10 Best Online marketing Tools for eCommerce in India [2021]

Every business needs marketing to connect with their client. Without a proper marketing strategy you can’t survive in the market. Especially in eCommerce, you need a full proof marketing strategy to get success. So, today I’m here with 10 best online marketing tools for eCommerce in India.

As you know, India is a growing market. Today, there are countless opportunities arised in Indian market.

Even, Indiaan government came with “Make In India” slogan to beat the Chinese products and increase the stake in local and global market.

This is the best time to start your eCommerce business or expand your existing eCommerce business.

The online marketing tools that I’m going to introduce in this article will help you to market your products and services on the internet.

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10 Best Online marketing Tools for eCommerce in India

SO, let’s jump into the list.

First off,

1. SEMRush – Keyword Research Tool

SEMRush online marketing tools

SEMrush is a Keyword research and competitor analysis tool for website owners, bloggers and online business owners.

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If you don’t know, I would tell you that keyword research is the most important ingredient of search engine optimization.

All big and small companies who want to show their web pages on Google and other search engines must have a working keyword research strategy. Otherwise, they will not survive in this new era of online business world.

You should also know what your competitors are doing online to rank their pages on Google Search and social media channels.

SEMRush provides all these things in one place.

However, it’s a paid tool but the services SEMRush provides are way more valuable then it’s costing.

Let me show you some of the main tools you’ll get in their SEMRush subscription.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Rank Tracking
  • Social Media Management
  • Link Building
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Marketing Analytics
  • Market Analysis
  • PPC Keyword Research

To checkout their charges you can visit SEMRush official page from here.

I have been using SEMRush for more then 5 years and it helped me a lot in ranking at first position on Google as well as in my social media campaigns.

You can opt for their free 7-Days trial and use all SEMRush features for 7 days for free. If you like their services then you can continue by paying their monthly fee.

2. Convertkit – Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing strategy.

And also the most effective one.

However, social media and paid ads marketing are popular nowadays, email marketing is still very effective and working online marketing stretegy.

Every small and big company captures their followers and existing customers email address to nurture and sell their products and services.

I think, you all have received marketing emails from Amazon, Flipkart and other websites. They all do email marketing to retain their existing customer.

You’ve also seen email opt-in forms in several websites you visit everyday. They implement email opt-in forms on their websites to just build their email database and nurture visitors further.

Whether, you are an online business or offline one, I suggest to capture their contact (email, phone numbers etc) to contact and sell them further.

To do email marketing you need email marketing tool in that can create sales funnels, email sequences, email capture forms for your website and send regular emails to your email list.

I personally use Convertkit and also suggest you to use it for your email marketing campaigns.

You can create email sequences with different type of triggers, sales funnels and campaigns and send them to your email list as per the timing they are most active on their devices.

I really love Convertkit. It’s simple and easy to use yet very effective email marketing tool among all the others.

3. Ninja Outreach – Social Influencer Search Engine

Today, there is a new kind of online marketing strategy is in trend, ie;

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencers are those who have a big audience on social media under thier niche such as cooking, travelling, driving, fashion etc.

Companies outreach influencers in their niche active on different social media platforms and offer them a marketing fee to promote their products and services to influencer’s social media platforms.

Influencers do it for money and companies get targeted niche audience.

The beauty of this marketing strategy is, you can reach more niche audience by spending much less money you would use in paid advertisement to reach same audience size.

It depends on you in how you close the deal with the influencer. If you know how to bargain then you can promote your products and services with fractions of amount you spend on paid ads.

BUT, where would you find those influcners?

Here helps Ninja Outreach.

It’s the biggest social engine on the web to find social media influencers. No matter in which niche your business is, you can find influencers around your niche in seconds by searching on Ninja Outreach.

Not even you find them, but you can reach out them directly from your Ninja Outreach dashboard.

It’s and amazing tool for eCommerce business who can’t spend big money on paid advertisements. You can find influencers under any budget in Ninja Outreach.

4. Leadpages – Landing Page Builder

Leadpages is an online landing page builder in which you can easily create landing pages(squeeze page) for your email and social media marketing campaigns.

Landing page of squeeze page is a webpage where your visitors lands when they click on a link in your emails or social media pages, profiles etc.

The work of landing page is to capture your visitors email address, phone number and other contact information to nurture them further.

However, landing pages can also be used for direct product selling but it considered as a bad marketing habit.

Here’s why?

When anyone visits your landing page, she is in a cold buy state, That means she is not ready to buy your products right now.

In this state, if you directly offer them your product, 99% visitors will not buy. It’s proven by several surveys conducted in the past years.

SO, every successful online marketer first try to collect their contact details such as email, phone number etc then nurture them further to buy his product.

This is called sales funnel marketing. When you have their contact details, you can contact them anytime to offer your products.

Here’s comes the role of landing page or squeeze page.

A typical landing page has opt-in form, and a benefit they receive when opt-in to your contact list. Some of us also provide our product highlights their.

Leadpages is one of the best landing page builder that allows you to create stunning and high conversion landing pages.

Even, I use Leadpages in my all marketing camapigns.

5. Collect Chat – Chatbot Software

collect chat chatbot tools

The 5th Online marketing Tools for Businesses is Collect Chat. This tool helps businesses engage with their customers on their website.

This is an online chat tool which can be implemented in websites to chat with their customers.

After implementing this tool, when someone visits your website, she will see a chat option below the website. Through this chat box she can directly ask anything.

Collect Chat is chatbot software where you feed up the general queries and answers about your products and services. When the visitor asks something, the chatbot automatically responde with an appropriate answer.

Due to the zero man power load, these types of online chat tools are becoming very popular.

You know that a traditional chat software needs a 24/7 team to respond and costs thousands of dollars monthly.

While Collect Chat will cost you maximum $99 and the best thing is, Collect Chat has a free subscription option. That means you can start for free.

Do you wanna try Collect Chat for free?

6. Trello – Online Project Management Tool

Trello is an online team and project management tool in which you can see and manage what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.

It’s a great tool for those who work in teams, especially virtual team.

Today virtual team is in trend in which every team member can do his work from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to be present in the office for the meetings, presentations etc.

Trello can power up your virtual team by providing a whiteboard where anyone can create sticky notes about his project.

Every sticky note has photos, attachments from other data sources like BitBucket or Salesforce, documents, etc and a place where your team mates can comment and collaborate with other team members.

All the things done through internet so there is no need to be physically present. They can do their work from anywhere and update thier sticky notes.

The team manager can watch the progress through those notes.

That’s it.

Trello has three pricing plans including the free plan in which you will get all the basic Trello features.

7. Google My Business – Local Business Listing

Google My Business is a powerful online marketing tool for local businesses. If you do the local SEO write on Google My Business then your sales can dramatically increase.

Google My Business is a free local business listing tool provided by Google and helps your business grow in through ways.

When you list your business in Google My Business, it will be shown on Google Maps, Google search and other Google websites.

Google My Business helps your visitor to see your location, your contact number and the services your provide.

If you list your business on Google My Business with all the necessary information, then you can see a good increment in customer visits in your shop or business.

I strongly recommend local business owners to register with Google My Business account and take the advantage of this free tool.

8. Google Ads – PPC Ads Tool

From decades banner advertisement has been a great marketing tool for business.

In traditional banner advertisement, companies hire spaces to put their banner on the road side etc, expecting that people see those banners and came to them.

But internet evolution bring that banner advertisement into desktop, laptop and mobiles. Companies now target computer and mobile users to display banners, videos and native ads to the customers through different mediums like websites, blogs, forums, search engines etc.

Online advertisement networks like Google ads, Bing ads etc, are the big players in online advertising industry.

But, Google ads is much more popular then any other online advertisement network. The beauty of Google ads is you can find top keywords, spy other websites and target high traffic low CPC keywords to display your advertisment.

It said that, Google ads is the most converting ad network in the world. They have the biggest user data in the world and use that data to display targeted ads to them.

SO, there is a much more chance of conversion if you use Google ads rather then other ad networks.

There is only demerit of Google ads is, it’s costly then others. SO, if you are ready to pay more then you can go for Google ads.

9. Facebook Ads – Social Media Advertising Tool

Another great online advertisement network is Facebook ads. Facebook ads is also a good online marketing tool for small and online businesses.

BUT, you need some strategy to get success with Facebook ads. It’s not that easy like Google ads.

Actually, Facebook is a social media platform. Here, people come to spend their time, not buying.

Facebook users are not hot buyers. They are not ready to buy your product right now when seeing your ads on their wall.

SO, first you need to capture their contact, or get your Facebook business page like, follows etc,

Once they convert, you can nurture them further and offer your products and services through your Facebook business page, emails etc.


10. Google Analytics – Website Analysis Tool

Google analytics is a one of the most important marketing used for website traffic and sales analysis. If you use it in correct way then your online presence will grow day by day.

I have connected all my websites to my Google analytics account and monitor my website visits, traffic sources, sales conversions etc right from the Google analytics dashboard.

Google analytics can be accessed from your browser as well as via Google analytics app.

Once you connect your website with Google analytics, it starts monitor all the traffic and sales data of your website.

Now, when you have this data, you can find and improve the things that are affecting your website from getting more traffic and sales.

That’s it,

Moreover, it’s a totally free to use tool by Google and you can access it with any Google account.

Connect website with Google analytics


So, now you have 10 best online marketing tools that help you grow your business online.

I also use many of them for my online business. Whether it’s SEMRush, convertkit or Ninja Outreach, all of them helped me to grow my online business from zero to thousands of dollar per month.

Before using those tools I was struggling in my online career by generating only few hundred dollars a month.

But when I started using those tools, my earnings were skyrocketed from hundreds to thousands.

Now, I have a successful online business and help others to grow their business.

Let me know, which tools you are going to use for your business? Comment box is waiting for your answer. Share this article in your social media circle and educate others with this online business tools list.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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