10 Home Business Ideas for Housewives in 2021

Home-based business has always been a dream for guys in jobs, housewives, and students. SO, today I’m going to introduce you to the 10 best home business ideas for housewives in 2021.

However, these business ideas are best fit for housewives but also good for all others who are seeking home-based online business ideas.

Well, let us jump into the list.

First off,

1. Craft Design

craft design business for housewife

In my school times, we had a dedicated period for crafts. And, it was not just for girls but compulsory for boys too.

However, it’s a known fact that girls are always good at crafts design. So, crafts design is a perfect career option for housewives.

If you can design craft items such as bags, toys, and other daily use items then you can earn good money by selling them in the domestic, national, and international markets.

How to sell crafts locally

For the domestic market, you can approach the wholesalers in your city and quote them your prices. If your work is good then they would easily accept your offer.

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But remember, first you won’t get good prices but after establishing yourself in the market, you can charge premium prices.

Sell crafts in the national market

Selling crafts in the national market needs some computer knowledge as you have to deal with online wholesale and retail websites.

First, let us see how and where to sell wholesale.

Option 1: For wholesale selling, you can register yourself with Indiamart, Alibaba, etc. There are tons of wholesale websites you can approach.

Just register yourself with the top wholesale companies, upload your product images and description, and that’s it.

Now, your products will be visible to thousands of retailers who are registered with that wholesale website.

Option 2: For retail selling, you can register with Amazon, Flipkart, and other eCommerce websites.

The process of uploading your products on this website is not much different than the whole websites. You have to upload product images, descriptions, shipping details, etc and list your products on these websites.

Now your products will be directly visible to millions of customers.

Note: You need a registered company and GST number to work with any option.

2. Sewing

sewing home business for housewives

The second home business idea for housewives is “sewing”.

Most of the housewives are already expert in sewing as it’s a basic need for their home. They have a sewing machine in their home for daily sewing needs.

But, not all of them know that sewing can become a great career for them.

There are tons of opportunities in the sewing field. Such as,

  • You can approach your neighbors about their sawing needs and ask them to give you work. Even my wife does it. Now she has an established boutique shop.
  • If you can do some creative sewing then you can start your boutique career from your home. Process is the same. Approach your friends and family and ask them to give you work.
  • You can also approach boutique shops and tailors in your town and showcase your work. If your work is worthwhile then they will definitely hire you for their work.
  • Another great career option in sewing is starting a Youtube channel or website about sewing. I will explain to you both in the upcoming sections.

I just want to tell you that in upcoming years the demand for sewing will rise because clothes are not just a fashion symbol, but a basic need for this world.

3. Youtubing

youtube channel business

In the last few years, video content has been the most popular content over the internet. Youtube played a big role in producing and serving video content to internet users.

With 342.3 million viewers, it is the second-largest search engine after Google.

SO, there are tons of opportunities available for earning through Youtube.

As I gave the example of sewing in the previous section, there are countless topics and niches are available there to start your channel uploading videos about them.

If you ask me how to earn from Youtube then here the options are,

  • Youtube ads – Youtube shows ads on the videos of approved channels and pays the creators on a revenue share basis. However, it’s should not be the primary earning source for you. There are other earning sources available there that can pay you much more than Youtube ads revenue.
  • Sponsored videos – You can approach sponsors to pay you for mentions and review about their product on your videos.
  • Affiliate marketing – This is a great way for earning from Youtube. In affiliate marketing, you have to put some product affiliate links on your Youtube video’s description. When someone buys by clicking on that link, the company will give you some commission. There are Youtube creators who are making millions by just putting affiliate links in video descriptions and mentioning the link in their videos.

There is other earning options available but I suggest go with these three only.

Note: You need a camera set up to start making Youtube videos, however, if you don’t have the budget then you can start with your phone camera.

4. Blogging

blogging online business

Blogging has been established as one of the most lucrative home business in the last few years. Even, I do blogging for the last 5 years and earn a decent monthly income from it.

I know, you already know about blogging and maybe tried it also.

For those who don’t know what is blogging, it’s a type of website where we write and publish articles and rank those articles on search engines, share on social media, etc to get traffic on the articles.

There are multiple ways of earning from blogging. Such as website advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

But, blogging is not just a business. It’s an art. It’s not just for anyone who wants to do home business. Only, if you like to read and write then it would be a great career option for you.

So. first stop here and think…Are you in the category of active writers?

If yes, then you can do blogging.

A big misconception among people that I listen to several times is, “Blogging is a passive income business which doesn’t take a much time”. Which is absolutely wrong.

It needs a lot of time to establish a blog and also you need 2-4 hours/day to update your blog. If you do not update your blog on regular basis then your blog traffic will be down with time.

To start a blog, you need a web hosting plan and a domain name that you can purchase with just a few dollars. I use Bluehost for web hosting and Godaddy for the domain names.

Are you interested in blogging? Then get

5. Digital Marketing

digital marketing online home business idea

Digital marketing is the most growing online business in the last few years. And one of the most lucrative ones also.

If you know how to do digital marketing then you can earn millions of dollars by doing this for other people online.

For the housewives, who don’t know about digital marketing, it’s the art of marketing products and services online. Suppose, a company has a product and wants to sell online, then it will reach its customers via Google ads, Facebook ads, sponsored ads, SEO, and other online advertisement practices.

All these advertisement tactics come under digital marketing. Whether you are a blogger, eCommerce store, or an offline business, you can reach your potential audience by doing digital marketing.

Companies hire people to do digital marketing for them. If you are good at digital marketing then you can reach some companies and shops in your area as well as online to offer them your digital marketing services.

If we talk about fees, it all depends on your experience and how you approach the companies and shops. An experienced digital marker charges much more than a newbie. As well as tier 1 country(such as the USA, UK, etc) clients pay more than tier 2 and tier 3 countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc.

Digital marketing is a great career option for housewives, students, and individuals.

These articles will help you on understanding what digital marketing is and how to master it.

6. Beautician

home based beautician business

Fashion has always been in trend for 100s of years. Especially women love to look beautiful hence they use several tactics to become trendy, and beautiful.

SO, beauticians have always been an integral part of fashion. Even in the last few decades, beauticians have been very popular among women as well as men.

If you god in this art, then you can start your beautician career from your home. All you need is a visiting card and some mouth marketing to your friends and family.

After establishing yourself as a good beautician among your friends and family, you can also reach out to other customers through Facebook and Google local ads. You can target internet users from your local area and serve them in their own house.

One step further, you can establish a shop near your home and do it professionally.

Overall, you can earn a good income from your beautician skills, if you are good at marketing.

7. Online Tuition and Coaching

Tuition and coaching are evergreen career options for housewives, students, and retired persons.

A few years ago, home tuition and coaching were in trend but there was limited income in due to lack of time and a limited quantity of students.

BUT, after the evolution of 3G and 4G internet, online tuition and coaching is now a good career option, because there is no limit to students joining your class online. You can also record and upload your classes and sell them online.

That means, now there is no limit to enrolling in your class as well as you are free from your time. By uploading your recorded classes online you can free of trading your time for money.

There are several websites available online where you can become an online tutor and upload and stream your classes.

Online platforms like, Udemy, Coursera, and Unacademy allow you to design your own courses and sell them online.

I have a dedicated article on creating selling online courses that will help you in establishing yourself as an online tutor.

8. Organic Farming

home based farming

Like all the above home business ideas for housewives, organic farming is also a trending business today.

We know that the vegetables and fruits that we eat today are full of pesticides. Eating them on regular basis causes different types of diseases including cancer and heart desease.

SO, now the world is returning to the old method of organic farming where organic seeds and animal composts to grow fruits and vegetables. The demand of organic fruits and vegetables is increasing day-by-day.

Well, now organic farming became a lucrative business. And you can also pour your hands in this, if you have some extra space in your courtyard.

You can grow organic fruits and vegetables in your courtyard and sell them to get some money in your pocket.

Organic vegetables and fruits sell higher on rates as low as double the hybrid vegetables. SO, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling organic vegetables and fruits just from your courtyard.

Don’t have space in courtyards?

Okay, there are ways you can adapt to farming on your roof or balcony. Head over to Youtube where you’ll get videos about farming organic fruits and vegetables on your rooftop and balcony.

9. Food and Tiffin Service

tiffin and food service

In big cities, Food and Tiffin service is a trendy income option, especially for homemakers. After finishing her daily home jobs, a housewife gets some free hours. In these free hours, she can prepare and serve food and tiffin for office goings, students, and individuals.

If you have this earning opportunity in your town then you should start your food and tiffin service without wasting your free time.

People love home-prepared food as hotels and restaurants don’t fit in their pockets on a daily basis. One of my relatives is earning a decent income by serving home-prepared food and tiffin service.

Apart from high charges people don’t like the hotel made foods due to the lack of quality. Hotel food tastes great but if someone eats daily, it severely affects their health.

SO, bachelors and office goings always prefer home-cooked food over hotel food.

If you can catch only 10 customers then you can easily earn your living.

You can register with websites like minkfoodiee.com and tiffinpack.com to get your initial customers.

You can also register your Food and Tiffin service business with Google my Business to get listed as a local shop. After then whenever someone from your area searches for food and tiffin service your service shows in the list.

10. Online Shop

online shopping business for houswife

The last home income idea for housewives is starting an online shop.

Online shop is now in trend as you can listen from mouths all around you. BUT, it’s not a simple business idea so 95% people fail after few months starting their online shop.

SO, what is an online shop?

Online shop ios just like a brick and mortar shop. The only difference is, a customer doesn’t get his product right now. As a shop owner you have to ship the product to them.

Obviously, payment must be done online through credit/debit card, UPI etc.

There are two options for starting your career as an online shop business.

  • Listing and shipping your products through 3rd party vendors like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • Creating a standalone shopping website and ist your product there.

I would suggest you, start with 3rd party vendors, and then after establishing your business you can also start your online shopping website.

The reason is, with 3rd party vendors you don’t need to do marketing for your products yourself. They have a large customer base hence when you list your products on their website, literally your products will be displayed after millions of eyeballs.

However, establishing your own shopping website is a wise decision for long term business as you don’t have to rely on 3rd party services, but for starting you can start with 3rd party vendors to tap their customer base.

If you want to build your shopping website but don’t have any coding knowledge then there are several tools available in the market.

Tools like Shopify help you build your shopping website within minutes from scratch.

Conclusion: Which Home Business Ideas is Good For You?

So, here were 10 home business ideas for homemakers.

These businesses are easy to start and don’t require a big amount of money. Even some of them you can start with no money at all.

Choosing one of them that fit’s you all depends on your resourses and field of work. Before starting any of them you should research online and offline including the market you are going to tap.

Some of them need internet marketing, while some do not. For them which don’t require internet-based marketing, you can use traditional marketing techniques such as mouth marketing and local advertising.

Also, you should observe the capital to be invested in the business before starting it, otherwise, lack of capital will make you stuck in between.

NOW, let me know which home business idea you are going to choose. Write your thoughts in the comment box below and share this article with others so that it could help them all.

All the best…

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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