Twitlonger Review: Best Tool to Tweet Lengthy Messages on Twitter

In this article, you will read about Twitlonger, which is one of the best solutions to post lengthy messages on Twitter.

Are you a Twitter user? If yes, then indeed, you’ve faced a common problem with this short messaging service.

“The character length”

Twitter has restricted the post character length to 280 characters, which is sometimes not enough to express your thoughts.

That’s where Twitlonger comes into play. This online app will add a link to your Twitter post pointed to your longer article hosted on their server.

When someone wants to read your lengthy article, they have to click on the link and be redirected to the article right then, where they can read the whole article.

That’s it,

It’s easy to use.

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Well, let me show you how does it work?

How does Twitlonger Work?

In the below image, you can see the Twitlonger homepage. Some buttons are given there. Including the “Sign in with Twitter” button.

Twitlonger homepage

You have to click on this button, and you will be redirected to this page.

Twitlonger login page

Here you have to put your Twitter username and click on authorise button.

Note: If you have already logged in to Twitter on that browser then you will get only the Authorize button.

Just click on the button, and you will be logged in to the Twitlonger app.

On the dashboard, you will see an article editor where you can write your lengthy article.

Twitlonger article editor

You can write your post here with the title. Followers will see the title on Twitter, so give the briefing of the article in the title.

Now, when you click on the “Post It” button, your article will be posted to your Twitter account.
That’s it.

Here is an example of an article I have shared through Twitlonger.

Twitlonger twitter post

This way, you can share lengthy articles with your follower on Twitter. However, there are some demerits of Twitlonger.

Pros ans Cons of Twitlonger

Let me now show you some pros and cons of Twitlonger.


  • Twitlonger is a great online app for those who want to share lengthy messages on Twitter.
  • It’s available for free to use. However, the paid version is also available.
  • It’s one of the best Twitter assistant tools for bloggers who sometimes want to share lengthy articles on Twitter, but due to character limits, they can’t.
  • The interface is easy to use.


  • Twitlonger is not ads free, so with the free version, your followers will see ads. However, if you opt for the paid version, your followers will get ads-free articles.
  • Twitlonger needs Twitter username and password to log in, that means they store your Twitter credentials on their server which is not suitable for security reason.
  • Your followers have to click on the link to read the message that redirects them to the Twitlonger server. This way, you will lose some readers who want to read the messages directly on the Twitter wall.

Twitlonger Pricing

Twitlonger has one free plan with ads and three paid plans without ads.

Twitlonger Free Plan

The free plan is sufficient for the small bloggers because you will get all the basic features of this app in the free plan. But, your followers will see ads on the messages page.

Twitlonger Paid Plans

twitlonger paid plans

All the Twitlonger paid plans are ads-free, so your readers will not get distracted by ads.

Here are the features of all three paid plans of Twitlonger.

Basic Plan Features

  • In the basic plan, your ads will be ads-free
  • You will get early access to all new features
  • You will get this plan with just £1/month

Friend Plan Features

  • In the friend plan, your ads will be ads-free
  • You will get early access to all new features
  • Friend plan uses your Twitter profile background so your readers will get a personalized look.
  • To get this plan, you will have to pay £5/month.

Pro Plan Features

  • In the Pro plan, your ads will be ads-free
  • You will get early access to all new features
  • Pro plan uses your Twitter profile background so your readers will get a personalized look.
  • In this plan, You can add your Analytics tracking code and track the clicks.
  • To get this plan, you will have to pay £10/month.

Twitlonger used Paypal as a payment gateway to pay with any credit or debit card that can process international payments.

How does Twitlonger work?

TwitLonger allows you to write above Twitter’s default 140 character length. A link to your tweet will be automatically posted to your Twitter account. People can click on the link to read the tweet.

What are the alternatives of Twitlonger?

Privatter and Twishort are the best alternatives to Twitlonger.

Twitlongr asks your Twitter login credentials to work. Is Twitlonger safe?

Yes, it’s safe to use Twitlonger with Twitter.

Can I delete Tweets posted from Twitlonger?

Yes, you can do it just like your ordinary tweets.

Can I edit Twitlonger Tweets?

Yes you can.

My Verdict about Twitlonger

Twitlonger is one of the most searched Twitter assistant tools in recent years. It receives 70 million visitors every year. So you can easily imagine how crazy peoples are about it.

By the way, I have also used its free version in my longer tweets and above 80% of my followers clicked on the article link. That proves that if you share helpful things through Twitlonger, your followers will read it.

So, I recommend bloggers and online businesses use these tools to share lengthy messages with their followers.

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