6 Best free WordPress themes for Photographers in 2023

In this article, I have reviewed the 6 best free WordPress themes for photographers. If you are a photographer and want to expand your business online then these themes can help you showcase your work to millions of online customers.

Do you remember? In the old days when you went to photographers and wanted to see their work, they passed you an album full of photos. Gone those days.

In this digital era when every aspect of life relies on the internet and computers, what are you waiting for to make a decent portfolio website?

Review these 6 best free WordPress themes for photographers and create your dream website with them.

Thanks to WordPress and there plug and play themes, it is now possible for anyone to create a stunning website with few mouse clicks.

There are many plugins and themes available for photographers in the WordPress world. But how do you decide, which themes are best to use and which are not?

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If you are confused and unable to choose the right photography theme for your WordPress website then keep reading. Here I will give you the 6 best options to choose your new free WordPress themes for a photography portfolio.

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Although there are premium options available in the market which have better functionality than free WordPress themes (Click here to go with premium WordPress Photography themes), but if you are an entrepreneur and don’t want to spend pennies in buying WordPress themes then go with free.

They have enough functionality to create a good photography website.

1. Photo Perfect


If you want to create a stunning photography website and attract your customers on the first visit, then this free WordPress theme would be your first choice.

With its incredible layout, Photoperfect will get your all images on your WordPress website within minutes. Its header has a consolidated menu and category navigation. With this functionality, it’s easy to navigate for your website visitors.

One main thing I liked about the photo-perfect WordPress theme is that we can set up a background image in the header area, where you can put your high-resolution images and banners for publicity of your most recent promotions and events.

The other thing I liked about this WordPress theme is it has to overlay text spots in the header area where you can put your tagline. Or you could also put your logo in this area which will definitely look good.

It has some other functions ie; Call to action in the header area which is really good to tell your visitors to take action and keeps engaging your website visitors.

The main magic begins below the header area. When you scroll down from the header you will notice a grid photograph section where you can put your photographs in a portfolio style. In this area, you could use your most popular photographs to show off.

If you have some best photo collections to show your customers then it has the option to show off that content in the lightbox version. When your website visitor clicks on a photograph, he can see the bigger preview of the photograph in a lightbox.

Photo perfect WordPress theme has a threaded comment section and custom color options which will make it the first choice for you if you want to show off your photographs online.

2. Pixgraphy


If you use Pixapbay free WordPress theme then you will get a large full-screen header image area. This is a unique feature of the Pixabay theme because this function usually you don’t find other WordPress themes

So this theme is an ideal choice for you if you want to grab the first attention of your website visitors. This is a platform that gives your WordPress website, a professional look which only found in premium themes.

It has a social media sharing and subscribing widget which is located in the top area of the header. And you will notice the social media buttons theme is matched with your Pixabay theme design.

If you are looking for other social media follow buttons then don’t worry about it because it is equipped with this function and you don’t have to install a special follow plugin for this purpose.

Those social media follow buttons make this theme to make a brand of your business.

It also has an important function which is contact information in the header. It is just located in the left area of the header. With this function, your customers can easily contact you without scrolling to the footer or navigate to your contact us page.

It’s a completely responsive WordPress theme for photographers and photobloggers. If you see its demo on mobile, you will impress with its layout which is far better than other WordPress themes.

All the images and text are in the right place in a responsive format. It also has a threaded comment option and also translation files by which you can even talk with the user whose l language you don’t understand.

3. Fotographie


If you are a professional photographer then the Fotographie WordPress theme is for you. It works well for skilled photographers. Its highly visual quality gives it a great look. With minimal design and many features, it is the best theme which I recommend using.

If you are a busy photographer then you do have not much time to handle a big website and manage the complex thing. The Fotographie theme is designed for that purpose. its simple design and functions don’t take much time to set up and update your website.

But if I say it is for busy photographers then I am wrong. It is as good as regular bloggers and hobbyists.

Its large header image is just awesome to attract your website users’ attention and just behind the header image, there is a sleek navigation menu that gives it a professional look and allows your user easy to navigate your website.

The other stunning feature is its logo area which is just in the middle-upper area of the navigation menu.

The hero content is as much as attractable to grab the attention of your visitors. Easy to use hero content area takes minutes to configure in your WordPress dashboard.

It has also a good featured content area where you can show off your photography business is a great way. You can easily change the site colors and expand your brand color in the whole area of the website.

With Fotographie you can create a simple and good-looking website in no time. It will help you to show off your work in the best way of putting your images in limelight without wasting either inch of an area of your website.

Its translation ready them, which will help you use to translate your website into any language. With its one and two-column settings, you can configure your sidebars just like a pro.

4.Infinite Photography


Infinite Photography is another right choice if you want to build your website with free WordPress themes that have a more modern look with dark complexions.

I liked it for its portfolio configuration features. It has a great long camera icon in its images to encourage the user to click on photographs. Its grid-based layout is a well choice for you as a photographer.

It makes each and every photo professional looks. The logo is on the left corner of the top area of this WordPress theme which also looks pretty nice.

It has a feature which is a search bar really helpful for your users to search for anything on your website. Its menu bar located in the right top area is also looking good and very helpful to navigate throughout your WordPress portfolio website.

Its header area has an overlay text function which gives you the ability to tell your users about you. You can add here a tagline about you and your website.

Its responsive design is ready to adopt in all screen sizes and works well in mobile. All the images and contents are in the right place when you see them in their responsive layout. Really a useful theme for a photo blogger.

5. Fotography


If we talk about Fotography WordPress theme then this is one of my favorite free WordPress themes for photographers. The reason behind this is its look and functions are just like ant premium theme.

It has a beautiful slider where you can put your best photographs to showcase. When you see its portfolio section, it has thumbnails of your images and a description area to tell your website users about your portfolio.

The better responsive design gives it the professional look on smaller devices and your user can watch your masterpieces on his mobile also.

There is no problem opening up an image on mobile or other smaller devices. Thanks to its service area, you can easily tell your users what kind of photography you do exactly.

You can list your services in columns and give the details of the services you offer. It has an Instagram showcase feature that helps you to integrate your Instagram profile on the website.

You can share photographs from only one place and You can share your images on Instagram and get feedback on your blog.

The gallery with four columns is better if you have a large collection of photos. You can upload your whole collection on a single website and showcase them nicely with this free WordPress theme.

Its other features are testimonials and team member showcase where you can give testimonials and introduce your team members to your customers.

Using Fotography WordPress theme your career achieves a new height.

6. Astra

Astra photography theme

Astra is not just a photography theme but a full features multipurpose them. The best thing I like about Astra is it’s easily customizable and very fast loading.

Astra has several templates which also include photography WordPress templates. You just need to import that photography template by Astra template importer and it will all set your website.

Astra is compatible with all popular page builders including Elementer and Beaver Builder so you can customize it as per your need.

With Astra, you can easily create a website that suits your branding and style. To design your pages you can also use WordPress’s internal block editor because Astra is compatible with it.

Astra is a freemium theme but the free version is capable of creating and running a basic photography website.

Conclusion: Best free WordPress themes for Photographers

There are many free WordPress themes for photographers available in the market but the above five are the best, in my opinion, try them once and you will be satisfied with those themes.

Although Premium themes have better functionality and layout, these 6 are also good for a better start.

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