[Social Pilot Review 2023] Automate Social Media Campaign Easily

This article is dedicated to a Social Media Campaign automation tool – Social Pilot. In this article, we will analyze the importance of social media marketing in the growth of your online business, as well as a brief review of Social Pilot automation tool.

The Power of Social Media Campaign


You have a Facebook account. Right? Probably you have a TwitterInstagram, accounts too.

Do you know you can use your social media accounts to grow your online business? Yes, social media has the power to grow any online business if you run your social media campaign strategically.

Today, every single person uses social media to connect with the world and you should use this opportunity to get huge traffic to your blog or website.

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There are many social media channels you probably signed on. But for your convenience, I have a list of major social media accounts here which are being used by big websites and blogs to get in the traffic to their website.

  • Facebook Groups and Pages
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus Communities
  • Reddit (Especially for US users)
  • Instagram
  • Mix – formally known as Stumble upon

Note: When you run a social media campaign you should aware of the fact that the age of a social post does not last long as compared to the search engine.

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Different social channels have a different post-expiration time. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts last only for a few hours. But Pinterest and Mix posts last for few days.

The few hours or few days of expiration time makes social media campaign a tuff job to manage. especially when you have a lot of social profiles.

Here Social Pilot helps you. Just signup for their service, connect your social profiles with the service and schedule your posts. Rest will be managed by Social Pilot itself.

But before going into details we should have some knowledge of the quality of social media traffic and the impact of the social media campaign on your SEO.

Quality of Social Traffic

The term “traffic quality” means that how targeted your traffic. The percentage of conversion directly depends on how much-targeted traffic your website receives.

The 1st position as always acquired by the big G – Google Search. Why?

The simple answer is, everybody who searches on Google has a question in his mind and searching for the best answer to that question. Even if he wants to buy a product or service or searching for information about something.

When he finds your website in the search results and login to that, he finds the answer to his question (obviously your content should be useful for him).

And when he sees a product on your website which can solve his problem, your chance of getting paid increase.

So the traffic from search engines is most targeted.

Now come to social media traffic.

Social traffic is not so targeted because you are imposing your products to the person who probably doesn’t show interest in that.

Usually, they skip your post or if they read and click on your affiliate link, there is much chance that he will buy your product.

Then why a social media campaign is important to grow your business? Why companies still use it as a part of their growth strategy?

Just because of SEO.

Importance of Social Media Campaign in SEO and Branding

Social media campaigns strengthen the SEO of your website. When social media was not much popular, 

SEO only depended on the on-page keyword optimization and do-follow backlinks as they used to increase the authority of a website.

I admit that today these two are still important but now one more ingredient is added that search engines are using to make the delicious recipe of SEO – Social Media popularity.

The authority of a website now more then 5% depends on the social signals your website is receiving. See the image below.

social media advertisement

The second most useful thing you get with social media campaigns is building your brand. Today every small or big website focuses on branding.

The selling point of a website now depends on how strongly you represent your website. Social media channels help to create your brand and spreading it all over the world.

I think you can realize how important are your social media profiles for your online business. Now Come to the main question. If you have a new webpreneur then you probably working alone. right?

You have a lot of work in your daily routine. Probably you have a 9 to 5 job. Then you have to write articles for your newly created website.

And what about time to time management of your website? There is a lot of work to do in your life. Then how would you manage several social media campaigns additionally?

Keep reading, you will get the answer right now.

What is Social Pilot

social pilot post scheduling

As I have given a signal at the very beginning of this post, there is a tool with which you can easily set up your social media campaigns to autopilot mode – Social Pilot.

Social Pilot is an automation tool where you can not only schedule your social media posting but do many more things which can help you grow as a brand.

Advantages of Using Social Pilot

There are many advantages to using Social Pilot.

  • You can Connect 50+ social media accounts with this tool.
  • With its social media analytics tool, you can analyze monitor and view a report of your social media campaign.
  • You can assign more users as your team members to manage your social media posts.
  • You will also get a content curation tool which gives life to your social media campaigns. You can curate contents related to your niche across the web and schedule them to post on your social media accounts. This content curation tool works in the get-set-and-go mode so don’t worry about managing things regularly. Just set up things and leave all on this tool.
  • A strategy is very important in the long run. You also get a social media calendar with this Social Pilot service which helps you to create and follow the strategies.
  • You can upload up to 500 posts with its bulk uploading feature.
  • You can get browser extension and native mobile app from where you can schedule and post your content directly.
  • You can post up to 1000 posts per day.
  • Unlike from other social media automation tool, Social Pilot gives you the ability to post GIF images too

Here are the various plans which Social Pilot offers

social media promotion affiliate site

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I have Social Pilot account and using it to populate my social media account. I have three blogs – Recording Base But I don’t have even a time to check my Facebook or twitter accounts as I have a lot of stuff to do for my websites.

Social Pilot really made my social media campaign easier to manage. All is in autopilot mode and I don’t take any more tension to manage my all social media accounts.

I schedule my posts on Sunday for all over the week and then the rest work is done by Social Pilot. Genuinely saying, Social Pilot made my life easier and also helped me a lot to grow my brand.

I suggest you to try Social Pilot for 14-days and then if you satisfy with it you can continue their service or you can drop it off.

I am curious to know, what questions are arising in your mind regarding this article. Comment below.

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