find Trending Dropshipping Products?

There are several ways to find a trending product. In this section, I will show you some of them.

The first one that I used to create this list is,


ShopInspect is an eCommerce product finder tool in which you can find out the trending and bestselling products from other Shopify websites.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.


I have a detailed review o ShopInspect that you definitely should check out before proceeding with this article.

Research on eCommerce websites

ecommerce product research for dropshipping

eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc., are the gold mine of new product ideas.

Researching on eCommerce websites is not so tough.

You have to go to the product category you want to sell and sort the list as “most rated.” Now you have the list of all the products people love to buy.

Optional: You can also sort the list as “new arrivals” and find the product with the best reviews to get new product ideas in the niche.

Note: Always go with the country-specific domain which country you want to target. Such as, if you’re going to target Canada, you should go with amazon.ca, eBay.ca, etc.

Google Trends

Google Trends for dropshipping

Google trends show the trend of any given keyword or topic. With this tool, you can check the trend of your product or niche.

To get the trend report, open Google Trends > go to Explore > put your niche or product name in the search term > select the time frame > select country > select category > Select Google Shopping in the web search dropdown menu.

Now you will get the trend of the product or niche as per the specific country, time frame, and category.

Online Forums and Social media

online forum and social media research

You can join the niche-specific forums and Facebook groups and keep your eyes on what people are talking about.

By watching these groups and forums, you can get an idea of which products people are interested in.

By using these 3 ways, you can find the trending dropshipping products online.

Best Winter Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

Let us come to our list of 20 top winter dropshipping products to sell on the US market.

First off,

1. Winter Hat, Scarf and Mask for Children

Winter Hat, Scarf and Mask for Children

During winters, the sale of Hats, Scarf, etc., is increased. Due to Covid-19, one more product is added to this category; Masks.

Well, if you want to sell lifestyle and fashion products, then Scarfs, Hats, and Masks are the excellent option for you.

There are tons of dropshipper available online for this product category. So you will not get any difficulty finding and tie-up with a supplier to dropship on your behalf.

The benefit of selling scarfs, hats, and masks for children is, there is a wide range of styles, colors, and materials available in the market. So you can create the best dropshipping inventory for these products.

Another advantage is they are reasonably cheap to sell online. By choosing winter scarfs, hats, etc., you can start your dropshipping business with just a few hundred dollars.

2. Coffee Thermal Cup

Coffee Thermal Cup for dropshipping

The consumption of hot drinks such as coffee, tea, etc., becomes common during winters. Many people prefer to drink hot beverages throughout the day in winter.

But, preparing coffee and tea every time is time-consuming.

That’s where you can find an opportunity to sell coffee thermal cups and thermoses.

Coffee thermal cups and mugs come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can make a wide range of inventory for thermal coffee mugs, cups, and thermoses.

Coffee thermal mugs are also a great gift item, so you can provide a gift package to increase sales. You can offer a discount on buying more than one piece also.

If you want to catch up on Black Friday, Christmas, etc., then this is one of the best winter dropshipping products for you.

3. Thermal Underwear Set

Thermal Underwear Set for dropshipping in winter

Another product that gains high demand during winter is Thermal Underwear.

Countries like the US, UK, and Canada face very low temperatures during winters, so people prefer to wear thermal underwear at that time.

Thermal underwear has the advantage of wearing them under their clothes, so they don’t need to compromise fashion and style in winters.

That’s why you can start dropshipping thermal underwear. As these are clothing products, they are affordable to buy. Hence you don’t need much money to begin the thermal underwear dropshipping business in the USA, UK, and Canada.

4. Ski Snowboard

Ski Snowboard dropship

Skiing is a popular winter sport in cold countries. In the USA, UK, Canada, etc., special skiing tournaments are organized.

Ski snowboard is very useful for cold countries where snowfall is common during winters.

So, if you are targeting cold countries, then ski snowboard is one of the best dropshipping products for you.

The best thing is, it’s a high ticket product so you will get more profit by selling fewer pieces than other low-cost products.

5. Ski Snowboard Mask

Ski Snowboard Mask winter dropshipping product

Along with SKi snowboard, people buy snowboard masks to protect them from snow during transit.

That’s how it’s the best pair to sell with ski boards.

You can sell ski snowboards and ski snowboard masks on one eCommerce website. You can offer discounts when someone buys a ski snowboard and mask together.

There are several ski board and masks suppliers out there. Just contact them and ask for your dropshipping needs.

6. Winter iPhone Case

Winter iPhone Case

During winters, winter iPhone cases are the hot product to sell as a dropshipping business. There are countless iPhone cases designed every year for different seasons, including winters.

You can start selling these iPhone cases on your tech product dropshipping site during winter.

People love to buy winter theme mobile cases so that you can earn huge profits during winters selling Winter iPhone cases.

7. Electric Shoe Dryer

Electric Shoe Dryer

When people go snowboarding to the office during winters, they fall into wet and cold shoes.

Hence, electric shoe dryers sell at their peak during winters, especially in cold countries where snowfall is expected in winters.

Electric shoe dryer solves their problem of drying out all types of shoes and boots quickly. They can also carry these dryers in their bag to go outside and use them whenever they want.

They need electricity to connect this equipment.

You can find dropshipper for this product easily in Aliexpress and Alibaba.

These are the biggest dropshipping website in the world, and the origin of these websites is China. So, before tie-up with any supplier from China on these websites, crosscheck all the information regarding them.

8. Foot Warmer

Foot Warmer for dropship to united states

Another cool gadget that sells well in cold countries is Foot Warmer. Foot warmers are handy for those who feel cold after coming home during the winter season.

It provides comfort and warmth to your feet after a cold and wet outing.

In cold countries, cold feet are very common, and people always try to warm their feet by whatever method they use.

However, burning a fireplace is not easier than having a foot warmer gadget. Just plug the device and put your feet inside the bag. Rest foot warmer will do.

So, this winter, it’s a hot product to sell online on your Shopify website.

9. Santa Dog Costume

Santa Dog Costume

Have you seen dogs wearing Santa dresses on Instagram during the Christmas season?

Well, you can also sell Santa dog costumes to the people during the Christmas season. People who own dogs always try new things with them. A Santa dress is another new thing for them to try with their pet.

That’s where you can start dropshipping Santa dog costumes to the buyers.

You can head over to Aliexpress and Alibaba to tie up with cheap Santa Dog Costume suppliers. But before starting a business with them, always ask them for a sample. That way, you can find out suitable suppliers.

10. Scarves

winter Scarves for dropshipping

Scarves are one of the best-selling products during winters. This is very useful to save your ears and face from cold during winters.

Another reason for their high demand is, they fit with any style of clothes. They are fashionable and useful.

Scarves are perfect for drop shippers as they don’t take much space, and you can quickly ship them.

But, first, find out the newest and trending scarf styles, then go for it. The trend of clothing constantly changes so you must go with the latest and trending styles.

You can search on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, etc., to find out what’s trending in Scarves. Then find out the dropshipper who will drop ship on behalf of you.

That’s it.

11. Winter Boots

Out next winter dropshipping product is winter boots. During winters, people need to keep their feet warm and dry. That’s why they wear winter boots when they go outside.

Especially in countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe, where snowfall is common during winters, boots are essential.

As a dropshipper, you can find ways to sell winter boots to cold country customers.

If you have an existing online shopping portal, then you can encourage your customers to buy winter boots this upcoming winter.

You can use Facebook ads to encourage people to buy this product.

12. Winter Hats

Winter Hats

Along with boots, winter hats are also a trending product during winters, especially for women who want to protect their faces from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Winter hats are a great way to protect their face from ultraviolet rays.

As winter hats are trending winter products, you can make a good income by dropshipping them online.

13. Unicorn Onesies

Unicorn Onesies

Onesies are full-body pajamas that customers love to buy because they’re cozy to wear at home, especially in cold weather.

These funny pajamas make them take great photos for selfies.

This selfie era makes Onesies a trending winter product that you can target for your next winter dropshipping product.

Aliexpress and Alibaba are good dropshipping marketplaces for onesies. You can find hundreds of onesie dropshippers on these websites.

14. Hot Chocolate

dropship Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Especially in winter, when you get a sip of hot chocolate, you will immediately start feeling warm and charged.

Chocolate is delicious and makes our mood happy and warm, so we love to have chocolate during winters.

You can sell hot chocolate during winters in your dropshipping store. You can easily find local hot chocolate suppliers in the USA. Contact them and ask if they can dropship on your behalf in the USA?

If you could tie-up with a good supplier, you can earn a good income from drop shipping hot chocolate.

15. Winter Lotion And Moisturizers

Winter Lotion And Moisturizers

During winter, lotion and moisturizers become the general need for people. All of us want to make our skin healthy and oily during the dry days of winters.

That way, we use winter lotions and moisturizers.

Several branded winter lotions and creams are available in the market that you can sell in your dropshipping store. It would be best to find a local supplier who can drop-ship your product to customers in the US.

You can earn a decent income by selling winter lotions and creams during winters. You can use Facebook and Google ads to target the right customers.

16. Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are cool fashion clothes during winters, especially in cold countries. However, we all love to wear leather jackets due to their fashionable look.

Whether you are a male or a female, all love to wear leather jackets.

It does not only add a fashion symbol to your personality but also makes you warm. That’s why leather jackets are cool and trending products during winters.

You can find hundreds of genuine dropshipping suppliers on dropshipping marketplaces such as Ali Express, Alibaba, and dropshipzone.

17. Ice picks and shovels 

Ice picks and shovels  dropshipping winter

In cold countries like Canada, the USA, and Russia, snowfall is common during winters, Ice picks, and shovel becomes available household products.

They sell well during winters in cold countries. That’s where you can find an opportunity to sell them on your dropship online store.

You can easily find Ice picks and shovel manufacturers and suppliers online and offline. Tie up with them as a dropshipper and start making money by selling these products online.

18. Ice Fishing equipment

ice skating equipment dropshipping

Have you seen anybody Ice fishing? If you live in hot countries like India, Malaysia, etc., you wouldn’t have seen this type of fishing type.

But, it’s a standard fishing method in cold countries where water sources freeze during winters.

People use this fishing method to catch fish below the upper frozen layer of a water source, such as a pond.

In these countries, you can start dropshipping Ice fishing equipment. You can contact local ice fishing equipment suppliers to dropship on your behalf and start making money by just running ads on Google ads and Facebook ads.

19. Winter gloves

inter gloves winter dropshippin product

During winters, when the temperature goes below 0 degrees Celcius, we need winter gloves to work. Winter gloves protect our hands from freezing due to heavy cold.

However, winter gloves are general winter products in all countries, primarily used for temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius.

Below 0 degrees celsius, when we touch a metal surface with a bare hand, it will stick to our skin. So, winter gloves are very crucial to work below 0 degrees Celcius.

You can sell these gloves to cold countries. You can find a dropshipping partner for winter gloves in Aliexpress and Alibaba.

20. Ice Skating Equipment

Ice Skating Equipment

Ice skating is not just a game in cold countries during winters but also used as a general transport method.

There is a vast list of equipment in the ice skating suite such as Ice skates, socks, skating bags, Skate guards, Absorbent cloth, Skate soakers, skate clothing, Gloves, Boot covers, etc.

You can start a separate online dropshipping store dedicated to ice skating and make a good income by shipping these products online.

You need a supplier who can drop-ship your products to your customers. You can approach a local supplier or find out online to tie up with them.

Conclusion: Best Winter Products for Dropshipping

Well, above, you have learned about the 20 best dropshipping products for winter. Now it’s your time to choose one that you are going to sell this winter.

Let me know about your choice in the comment box below and update me on how you plan to market your online shop.

If you need any suggestions regarding dropshipping, you can drop your query below. I will answer all your questions.

Do share this article on social media. It will encourage me to write more helpful content in the future.

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