MxToolBox Unbiased Review 2021

MXToolBox is a website which fulfills your all needs for any website’s server information and related services.

In the past MXToolsBox was an IP lookup website but with the course of time, it broadened the lookup services and tools.

Now it has 46 Lookup services which are very helpful for webmasters and web developers.

And, the cool thing is, it is totally free. You can use all the tools for free of cost. Ok, I know you are eager to know more about it. So, let’s begin.

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Services Offered by MXToolBox

I analyzed this free website and found that it has a total of 46 free Lookup tools which are amazing. In my eyes, there is no other lookup website equipped with such amount of lookup tools.

Lookup for MX records

You can use this tool to lookup MX record for any website. MX records are mail server address connected to the site’s main server.

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There are two types of MX records. the first one is web server’s own mail server and the 2nd one is a remote mail server, which can be obtained from a dedicated Email provider.

You have to just put your desired website address on MX lookup tool and you will get the detail about the MX records connected to the server.

Checkout this tool

#1 blacklist – Check IP or host

This MXToolBox tool checks if your web server blacklisted or not. When we put our website address in this tool, it searches with total 102 blacklist checker sites and gives results based on them.

Blacklist IP provides the response time which comes from the all blacklist checker websites. With this tool, you can easily monitor if your website is blacklisted or not.

Checkout this tool

#2 DNS Lookup for IP address

DNS Lookup finds which DNS server a particular website is using. Putting the website address in this tool, searches for the DNS and displays it along with the IP address which the website is using.

Checkout this tool

#4 Test mail server SMTP (SMTP)

If you want to know the details of the SMTP test mail server of a website, you can use this tool.

If the website would be using any SMTP mail server this tool will give you the detail but if the website has no SMTP server then you will get a black result.

This tool is very useful to reverse lookup your favorite website’s SMTP mail server.

Checkout this tool

#5 DNS reverse lookup

DNS Reverse tool is used to reverse lookup for a DNS or domain name server. You have to put the IP address of your domain and it will give you the details of PTR of the DNS.

#6 Domain lookup (Whois)

Domain lookup or Whois is a very popular tool which gives you the details of the domain owner and domain registrar.

MXToolBox domain lookup tool gives you some extra details like nameserver details and registrars email ID, phone numbers, etc.

But if the domain is private then it will be unable to provide the details of the owner.

#7 Check your DNS Servers

This is a simple tool which provides you the name of hosting provider or CDN the website is using. Put website name and get the name of your DNS provider.

#8 Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

In mail server, a Sender Policy Framework is used to control the outgoing emails from the server. To know about the SPF records of a particular website you can use this MXtoolBox tool.

#9 Domain Keys Identified Mail (dkim)

Just like SSL for a website, DKIM is a signed signature which confirms the secure delivery of the email. You can use this tool to know the DKIM of a particular domain.

#10 DMARC Lookup

DMARK is a service by your mail server which records and display insights of your email delivery reputation.

You can check with this tool if your email is using for sending phishing emails. MXToolBox is able to trace any websites DMARK settings and display the appropriate details about that.

#11 DNS Lookup for IPv6

There are two types of IP addresses IPv4 and IPv6. With Whois lookup, you can trace the IPv4 IP Address but with this tool, you can lookup IPv6 IP Address.

Using this tool is so easy as you have to put the domain name in the required field and it will give the IPv6 IP address as a result.

#12 DNS Lookup Service Record

This tool can check for DNS Lookup Service record for a particular domain.

#13 DNSKEY Lookup

If you wanna check DNSKEY of a domain you should try this tool. This MXToolBox tool gives you the details of DNSKEY.

#14 CERT Lookup

If you want to know about the SSL certification authority of a particular domain, you can use this tool. Just put the domain name in CERT Lookup tool and it will give you the details of assigned certificated to this domain.

#15 DNS Lookup for Location

If you want to trace the location of the domain name server then you should use this tool which gives you the location where the server is located in the world. But it is useless if the website is using a CDN network.

#16 IPSECKEY Lookup

IPSECKEY Records used to publish are public keys at the IP layer using IPSEC which resolvers can use to secure data. You can simply reverse lookup the IPSECKEY Records of a domain by entering the domain name in this tool.

#17 ASN Lookup

ASN ( Autonomous System Numbers) is used for exchanging external routing information of a domain IP. You can easily get the details of ASN with this tool.

#18 DNSSEC Signature

This tool will give you the details of the Resource Record Signatures for the specified domain. Use this tool to get the Resource Record Signatures (rrsig) of a domain.

#19 NSEC Lookup

If you want to identify the next secure (NSEC) record for the specified domain you can use this tool. NSEC is a part of DNSSEC and is specially used to propagate the authoritative denial of the existence of a record.

#20 DS Lookup

This tool gives you the details of Delegation Signers (DS) of a domain. You can use it to get the DS of a domain.


Authoritative DNS Servers use NSEC3PARAM-record to calculate and determine which NSEC3-records to include in responses to DNSSEC requests for non-existing names/types.

So you can use this lookup tool to reverse lookup NSEC3PARAM of an Authoritative DNS Server.

#22 Domain Health Report

This tool provides the health report of your domain by checking the Domain name server, mail server, and Web Server.

When you put the domain name in this tool, it will test for the online status of Domain name server, mail server and Web Server of that particular domain to give you the optimum results.

#23 IP and location

It is an alternate of whatismyip. You will get the details of your current IP address and location from where you are browsing the web. It is a very useful tool to get your current IP address for different usage.

#24 DNS Lookup Canonical

It is a tool which used to lookup CNAME of a DNS server. You can use this MXToolBox service to lookup the CNAME of a particular domain.

#25 DNS Lookup Text Record

This tool is used for DNS TXT record of a domain. DNS TXT records are used for DKIM or Sender Policy Framework (SPF), but served for another purpose also.

#26 DNS Start of Authority

SOA or DNS start of authority is used to store the settings that how they replicate. Every time when you change your DNS a serial number is generated called SOA.

You can lookup SOA (DNS Start of Authority) with this tool.

#27 Port status (ip:port)

If you want to know your website is opened or closed for a particular port, you can use this tool which can lookup for the available ports for your website.

#28 Website query (http://)

To check, the http:// query request is working and your website is responding to this query you can use this tool. This is useful for the quick query of http:// requests.

#29 Website query (https://)

Just like http:// request, this tool query for https:// and give you the details that the website responds to the query or not.

#30 ICMP – Echo Request (Ping)

You can use this tool to get the details if the website responds for the ICMP – Echo request (Ping).

#31 ICMP – Traceroute

You can traceroutes for the routers “hops” with this tool.

#32 IP Address Blocks

This tool will give you the detail of the registrar of the IP address of your web server.

#33 Diagnose Delivered Email

As from the name, you can diagnose the delivered mail via email human-readable email headers.

#34 End-to-End Email Monitoring

This tool monitors the email delivery system from end to end.

#35 Monitor an Entire Subnet

This tool monitors the subnet IP address of your website. Using this tool you can easily access the details of the subnet IP address of a website.

#36 Extract Emails from any Text

You can extract emails from any text of a website. This tool is very useful for email marketing.

#37 Run Bulk Lookups

If you want to lookup IP addresses in bulk you should try this MXToolBox tool. You have to provide the websites in bulk and it will show you the details of the IP Address.

#38 Check URL reputation

You can check the reputation of the given URL with this MXToolBox tool. This tool will help you to test the branding of a website.

#39 View your full Deliverability Report

This tool is useful for checking email deliverability. With this tool, you can test your SPF records if it is working correctly.

#40 Dns Propagation Check

You can check the DNS propagation of this tool of a website. It is useful to test the proper propagation of the Domain name server.

#41 Password Generator

Generate a better password with this MXToolBox tool. It is helpful for finding a strong password for your online use.

#42 Email User List

You can also generate email user list with this tool. This is a useful tool for email marketing.

#43 dmarc delivery report

Check DMARK delivery report with this tool. Helpful to test the proper delivery of mail.

#44 dmarc generator

Generate a DMARK for your mail server and use it on your website.

#45 spf generator

Generate SPF record with this MXToolBox tool and use that to your website.

#46 Investigator

And the last but not least, use this MXToolBox tool to investigate and get IP lookup, blacklist info, DMARK, SPF and many more records on one page.

At the end

I have been using this website for more than 2 years and fully satisfied with this. You can use it though. Test before use and comment below if you will be satisfied too.

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