21 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

In this article, you will read about the 21 best high ticket dropshipping products popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

As you know, dropshipping is one of the most popular online business options for internet freaks. There are thousands of dropshippers who make millions by dropshipping products across the world.

But choosing the right product is vital to win the dropshipping game; otherwise, you will lose your money by running like the rest of millions of struggling dropshippers.

What if you spend $1000 on online ads and your product gets you only $500?

The ROI will be -50%, which’s not a great deal. You can’t even survive like that.

spocket ad

So what to do?

You should find high-ticket dropshipping products to sell. The high price of these products will cover your expenses and pocket you some profit as well.

Now the question is, where you will find these high ticket products.

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We’ll read all about it in this article, but first, let me explain what makes a product high ticket?

What Makes a Product High Ticket?

I know you have already some assumptions about high ticket products that they should be high-priced products.

Well, the PRICE alone does not make a product a HIGH TICKET. Some other criteria are also there, and the most important one after the Price is the search volume.

We’ll discuss the search volume but first the Price.

Product Price

product price in dropshipping

Product price will make or break your dropshipping business. If you chose an average price product with a high CPC, it would suck your profits and capital through ads and other expenses.

Eventually, you will lose your business due to the lack of capital. That’s why you should choose a high-priced product.

Let me simplify things with an example.

Suppose you’ve chosen a $10 product to sell. You got it at $5 from a drop shipper. The CPC of this product category is $1.

Now when you advertise online for this product, and the average conversion rate of your ads is 20%, you have to spend $20 to get a sale of $5. So with each sale, you are losing $15.

On the other hand, if your product price is $100. You get this product from the drop shipper for $50. The CPC and conversion rate are the same as above, i.e., $1 and 20% respectively; then, you will make $30 on each sale.

That’s the power of choosing a high-priced product.

But, choosing high price product alone is not enough.

You need to find a high search volume and low CPC product.

Search Volume and CPC

Search Volume and CPC

When you choose a high search volume product, you will sell more units that mean more profits. The low CPC helps save advertisement costing as well.

So a high ticket product is that which has a high price, high search volume, and low CPC.

Now let me show you how you can find genuine high ticket dropshipping products.

How to find Genuine high-ticket dropshipping products?

You can take the help of Amazon and Google trends to find high ticket dropshipping products.

Just search for a product category on Amazon and sort the products from the highest to lowest price.

Now you have plenty of high ticket products that you can dropship to your customers.

But, before deciding what to sell, don’t forget to check the trend about the product and the product category on Google Trends. If you find an inclined or steady trend, you can go with the product; otherwise, finding another product is wise.

Now go to different B2B dropshipping websites to find the same or similar products and ask the suppliers if they dropship that product to your customers?

I have already written 2 great articles on dropshipping that will definitely help you on that.

21 High Ticket Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

Now let’s come to our high ticket dropshipping product list. This list is a mix of various niches. You can decide what you will sell as per your niche.

First off,

1. Beer Brewing Machine and Kegerators

beer brewing machine and kegerators

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to be locked in their homes. Chilling out with friends on weekends is not possible in this situation.

That’s the reason why products like beer brewing machines and kegerators for home are now hot cake. People who used to chill out on weekends are now searching for this type of product for their homes.

So, this is the right time for you to start selling beer brewing machines and beer kegerators. With a portable beer brewing machine, people can brew their own beer in their homes. At the same time, kegerators are used to chill beer kegs.

You have to find out online about the B2B dropshipper for portable beer brewing machines and kegerators and start selling them online.

2. Infrared Sauna Bath Fitting

Infrared Sauna Bath
Image source: Healthline

An infrared sauna bath is one of the most trending high ticket products right now. The infrared heating technology used in this product makes it cool to the customers.

This product is costly, profitable as well as in trend. Your rich customers will love this product because they get a perfect spa environment in their home without sharing the sauna with others.

There are several B2B dropshippers online selling infrared sauna. It’s easy to assemble design makes it a cool product for all. If you want to sell this product, then go and find out those B2B dropshippers on Google.

3. Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace high ticket dropshipping
Image source: marthastewart

Another great high ticket product is trending now on various shopping websites, i.e., electric fireplace.

Gone are those days when you had to pour wood on the fireplace to get the heat, watch every time if it’s extinguished.

Now we have an electric fireplace which is very easy to install. It’s a trending high ticket product, especially in cold countries.

If you target cold countries like Canada, Russia, etc., this is the right high ticket drop shipping product to choose.

4. Golf Simulator

golf simulator dropshipping product
Image source: Golfweek

Membership of Golf Courses is not possible for some people. You have to monthly charges for the membership. Also, it would help if you had the equipment to play this costly game.

What if you can play golf in your home?

Yes, now golf simulators are available online to fit in your home to practice your Golf sessions.

Golf simulators are perfect high ticket products and fit all the criteria I have discussed above.

You can pocket a good amount of profit by selling golf simulators online.

5. Wine Cooler

wine coolers for dropshiping business
Image source: NYTimes

Just like beer kegerators, wine coolers are also in high demand these days. This is a cool high ticket product because of its high price and high demand.

You can find out some good wine cooler manufacturers online to tie up with them for dropshipping.

If you start selling wine coolers online, then you will get a huge profit because, in this lockdown situation, this product comes among the daily needs of people.

6. Pool Table

pool table

The pool is a very popular indoor game. People play this game in clubs and hotels; however, they install a pool table in their home too.

People who have the extra money in their pocket are happy to install pool tables in their homes to entertain themselves and their guests.

Installing pool tables in the home is not just about gaming, but it’s a status symbol. This is a perfect high-ticket product with its evergreen demand.

There are several pool table manufacturers available online. You can connect with them regarding your dropshipping business.

7. Massage Chair

massage-chairs-for high ticket dropshipping
Image source: Massage chair store

After a busy schedule in the office, when someone returns home, they feel exhausted. How is it when your wife offers a massage session to them?

Well, in today’s busy schedule, it’s like a dream.

Massage chairs are being so popular among those busy people, especially in cities. That’s where you can find a space to start your dropshipping business around massage chairs.

Just find out some reputed massage chair suppliers and kickstart your dropshipping business with them.

8. Steam Shower

steam shower fitting
Image source: MR Steam

Just like massage chairs, steam showers are also becoming popular. A steam shower charges you up after a busy day when you come home.

Steam sower setups are costly in B2C; hence you can easily pocket 20%-30% profit selling them. Steam showers are like a hot cake of dropshipping business in the US market.

9. Jewellery and Watches

Jewellery and Watches dropshipping
Image source: St. David Scardiff

Jewelry and watches are an all-time hit product category to sell. And top of that, they are high ticket products, so you can benefit a good amount of money by selling only a few numbers of products online.

If you target the right people through ads, you can get a huge profit by dropshipping jewelry and watches.

And the best thing is, they are an evergreen product category and sell throughout the year. However, you should always go with the trending products.

10. Customized Portraits

Customized Portraits
Image source: DesignSponge

There is a huge demand for customized portraits in the US, UK, and other tier-1 countries. These portraits are used in hotels, bungalows, and offices.

If you manage to tie up a dropshipper from tier-2 and tier-3 countries, you can pocket a huge profit by dropshipping customized portraits.

Customized portraits are high ticket products, but in tier-2 and tier-3, you can get them at 50% and a higher discount rate.

I have a friend in India who dropship customized portraits from India to the US and Canada and earned in 6 figures.

11. Camping Gear

Camping gear is a seasonal product category; however, if you have an eCommerce website regarding adventure products, you can promote camping gear there.

Well, we all know camping gear is a high ticket product, so you can make a good profit by selling camping gear online.

Just find out a good camping gear supplier and ask them if they can dropship for you. If they agree, then you can start your camping gear dropshipping business.

12. Home Gym Equipment

home gym equipment
Image source: realhomes.com

Gym equipment is a high ticket product and also sells well in this pandemic situation. People are at home due to pandemic, and they need exercise tools in their home to become fit.

That’s why the sale of home Gym equipment is increased.

Dropshipping home Gym equipment can make you a millionaire if you target the right people online.

13. Pedal go-kart

Pedal go-kart
Image source: Amazon.com

Pedal Go-Cart is another high ticket product to sell through dropshipping. These carts are used for various applications including, golf course navigation, farm navigation, etc.

In the US market the there is a huge demand for Pedal Go-Cart. So you can also start dropshipping Pedal Go-Cart online.

You can pour a huge profit by selling only a few numbers.

14. Beds and Sofas

Beds and Sofas
Image source: Love Property

Beds and sofas are all-time evergreen products, as well as high items. The profit percentage in beds and sofas is very high.

Ty sells well online, so you can also start dropshipping beds and sofas. But, you will also face more competition in this category.

There are always several dropshipping websites selling beds and sofas online. However, if your target keywords are right, then you can beat them.

15. Solar LED garden lamp

Solar LED garden lamp
Image source: Solar Light World

A Garden lamp is a decorative item and sells well on online shopping websites. Solar LED garden lamp is a new product and recently introduced.

Well, you can start selling them if you have an existing eCommerce website in the decor category. You can find several manufacturers from China and India to ask them to become your dropshipper.

SOlar LED lamp is a high ticket product, but you can get them at half price from the manufacturers.

16. 3D printer

3D printer
Image source: 3D Print Industry

The 3D printer is becoming a hot product these days in the US. They are very costly and used in different industrial applications.

You can start a dropshipping business around 3D printers and make a good profit by selling just a few pieces.

It’s a B2B product, so you need to target B2B customers to sell them. You can find 3D printer suppliers by hunting local directories and asking them to dropship on behalf of you.

17. Digital Safe Vault

Digital Safe Vault

Digital Safe vaults are hot products these days and sell well online. There are several categories in digital safe vaults, including fingerprint and number lock vaults.

You can sell all the categories on your eCommerce website.

You can find suppliers for digital safe vaults in tier-2 countries and ask them to dropship on behalf of you in the US, UK, and other tier-1 countries.

18. Home Security System

Home Security System
Image source: Vivint

The home security system is another high ticket product category that you can start dropshipping in the US market.

The home security system is very popular in the US, and more than 50% of homeowners use them to save their homes from theft.

That’s why you should dropship home security systems in the US market.

There are countless manufacturers and suppliers available online for home security systems. Approach them and ask for the dropship.

19. Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mower
Image source: WSJ

A lawnmower is an evergreen product in the home and garden category. And also high ticket product. So, lawnmowers are a great fit for your dropship.

These days, robotic lawnmowers are getting traction and selling well online, so you can focus on robotic lawnmowers.

These robotic lawnmowers are electronic items, so you can pocket huge profits by selling them online.

20. Dog Grooming Tub

Dog Grooming Tub

Surveys say that almost 50% of the families in the US own dogs in their homes. That’s where you can find the opportunity to sell dog-related products to them.

Dog grooming tub is a high-ticket product and also sells well online. You can start dropshipping dog grooming tub online to those families by targeting through ads.

21. Yoga Boards

Yoga Boards
Image source: Kulae.com

Last but not the least, yoga boards.

Yoga is becoming popular in the world, especially in the western world. Yoga equipment sells well online.

A yoga board is the most costly item of all yoga equipment, so you should focus on yoga boards to get more profit.

You can find yoga board suppliers online and tie-up with them to dropship.

Conclusion: High Ticket Dropshipping Products

If you target buyers through ads, selling high ticket products to them, get you more ROI.

So, if you want to start a dropshipping business through paid ads, I would suggest you always go with high ticket products.

Well, which one in this list you’ve selected for your dropshipping business? Comment below.

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