Ezoic Vs Mediavine Vs Adthrive: Ultimate Comparison [2022]

In this article, I will compare Ezoic, Mediavine & AdThrive. Here, you will read about the minimum traffic required to get started with them, ads quality, Revenue per thousand views (RPM), site speed measures, dashboard, ad placement, customer support, payout methods, etc. I will side by side compare all these features of Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Adthrive.

Display ads are one of the prominent ways to earn money from blogging. It does not pay you as much as affiliate marketing but you will get a steady income with it.

Affiliate marketing depends on sales and sales don’t happen all time. That’s why the affiliate income fluctuates.

BUT, display ads income doesn’t fluctuate if your website traffic is steady.

In my blogs, I run display ads along with Affiliate marketing and get the double benefit of passive income.

Earlier I was running AdSense ads on my blog. But, now I am running Ezoic on my blog and quite satisfied with it. If you want to know more about why and how I have changed my Ad network then you must read detailed my Case Study on Ezoic.

Where AdSense pays $3-$5 per 1k views, Ezoic, Mediavine or AdThrive pay you up to $20 per 1k views.

However, I am currently using Ezoic, I wanted to give a try other AdSense alternatives that pay more RPM such as AdThrive or MediaVine. SO, I researched both of them and compared them with Ezoic. This comparison article is the essence of my whole one-month research on Ezoic, MediaVine, and AdThrive.

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Let’s dive into it…

Minimum Entry RequirementsLow (10k pageviews/Month)
You can also apply with lower views
High (50k sessions/MonthVery high (100k sessions/Month)
Approval Processquick approvalSlow approvalfast but choosy approval
Setup ProcedureEasyEasyEasy
Ads QualityExcellentExcellentGood
Dashboard UsabilityExcellent Excellent Excellent
RPMMedium ($5-$25)
Depends on niche
Very High ($10-$40)
Depends on niche
Very High ($10-$50)
Depends on niche
CommunityYes ExcellentNo
SupportMediumVery highHigh
Biggest ConEzoic PremiumMinimum Session Requirement (50k)Minimum Session Requirement (100k)
Payment MethodsPaypal, Check, Wire TransferACH, Paypal, Wire Transfer ACH, Paypal, Wire Transfer
Overall Score85/10092/10075/100

Minimum Requirements – Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive

ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive minimum requirments

Every ad network has some minimum criteria you have to fulfill to signup with. Obviously, Ezoic, MEdiavine, and AdThrive have also some minimum requirements.

Well, all these three platforms have minimum page views requirements to join them as a publisher.

Ezoic Minimum Requirements

Ezoic requires at least 10k page views per month to get accepted.

Which is quite easy to achieve for any niche blog. If you are constantly working on your blog then you can hit this mark in a maximum of 18 months. I have seen some blogs start getting this amount of traffic in just 2-3 months.

If you follow proper SEO practices and choose good keywords then you can hit this mark in less time.

And the best thing is, Ezoic approves certain websites below 10k pageviews/Month. So don’t hesitate to apply even if you don’t have 10k views/month.

Mediavine Minimum Requirements

Before the pandemic, minimum Mediavine required 25,000 sessions/month. But during the pandemic they had seen an increase in applications, so they decided to increase the minimum requirements.

Currently, Mediavine requires a minimum of 50k sessions per month to signup with them.

So, it’s clear that Mediavine is only taking big websites into its platform.

Ad Thrive minimum requirements

AdThrive is one step ahead of Mediavine.

AdThrive requires 100k Sessions per month to join up which is only possible for large websites.

However, they consider taking in small websites, if they fit well on their strategic goals. Even if you have more than 100k Sessions per month traffic on your website, it’s hard to be passed in their website review.

Even they don’t tell you the reason for the rejection. However, if you have a news-type website with huge traffic they will consider you as their ads fit well on news content.

With only a 10k/month pageview required to signup with Ezoic, it is the clear winner in minimum requirements.

Average RPM – Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive

 Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive average rpm

RPM plays the main impact on earnings through ad networks. It shows you how much you can earn per thousand views.

In this section, I’ll compare the average RPM of Ezoic, ADThrive, and Mediavine.

Ezoic RPM

It all depends on the niche, the targeting country and the traffic quality, how much RPM you will get. So there is no set way to calculate RPM. However, Ezoic pays RPM anywhere between $5-$25 based on your niche, targeted country, and audience quality.

BUT, you definitely get more RPM than AdSense. Even I got 3 times higher RPM ie; a 300% increase when switched from AdSense to Ezoic. You should read my case study on Ezoic to more about it.

Mediavine RPM

In terms of RPM, Mediavine is one step further than Ezoic. You will get an average RPM of around $30 in Mediavine. However, it totally depends on the niche, audience quality, and the targeting country.

In high CPC niches such as Insurance, making money online, etc, you would get up to or above $50 RPM.

So, there is no set rule of RPM in Mediavine but most of the publishers experience an average of $30 RPM.

AdThrive RPM

In all these three ad networks, AdThrive pays the highest RPM which depends on your niche, targeting country, and audience.

But the average RPM of AdThrive is lower than Mediavine ie; $20. Mediavine works great for news websites, food and travel blogs. So If you are one of them then you can get more RPM than other types of blogs and websites.

If we talk about RPM, Mediavine is the winner with $30.

Earnings – Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive

Let us see how much can you earn on all these three ad networks.

Ezoic average earning calculation

Ezoic pays an average of $10 RPM and it requires 10k page views per month so if your website is getting 10,000 page views then you can earn $100 per month on Ezoic.

The earning, as well as RPM, will increase with traffic. If your website is getting 20k page views per month then you can earn above $200 as higher traffic websites also get improved RPM.

Mediavine average earning calculation

Mediavine pays an average of $30 RPM and the minimum number of page views required to signup with them is 50k. So the beginner can earn $1500 with them.

AdThrive average earning calculation

AdThrive pays an average RPM of $20 and the minimum page views required to get in is 100k. So the starting earning will be around $2000 which is quite attractive earning compared to AdSense.

If your website is getting 500k/month traffic then you will earn $10k which is amazing.

But the 100k mark restricts small websites to signing up with them. It’s good both for advertisers and publishers to maintain the quality and RPM of the ads but I think they should also consider small high-quality blogs.

As Mediavine has better RPM than others, it is the winner in earning point of view.

Features Highlights – Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive

All three ad networks have several useful features that make your blog a money-making machine. In this section, I will highlight their main features.

First off,

Ezoic core features

Ezoic Features
  • This ad mediation app optimizes your AdSense ads placements to give multifold returns.
  • The AI based ad optimization feature of Ezoic poweres up this amazing ad optimization platform.
  • Ezoic also provides website speedup features, Leap and CDN Cache. IT’s free for the websites using thier ad optimization feature.
  • There are three integration methods avaiable, Cloudflare, Namesearver and WordPress plugin. You can use any of them to integrate your website with Ezoic.
  • It takes less then a minute to integrate Ezoic with your website.
  • Ezoic also proviedes website analytics tool called Big Data Analytics in which you can track how your website si performing.
  • Ezoic has a paid feature called Ezoic Premium which helps you to earn even more with your same ad inventory.

MediaVine core features

mediavine features
  • Mediavine is a pure ad nwtwork serves premium ads on your website.
  • The lazy loading feature allows ads load below the fold, which doesn’t slow down you website.
  • They also have video ads like Youtube which helps you to monitize your hosted videos right on your website.
  • Mediavine has a content and user bahavior based AI which reads and evaluates your content alog with the user behavior and place ads accordingly. This increases our revenue.
  • They have data driven dashboard. The dashboard is easy to use and let you manage your ads effectrively.

Ad Thrive core features

adthrive features
  • AdThrive provides custom ad layouts that balances user experience and revenue to earn without ruing user expereince.
  • AdTrive has video hosting feature which helps you monitize your videos along with your written content.
  • It has a user friendly dashboard whihc gives you revenue insights along with your website analytics.
  • It is a premium ad network provides you exclusive access to national brand campaigns which helps you to maximize your ad revenue.
  • The advanced AI of AdThrive is better then Ezoic and Mediavine, hence you can earn more with the same content.

Ezoic is the winner in features. Features like Leap, CDN, and ad mediation makes it the clear winner in this section.

Payment Methods and Minimum Threshold

Now let’s talk about the payment methods of all these three ad networks.

  • Ezoic Payment methods – Ezoic has three payment methods, Check (USA and Canada only), Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Mediavine payment methods – Mediavine has ACH, Paypal, and Wire transfer available to pay to their publishers.
  • AdThrive Payemtns methods – AdThrive has ACH and eCheck (USA only), Paypal, paper check, Global WIre Transfer.

So, In payment methods, AdThrive is the winner with 5 types of payment methods.

Ezoic, Mediavine and Ad Thrive Compared to AdSense


Ezoic is an ad mediation app that optimizes your AdSense ads that generate more revenue with the same ad inventory. So it is clear that it gives you better ad revenue than AdSense.

But, in tier-2, and tier-3 countries, Ezoic’s AI failed to generate more revenue than AdSense. The reason was its AI, which does not work well in these countries’ user data. So, if you are from these countries then you should do A/B testing between Ezoic and AdSense to know which is performing better.

Mediavine and AdThrive both have better AI than Ezoic for Tier-2 and tier-3 countries. So, you will definitely get better revenue than AdSense.

Website Speed

When compared to AdSense, all these three ad networks perform well than AdSense. They will not slow down your website like AdSense.

However, if you loan AdSense ads asynchronously, you can get better page speed but this won’t beat the speed features of these networks.

Ad Quality

If we talk about ad quality then AdSense will be the winner because they always thoroughly check the advertiser’s reliability before accepting ads. Ezoic is the same as it serves Google ads. But, Mediavine and AdThrive don’t have the ad quality like AdSense.

Dashboard: Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Ad Thrive

In this section, we’ll compare the dashboards of Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive.


Ezoic Dashboard

Ezoic has a feature-rich dashboard that is not so easy to use for first-time users. However, they have good customer support which helps you to manage things on your dashboard.

Ezoic dashboard
Ezoic dashboard

The dashboard has several tabs to use different features on Ezoic. But, the main tabs are Home, Monetization, Speed, and Settings tabs.

The home tab shows you the current data related to your website, whereas the Monetisation tab helps you to put ad placeholders on your website, enable and disable your ads, link your Google AdSense and ad partner account with Ezoic, etc. The settings tab provides you with the integration features.

After using Ezoic for a year, I can say that the Ezoic dashboard is not easy to handle for a beginner. You always need support to implement things on your website.

Mediavine Dashboard

Mediavine has also a feature-rich dashboard but not as much as Ezoic. You will find some tabs such as Dashboard home window, health check, videos, settings, sites, and admin panel on the left side of the window.

mediavine dashboard
Mediavine dashboard

Compared to Ezoic, the Mediavine dashboard is easier to use. That’s because it’s a pure ad network and not an ad optimization app like Ezoic.

So, you will see settings only related to ads. There are no optimization tabs in Mediavine.

Even it’s easy to use, if you face difficulties then you can contact their customer support. They will help you to optimize your settings for better revenue.

Ad Thrive Dashboard

Now let’s take a look at the AdThrive dashboard.

adthrive dashboard review
AdThrive Dashboard

AS you can see in the image, AdThrive too has easy to use dashboard. You can see that there are 8 tabs on the left side of the window ie; My Dashboard, Earnings, Traffic, Video, Payments, Ad Preferences, and Resources tabs.

Recently AdThrive has introduced the “Content Optimization” tab which helps in optimizing your content for better revenue.

adthrive content optimization tab

Artificial Intelligence

All these ad networks are backed by artificial intelligence which reads your content and puts ads accordingly to optimize your earnings with time.

But, in terms of ad quality and optimization, Ezoic AI is better than others. Because, When I implemented Ezoic on my website, on the very first day I saw $20 ePMV which was reduced on the following days and after 5-7 days I had been seeing a gradual increase in ePMV and Now it’s above $30.

That’s why, in my view, Ezoic has better AI than the other two ad networks.

Actually, Ezoic is not a pure ad network, but it’s a website optimization tool. Ad placement is its sub-product which we can use to get revenue from Ezoic. Ezoic is a partner of Google Ad Manager so they have more data than other ad networks.

As you know, the quality of artificial intelligence depends on the data you feed. Hence, their artificial intelligence is better than other Mediavine and AdThrive, and even Google AdSense.

Site Speed

However, all these platforms provide asynchronous ad placements along with some other features such as image lazy loading and mobile page speed feature so your website speed will not be affected a lot.

BUT, Ezoic has two dedicated site speed feature called Leap and CDN caching which are free to use for publishers. This makes the site load faster than ever.

Leap is specially built to speed up your page loading time and score well in Google core web vitals page speed score. Even better if you use Ezoic CDN to serve your site. Both these features make a site load faster and pass in Google core web vital.

Remember, Google core vital is now part of SEO so you must take care of your website speed to rank in Google.

I am using Ezoic on my blog and almost all my pages score well in Google core web vital. The above the fold page loading time of all the web pages are below 2.5 seconds which is far better than websites using other ad networks.

However, AdThrive and Mediavine have a bunch of articles on improving page loading speed which you can follow to speed up your site after implementing their ads.

If you want, you can reach out to their support team for your website audit and they will suggest pro tips to optimize your Core Web Vital Score while running their ads on your site.

Ads Quality

Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive all are premium ad networks so they serve only high-quality and spam-free ads. However, if you want you can choose to display prohibited ads on your website, but I would always suggest not to do that.

All these ad platforms allow you to manage the ad category, so you can easily control what you want to serve and what ads you want to restrict.

You can restrict potentially spam ads on your website such as gambling, explicit content, making money online, insurance, loan,s, etc.

They all have the feature to control ad serving right from the dashboard.

Ezoic is partnered with Google Ad Exchange so you will get high-quality ads on Ezoic. However, Mediavine and AdThrive are a bit towards native ads so you can see some explicit content on your site.

BUT, you can manage this on your dashboard easily. Here’s a screenshot to manage your ad serving on AdThrive. The same is provided by Mediavine.

how to manage adthrive ads

In the upcoming sections, we’ll see the feature highlights of Ezoic, AdThrive, and Mediavine. So you can evaluate all these three ad networks to take further steps with them.

Ezoic Features in detail

Ezoic has some sound features that make these ad-networks different than others. As I have told above, it is not solely an ad network, but an ad optimization tool, which optimizes your ad network’s ads with their award-winning Artificial intelligence.

Let have a look at the features of Ezoic.

  • Machine Learning Technology: Ezoic has great machine learning tool which analyses your website and serves ads according to the data on your website. If you are using AdSense ads on your website then you will see a gradual increment in earnings after implementing Ezoic.
  • Layout Tester: It has a Layout tester tool which allows you to test different layouts and implement the balanced layout beneficial for both revenue and user expereicne point of view.
  • Leap and CDN cache – Ezoic’s this flagship tool allows you to speed up your website by serving it through Ezoic’s fast CDN network and optimize website to pass Google Core Web Vital score.
  • Ad Tester: Ezoic’s ad tester tool backed by Ezoic AI tests different ads adn placement and improves them with time to increase revenue.
  • 3 website integration methods: Ezoic provides three different website integration methods ie; Ezoic nameserver, cloudflare and WordPress plugin.
  • Test you own ads: Ezoic allows youto test your own ads to compete with Ezoic ads and serve the highest paid ads on your website. This is done through realtime bidding. So, you can also test your own ads with Ezoic platform.
  • Title Tag Tester: Ezoic’s title tag tester tool lets you test different article titles and serves titles with highest user engagement.
  • Big Data Analytics: Big data analytics is a website analytics tool which provides website traffic and earning analytics and help you to get better insights.
  • Video monetization and hosting: Ezoic provides free video monitization and hosting solution to thier publishers.

Ezoic Pros and Cons

The minimum approval requirement in Ezoic is 10k views/month which allows small websites to participate in their program. Ezoic Premium: Other ad networks offer premium ads free of cost. But Ezoic charges for the same.
Ezoic has free website speed optimization tools, Leap and CDN Cache which improves page loading.
Good community around zoic which helps you solve all your queries regarding Ezoic.
It’s Big Data Analytics is one step ahead of Google Analytics which gives you clear website insights.
There are multiple features Ezoic provides to optimize your website ad ads.

Ezoic Premium

However, I have pointed out Ezoic Premium as a “Con” in the pros and cons section, yet it’s beneficial if you are working in high-paying niches such as making money online, health and wellness, food blogging, etc.

I earn most of the revenue in Ezoic from their premium plans. The advantage of using Ezoic Premium is it gives you a hockey stick growth with increasing traffic.

More traffic gives you more revenue. Suppose your website traffic is 20k/month and you are earning $10/day from Ezoic premium then if your website traffic grows to 50k then you will not earn $50/Day but much beyond this. Literally, $100 to $200 per day.

It’s clear that you will get more revenue if your website has more traffic.

Mediavine Features in detail

mediavine comparison

Unlike Ezoic, Mediavine is a pure ad network. It’s a premium ads network so you will earn more RPM than Ezoic and other ad networks. However, the RPM is fixed whether your website is getting 100k/month or 1 million/month traffic.

Let’s see its features,

  • Premium ad network: Mediavine is a premium ads network. That’s why the competition is low in the network. This ensures high quality ads and ultimatley high RPM.
  • Flexible Ad Settings: You can adjust ad placements as per your choise and requirements.
  • Content AI: Mediavine is backed by artificial intelligence which reads your content and optimizes ad placements as per the requirements of your content and user expereience.
  • Lazy Loading and Deferred Ad Loading: However Mediavine doesn’t provide any tools to speedup your website but it ahs the feature to load your ads asynchronously by Lazy Loading and Deferring Ads.
  • Mulitple payment methods: Mediavine has multiple payment methods which I have already described above in this article.

Mediavine Pros and Cons

Compared to Ezoic and AdThrive, Mediavine gives the best RPM.Mediavine includes branding on their ads which a quite distracting.
Mediavine has good customer service which solves all your problems regarding MediavineLack of dedicated community around Mediavine. I think it’s due to the limited publishers on the network.
MEdiavine’s Advanced AI serves the most relevant ads on your website.
The ad quality in Mediavine is good as compared to other ad networks.
You can optimize ad placements as per your choice and user engagement.
Multiple payment methods are available to receive payment from Mediavine.

Adthrive Features in detail

adthrive comparison

Last but not least, AdThrive. Let’s see AdThrive’s features.

  • Custom ad layouts: In AdThrive you can customize your ad placements as per your requirment and choice.
  • Customizable players with free hosting: Adthrive supports customizable video ads with free hosting so you can host your videos on ADThrive server.
  • User-friendly and easy to use dashboard: AdThrive provides a user friendly and easy to use dashboard which anyone can operate.
  • Premium ad technology: Premium ad technology allows you to enter exclusive access to national brand campaigns.
  • Advanced ad code: AdThrive has advanced ad code feature that not only optimizes your RPM but also loads faster.

Adthrive Pros and Cons

AdThrive provides a fast approval process and quick onboarding.No active community around AdThrive
You will get excellent ad qualityApproval is hard. You need at least 100k/Month pageviews to get approved.
Higher RPM compared to other ad networks
Easy to use dashboard provides loads of analytics
Good customer service
Google certified publishing partner


How many page views do I need to get approved for AdThrive, Mediavine, and Ezoic respectively?

100k/month, 50k/month and 10k/month.

Is Ezoic better than Mediavine and AdThrive?

It all depends on your goals. If your goal is revenue focused then Mediavine is best and if you want a balance between user experience and revenue then you should go with Ezoic.

How much can I earn with AdThrive, Mediavine, and Ezoic?

The average RPM on AdThrive is $20, on Mediavine is $30 and on Ezoic is $5-$25. RPM depends on your niche, traffic couple of other things.

What are the payment methods on Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive?

All these three ad networks support Paypal, Payoneer, and local bank transfers.

Conclusion: Ezoic vs Mediavine vs Adthrive

Well, above you have read the comprehensive comparison between Ezoic, AdThrive, and Mediavine. Now it’s time to conclude this article with my verdict.

So, according to my experience, Ezoic is my first choice. It does not just provide higher RPM and premium ads but also a Google-certified ad partner which helps you optimize your existing Google ads.

Ezoic also provides three flagship website optimization features, Leap, CDN Cache, and Big Data Analytics.

Moreover, you will get approval with just a 10k page view a month.

So, in my experience, Ezoic is the winner.

BUT, if you want to see the situation from earning point of view then, Mediavine is the ideal Ad Network for you. It gives more RPM and also approves websites 50k sessions per month which is less than AdThrive.

Let me know in the comment, which one you are going to implement on your website.

All the best.

Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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