11 Easy and Best Online Business Ideas For Women in 2022

In this article, I have shared the 11 best online business ideas for women that can take only 2-3 hours of work every day.

When it comes to starting a business, women have always been neglected by society. However, the evolution of the internet changed things.

Now countless women are coming with tons of business ideas and achieving success with the help of the internet. So today I will provide the 11 best online business ideas for women who want to do business without leaving their responsibility towards home and family.

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The business has always been a lucrative way of making as well as compounding the money. Provided, you do it in the right way. In today’s scenario, “that right way is the internet”. It opens the door to sell your products globally working from your bedroom table.

Result – a big customer base. Theoretically unlimited.

In comparison to a local brick-and-mortar shop, an online shop will have unlimited opportunities because it has a big customer base across different demographics.

Hence, today’s right way of doing business is going online, not starting a brick-and-mortar business.

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Well, let’s dig into those 11 online business ideas that could change your life within a short time period without leaving your other responsibilities as a woman.

Best Online Business Ideas For Women

Best Online Business Ideas For Women

There are several types of online business opportunities available on the internet however the most prominent ones are given here. These online business ideas are perfect for housewives, as well as working women.

Some of them need initial investments where some can be started with no or very little money. You can choose one of them as per your expertise, hobby, and budget.

First off…The most famous online business idea

1. Amazon Seller Business

amazon selling business

Amazon was started from a garage as an online bookseller 25 years back. Fast forward to today, Jeff Bezos the CEO and owner of Amazon have become the richest man in the world.

What’s the heck?

He gave chance to sellers to come online and sell on his platform “Amazon”.

The result – The revenue of Amazon skyrocketed with millions of products showcased on Amazon without owning any of the products.

They take a percentage of product price when something sells on Amazon.

Now come to the Amazon seller business.

It’s very lucrative as you can showcase your products in front of billions of eyeballs without actually starting a brick-and-mortar shop.

Of course, you still need a GST/VAT number which is required in most countries to do business. You can go to Amazon’s help center for what you actually need to open an online store on Amazon.

But the best thing is you can do it from your home, with minimal product quantities. All you need is a computer, a printer and a few products to start with.

You can choose the products as per your expertise, interest, and budget but my personal suggestion is always to choose low-priced products such as gifts, home decor items, stationery, clothing, and apparel which are good for booking more profit as well as low risk of returns.

Want to start an Amazon seller business?

Check out Amazon Seller central page

2. Online Gift Shop

online gift shop business

If you are familiar with web designing (which is actually not as hard as you think) then you should go with your own online shop.

However, there are several niches available in the market to start with, a gift shop is the one that does not need a huge amount of investment.

If you go with electronics items such as mobiles, watches, etc then you have to invest a big amount in your inventory. On the other hand, as a gift shop has low priced items so you don’t need that big budget.

The other benefit is, gifts have a low return rate and you can earn up to 50% over the cost which is not possible on other items.

There are several drag and drop tools are available in the market to create shopping websites but I recommend only 2 of them Shopify and Woocommerce.

Shopify is an independent tool where Woocommerce is a plugin run on WordPress and turns any WordPress site into a shopping website.

To start an online gift shop you need,

  • A shopping website tool (Shopify or Woo-commerce)
  • A web hosting partner to install WordPress on, if starting with Woo-Commerce
  • A small inventory to start
  • Shipping partner (There are several in the market. Just search on Google)
  • Payment processing tool (Razorpay, Stripe, etc)
  • And a will power to sustain the business for s long run

Alternatively, you can head over to Spocket or Baapstore, the one solution to all your eCommerce needs including dropshipping.

3. Home Decor Shopping Website

home decor website business

Just as gifts, home decor items are also highly profitable ones. You can sell non-branded home decor items with up to 50% benefit.

The resources that you need are the same as an online gift shop.


  • A shopping website tool (Shopify or Woo-commerce)
  • A web hosting partner to install WordPress on, if starting with Woo-Commerce
  • A small inventory to start
  • Shipping partner (There are several in the market. Just search on Google)
  • Payment processing tool (Razorpay, Stripe, etc)
  • And a will power to sustain the business for s long run

However, gifts and home decor shops need the same resources, the big difference between them is you can list high-priced products such as furniture and kitchen essentials in the home decor niche.

High-priced products mean high profit.

4. Interior Design Blog

interior design blog

If you are an interior designer or know some more than others then you can start an interior design blog and share your thoughts, guides, courses, as well as designs with your followers.

In the exchange, you can sell them affiliate products related to interior design and home decor.

Interior design is a very lucrative niche so you can scale your business to new heights with just blogging.

However, having knowledge of interior design is not sufficient to start a blog. You need some other skills and resources that I’ve given here.

  • A web hosting service to host your blog. (I recommend Bluehost)
  • Having a basic knowledge of WordPress
  • Social media marketing plan (Which provides an initial boost to your website traffic)
  • Good writing skill
  • And of course, will power and patience because Google tales time to rank a new website.

5. Food Blogging

food blogging

A food blog is today’s one of the most lucrative blogging niches. Do you know, top food bloggers in the world earn millions of dollars per month by just providing the recipes to their followers.

However, it’s a competitive niche, there is a vacant space for those who are experts in a particular country’s food.

Such as, if you have expertise in Indian or Japanese food then you can start a blog about that particular country and make money by selling affiliate products, courses, and paid memberships on your website.

Resources that you need is the same as the above category ie;

  • A web hosting service to host your blog.
  • Having a basic knowledge of WordPress
  • Social media marketing plan (Which provides an initial boost to your website traffic)
  • Good writing skill
  • And of-course will power and patience because Google tales time to rank a new website.

You can also start a Youtube channel and share videos to get popularity in a short time period. After gaining traction from the audience, you can merge Youtube and your blog to get more traffic.

Just embed your YouTube videos on your blog posts and provide links to your blog posts in the description area of your YouTube video.

6. Online Yoga Classes

online yoga classes

Are you a fitness freak?

If yes and the main tool you use to make you fit is Yoga then it can open your door to huge online success. Because online Yoga classes are becoming quite popular in today’s busy scenario.

Table slaves need some good exercise advice to make them physically and mentally fit throughout the day. And nothing good than Yoga that makes their mind and body fit together.

So, if you are having some good knowledge of Yoga then you can start a blog and YouTube channel to make money with it.

Just educate people with your blog posts and videos related to Yoga and pinch then affiliate products such as Yoga mats, and your own premium video courses to make big money.

Actually, I also wanted to start a Yoga blog but due to lack of time, I couldn’t.

7. Style and Fashion Blog

style and fashion shopping website

Not a Yoga freak?

Don’t worry. You can still start a style and fashion blog for girls and women. In this blog, you can share your thoughts, guides, and recommendations with your followers.

Today, most of us want to become smart and beautiful. You have to catch this nerve of the audience and deal with them by providing your recommendations about trendy styles and fashion products.

For a style and fashion blogger, social media is the best tool to gain followers. So you must master social media marketing to become a popular blogger in this niche.

8. Lifestyle Shopping Website

Lifestyle Shopping Website

Lifestyle is an evergreen niche. This niche has the potential to make millionaires. There are hundreds of successful blogs and shopping websites around this niche that got a huge success in this online world.

However, it’s a broad niche, I will suggest you choose a sub-niche under lifestyle.

Like; Furniture or Kitchen essentials.

Choosing a sub-niche enhances the possibility to become searchable. Otherwise, you will get lost in thousands of established lifestyle shopping websites.

So, what are the tools and other things you need to open a lifestyle shopping website?

  • The very first thing is you should have a good knowledge of the sub-niche to catch the pulse of the market. That means, the ability to guess what will be the next trending products.
  • The second tool you need is a shopping website builder. Shopify is the best one to start with.
  • The third tool will be a payment gateway. PayPal or stripe is a good option. Although, you can search for your local country’s payment processor which provides more flexibility such as net-banking and UPI transfers.
  • The third thing is a small but good inventory of products you want to sell. Remember, always do market research(what’s on trending) before buying any product, otherwise, you could be a loser.
  • Third 2-4 hours daily time and will power to scale your online business as a woman.

9. Sewing Training Website/Blog

sewing training business

Are you good at sewing?

If yes then you can open the door to huge online success. Sewing blogs such as Collate and Guthrie & Ghani are great examples of successful sewing blogs.

They started small a few years ago but today they are million-dollar blogs. Your blog also can be a million-dollar blog, if you work on it with dedication and patience.

When it comes to making money by sewing blogs, there are several options available. Here is the list of main earning sources of popular sewing blogs.

  • Advertisement (Adsense, Ezoic, etc)
  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate products like sewing machines, different types of clothes, and several others are available on Amazon and other affiliate networks.
  • Courses – Courses are the most profitable money makers for sewing websites.
  • Memberships – Some sewing blogs sell premium memberships to their followers to get steady monthly recurring income. It’s another great source of income for popular sewing blogs.

The best thing is, you don’t need to be a master for starting a sewing blog. You just have to share your designs, thoughts, etc with your audience, and you will observe that your blog is getting more and more traffic with time.

And yes, you must be a social media freak to become successful in the sewing niche.

You can start a Youtube channel like Puja’s Corner in Sewing Niche to sell your products there.

10. On-Demand Boutique Shopping Website

boutique website

Boutique shops are a trendy business nowadays. Especially for fashion designers, it’s a great source of income. If you are a fashion designer then starting an On-Demand boutique website will be a great business option for you.

You can start with just a blog and after getting initial success, add a shopping cart on your blog. If it’s an on-demand shopping website then you just need to share your Paypal address and contact details to receive payments from your customer.

You can also sell pre-made boutique products such as wedding gowns etc on your website. And add a customization feature on your shopping cart for your customers to order if they need some customization on a regular product.

Shopify has a feature to add a customization corner on your shopping cart. So, you can choose it for a hassle-free shopping cart design. It’s not just a shopping cart software but also manages your payments, billing, and shipping. All the process is automated after set up.

So, here’s a great online business idea for fashion designers women.

11. Parenting and Baby care Products eCommerce Website

baby care and parenting blog

Now come to the most famous online business idea for women.

Parenting and baby care products have a great market share in the world. So, a huge opportunity business and so a big competition.

Especially, in Parenting blogging, there is tough competition. However, in shopping websites related to parenting and baby care products, there is still a space for newcomers.

But as with other eCommerce websites, it also needs an inventory. However, you can start with a small one and make it big with time.

You can get initial success with social media and search engine paid advertising. Also, you can do free advertisements on Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

At the end

So, in the above, which online business ideas for women you are going to choose. I know it all depends on your expertise and area of interest, but the best thing is, you can do all of them by giving only 2-4 hours a day, which is I think a good thing for women.

Women are so busy with their families, and getting time for a business is so hard for them. Online business gives them the opportunity to earn a good income without working hard.

I’m eager to know which business idea you are going to choose. If you have other business ideas that I didn’t discuss here, please provide them in the comments. I will add them in the future.

All the best for your new business.

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