20 Trending Niches to Start Blogging in 2022

A few days ago, I got an email from one of my readers to suggest some trending niches to start blogging in 2022.

BUT, that was not the first mail regarding this. Actually, I often get these types of emails from my readers who are searching for trending and profitable niches.

So, I decided to compile 20 profitable and trending niches to start blogging today and also have good future growth prospects.

Niche selection is not easy. You need in-depth research and analysis to pick a profitable and low competition niche. Wrong niche selection will eat your hard work and time and won’t give you profit.

I have also written an ultimate guide on niche selection which you should read to know the process and apply in the niche I am going to share below.

Now, let’s jump into the list.

1. Cyber Security Niche to start blogging in 2022

Cyber Security Blog

The first one is Cyber Security.

Cyber Security is not a new niche. Antiviruses are there for decades. BUT, the necessity of cyber security is much more than a decade ago.

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Today, we all have data stored online. Whether it’s your banking details, social media data, emails, photos, and even your daily activity, all stored online by several websites and apps.

Your laptops, mobiles, and computers all are connected to the internet 24/7.

This creates the possibility of getting your devices infected by antiviruses, malware, spam, etc. Losing your data may cause you financial and even social loss.

So, the demand for cyber security apps and software is increasing.

According to the research conducted by Mordor Intelligence, the demand for the cyber security market is increasing with a rate of 14.4% CAGR.

And the best thing is there are countless affiliate programs available in this field that provide handsome commissions.

You can easily do affiliate marketing make a good income from the Cyber Security niche.

If you are a tech geek then this is a perfect niche to start your blogging career within.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blog

Artificial Intelligence blog

Another tech niche for internet freaks is Artificial Intelligence. Today, artificial intelligence is working behind everything.

Whether it’s your mobile phone, an automated light switch, or an automatic vacuum cleaner robot, everything is working on artificial intelligence.

Scientists are saying, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is the FUTURE.

Even, the concept of an automated home is evolving and that’s the opportunity to start your blog in the artificial intelligence niche.

Source: Statista

As you can see in this graph provided by Statista, the market of AI will be expected to grow by $126 billion which is 2.5 times from 2022.

There are countless AI products coming into the market every day. Amazon Alexa is a good example of an AI product.

And, where are products there is money…

And the best thing is there is very low competition in this field so you will easily get your room to start a blog around AI.

3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Blog

Electric Vehicle blog

Our next niche is electric vehicles (EV).

The concept of electric vehicles is not new. Even electric cars and public vehicles are in the market for years. BUT, the recent hike in the crude oil price during the COVID pandemic gave it “spark” again.

All the countries are aware of the importance of crude oil in their economy. Higher rates directly impact inflation.

That’s why governments are now thinking to offload their dependency on crude oil which is only possible if they promote alternative energy sources.

That’s the reason, they are now thinking to produce more and more EVs.

And, the TESLA car made this process faster.

Now, other vehicle manufacturers are also developing EVs. Every day new electric cars, bikes, and scooters are coming into the market.

according to Greentech Media, in 2035 Electric vehicle market will be 10 times from today.

If you start a blog around EVs today then sure you will get a good amount of traffic and make a handsome income.

There are affiliate products available in the market related to EVs. Also, you can implement display ads on your site. Because it’s a high traffic niche so you will make a good income from ads as well.

If you are a bike or car lover then this is the best niche to start your blog within.

4. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Blog

Non-Fungible Token-NFT blog

IF you are familiar with Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, etc then maybe you know about NFT too. NFT and the non-fungible token is a way to sell your digital arts without losing your ownership of the art.

It’s just like selling your paintings and crafts at exhibitions.

The concept of NFT came after the introduction of Blockchain.

As you know blockchain allows us to keep data in a decentralized form which means no one can steal your data from the server.

Because it’s saved in blockchain, the network of several anonymous servers and computers and saved in blocks of data. So, stealing this data is not possible for hackers.

So, non-fungible tokens are one of the best ways to sell your creations without worrying about stealing.

NFT is a trending topic these days.

It is like a goldmine for bloggers. So, you can start your next blog in NFT.

Also, there are several lucrative NFT affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your blog.

And the best thing is, as this is a new concept to the world, only very few people are writing about it. SO there is negligible competition in NFT.

If you love technology then this is a perfect niche for you to start blogging in 2022.

5. Cryptocurrency Blog

Cryptocurrency blog

cryptocurrency is one of the most trendings topics these days. Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin.

Even I had started one blog in the cryptocurrency niche and sold that blog for $12,000 last year.

Do you know? how many articles do I have in that blog? Only 9 articles.

You can imagine how much potential is in the cryptocurrency niche.

BUT the best thing about this niche is, you will find several recurring affiliate programs which give you lifetime commissions.

However, this niche is a bit competitive but if you can do things in the right way and become consistent with your editorial calendar then you can easily beat the competition.

One of the advantages of this niche is, there is not much expertise needed to start a crypto blog. You just need some investing and trading knowledge to put your work in the right way.

6. Yoga and Fitness Blog

Yoga and Fitness blog

Yoga and fitness is an evergreen niche. I know you will ask me if it’s an evergreen niche and too competitive then how and why should I start a blog within.

I know it’s a competitive niche but there are tons of products launched each and every day in the Yoga and fitness niche.

If you find a good product category and make a micro-niche blog around that product then there are chances you will be making money in six figures.

These are high-traffic niches. Busy people always find some hacks to keep them fit. So, even one good keyword can make you rich in this niche.

That’s why I have included the Yoga and Fitness niche in this list.

If you are a fitness freak then this is a perfect niche for you to start blogging in 2022.

7. Alternative Medicine Blog

Alternative Medicine blog

Diseases are always been there in this world. Today, 50% of the people in the world are facing one or multiple common diseases such as Diabetes, Blood pressure, Obesity, Liver and Kidney diseases.

People don’t want to take regular allopathic medicine for these common diseases. They know that there are long-term side effects of Allopathic medicines.

That’s where alternative medicines attract them. They always search for effective alternative medicines.

If you hold expertise in alternative medicine such as Homeopathic, Ayurved then you can start a blog related to them and earn a good income by selling affiliate products on your blog.

Disclaimer: You should hold a certificate of authentication before starting such types of blogs. Otherwise, Google can penalize you.

9. Online Teaching Blog

 Online Teaching blog

During and after the pandemic we have seen the power of this niche. Here you can see in Google trends how the online education niche became so popular in the pandemic.

online teaching niche

This niche has the potential to make you a millionaire if you do your marketing in the right way.

If you start a blog or Youtube channel in this niche then you can sell affiliate products and services, your own courses, and eBooks at a premium price.

Do you know, educational affiliate products pay up to 80% of the sales to their affiliates, and also they are high ticket products.

That’s why you can make a 6 figure income by starting an educational blog.

10. Make Money Online Blog

Make Money Online blog

One of the best evergreen niches to start a blog is “Make Money Online Niche”. If you are successful in making money online then you can teach others about that.

Such as if you are successful in blogging then you can start a blog related to “how to make money online blogging?”.

Or if you are a successful Youtuber then you can cover topics like growing Youtube channel.

And even if you are not successful in making money online, still you can start blogging around it by reading other people’s success stories, tips, and tricks.

Just serve the solution in your language.

make money online niche is one of the most lucrative niches. If you start affiliate marketing in this niche then there are products and services that pay 100s of dollars for a sale or even in recurring mode.

But, this niche is very competitive so before starting your blog around it, be ready to face competition. If you provide well-researched and in-depth information then you can beat the competition.

11. Frugal Living and Saving Money Blog

Frugal Living and Saving Money blog

Another great niche to start blogging is frugal living and saving money. Everyone wants to save money for the future. But they don’t know how to save by cutting their daily expenses.

You can teach them how to plan their expenses to save money from their monthly income.

People want to save but due to the unbalanced expenses, they have no money left at the end of the month.

You can advise them how to save money by frugal living.

This niche has the potential to make you a 6-7 figure income. You can promote different banking and investing products to them and pocket a good commission percentage.

12. Live Streaming Blog

Live Streaming blog

Live streaming is my favorite blogging topic for future bloggers. There are several different fields where live streaming is an essential thing.

And, the best thing is after the pandemic, live streaming became so popular. So there is already an audience to serve information about live streaming tips and guides.

For example, if someone wants to become an online tutor, he would start live streaming to interact with his students. In the music field, musicians and singers can use live streaming to interact with their followers.

Online GAMING is another field where live streaming is used frequently used.

So, there is a wide variety of audiences for your blog about live streaming.

Now you can ask me where are the products to do affiliate marketing in live streaming?

Well, there are a lot.

You can promote live-streaming apps, recording hardware such as cameras mics, etc, gaming devices, and more.

Even a whiteboard is an affiliate product for your blog about live streaming. So, educate people about live streaming on your blog and pitch them related affiliate products.

13. Freelancing Blog

Freelancing blog

Online freelancing is a decade old yet one of the best make money online methods. There are several websites such as Upwork, Fiverr that act as mediators between freelancers and employers.

And, they also give handsome commissions if you promote them on your blog.

So, if you start a blog on freelancing and promote these services then you can earn a good income.

After the pandemic, the make money online concept became quite popular. Today, every second person is talking about making money online.

As freelancing is one of the best make-money-online methods, there is already an audience to serve your content to them.

14. Video Making Blog

Video Making blog

Video making is an evergreen niche. And a specific audience is always there to consume your content about video making.

BUT, if we see 5 years back there was a limited B2B audience for video-making tips and tricks blogs. But the popularity of Youtube, Instagram reels, and other social media as well as fast internet connection transform this from B2B to B2C audience.

That’s why if you start a blog about video making in 2022 then you can target a big B2C audience size. And, pitch them video-making apps, hardware, cameras, mics, and other accessories to pocket affiliate income.

You can also sell your own video-making courses, presets, etc to make millions of dollars from this niche.

animaker affiliate commission
Animaker affiliate commission

Do you know how much affiliate commission a video-making software gives? One of them, Animaker is giving a 75% monthly recurring commission.

So, there is a good income potential in video-making blogs in 2022 and upcoming years.

15. Trading and Investing Blog

trending niches to start blogging in 2022

Trading and investing are related to the finance niche so these are very lucrative options for a blogger.

As you know, if you are suggesting to anyone how to trade and invest in different financial assets, that means you are the control of the particular person’s money.

Financial institutions such as banks, mutual funds, trading brokers, etc always search for these influencers to promote their products and they also give the most profitable affiliate commissions.

If you are running trading and investing blog then you have a money-printing machine (your blog) that makes you 6-7 figures or more income.

And the plus point is trading became a very popular income option after the pandemic. So, start a blog around trading and investing lucrative career options for you.

BUT, this is a very saturated niche. So, you should be ready for a tough competition. It’s better to start with a narrow approach and once your blog starts getting traffic then go for a broad approach.

That means, target specific keywords with low competition and low traffic to build some authority then go for high traffic and high competition keywords.

16. Relationships and Marriage Advice Blog

Relationships and Marriage Advice blog

In today’s busy and stressful life, managing our family with our office work is really tough.

That’s why we see conflicts in married couples.

And so, the demand for marriage counselors is increasing day by day.

That’s why there is great potential in starting a blog around managing good married life and relationships.

So, if you are good at giving advice then you should start a blog in this niche.

If you are worried about how to monetize these types of blogs then I would tell you there are several ways.

You can use affiliate marketing to promote other people’s counseling sessions with affiliate commissions, or you can create and sell your own counseling sessions.

You can also use display advertising to monetize your relationship blog.

17. Metaverse Blog

Metaverse blog

Metaverse is the future, and it’s trending.

Facebook changed its parent company name to “Meta” and said they are developing Metaverse which is a virtual world where people do anything they are doing in the real world, but without going anywhere.

For example, if you want to go on a trip then you can go there through Metaverse without going to that place physically.

That’s a mind-blowing concept.

Recently, I have listened to a marriage celebrated inside Metaverse. Even people came and enjoyed the foods inside Metaverse.

Do you know, lands are also selling in Metaverse just like real lands.

Now imagine, if you start a blog related to Metaverse then how much can you earn? Literally, there is no limit.

There are several lucrative affiliate programs already running in the Metaverse niche. You can sell their products and services.

Even I am also thinking to start a Metaverse-related blog soon.

18. Home Automation Blog

Home Automation blog

Home automation is a trending niche in recent years. Products like smart light switches, home security systems, solar systems, etc are the hot products in this niche.

With the help of these products, people can automate their daily work and make their life easier than ever.

In today’s busy life we all want to be relaxed when at home. That’s why home automation products are in trend.

Image source: Statista

According to Statista, the home automation market grew from $4.10 billion in 2015 to $20.78 billion in 2020.

You can imagine, how much potential this niche has? If you start a blog around home automation, you can make a good income by suggesting related products and services.

There are hundreds of affiliate products available to sell in this niche. So, you will get a wide variety of content to produce around home automation.

19. Digital Marketing Blog

Digital Marketing blog

I am a digital marketer and I know the potential of this niche. Digital marketing is not only a popular niche today but it’s the future of marketing.

As the demand for internet-based marketing will increase, the digital marketing niche will grow.

And the best thing is, it is one of the highest-paying niches in this world. Companies and individuals are eager to pay a premium price to digital marketers to get customers.

They know the value of a customer for their business so they pay high prices to digital marketers.

If you start a digital marketing blog then you can get clients through your blog who can pay you a premium fee to set up their ads and get customers to them.

So, if you are good at digital marketing then you should start a related blog and promote your skills there.

Digital marketing is a growing niche and not stuffed. So you will not face much competition today. So it’s a perfect niche to start blogging in 2022.

20. Small Business Marketing Blog

Small Business Marketing blog

Small businesses don’t afford to hire digital marketers to promote their businesses online. Here, one new niche comes into play.

Small Business Marketing

If you are good at digital marketing then you can start a blog to educate small business owners, “how to promote their products and services on the internet?”

If you educate them well then you have several tools and services to pitch them and get good affiliate commissions from those tools and services companies.

This is quite a popular niche today. Everyone wants to promote their products and services but doesn’t want to pay a digital marketer. If you target this audience then you will pocket a 6 figure income from affiliate marketing.


So, here were my 20 best niches to start blogging in 2022. I have researched a lot to compile this list and let me tell you if you start your blog in these niches then you will surely get a good income from blogging.

I know, some niches are competitive and you need extra effort to compete with others, but if you do your homework well then you can rank your blog within a year.

The only thing is proper keyword research and SEO. You need some tools to do this perfectly. The keyword research tool I use is SEMRush and I recommend you to use this.

SEMRush is a paid tool but if you signup with my affiliate link you will get 14 days free trial.

There are also free tools available but those are not reliable and don’t give good results. So, go with SEMRush to find low competition and high volume keywords in your selected niche and start blogging in.

Comment below the niche in which you are going to start your blogging. I will provide you with some pro advice on that niche to grow fast.

All the best…

Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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