Why Domain Privacy is Important in 2021

Domain privacy is one of the most important factors in web development in 2019.

Do you know, if your domain information is not private then anyone can view your domain’s personal information? Yes, anybody is able to view your domain details.

Such as Domain registrar name, domain, and web hosting IP addresses, domain owner name, and their address as well as phone numbers.

Did you ever receive a phone call offering products related to your domains after purchasing a domain name?

Yes, those pieces of information are used in many ways, from Showing products to potential customers like you-the domain owner to ambushing on your domain for grabbing it just after expiry.

As well as many people collect and sell these kinds of information to web hosting, web designing, and other web service-related companies who want to sell their products to domain owners.

If you are thinking these are a common marketing strategy and we can tackle them then what about “website hacking”

Every website hacking procedure starts with finding basic information about the domain. Hackers always use these basic pieces of information like IP addresses related to your domain to hack your website.

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However, We can save ourselves from being hacked and nurtured by many companies shoving products to us just switching our domain information from the public to private.

How? I will provide you with the step-by-step guide at the end of this article so keep reading.

Now, let’s jump to the section on how they collect information about your domain?

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1. Whois or Domain lookup

domain privacy for business

Whois or domain lookup is an online tool by which one can get the details of a particular domain. It’s the short or convenient form of “Who-is-behind-this-domain”.

Domain lookup is a Synonym of Whois and a very popular keyword-finding domain information tool on google.

Now, you know about domain lookup tools, you are wondering how they work? Means how they collect informational data of domains or websites?

Here is the answer.

Just like search engines they crawl websites, steal the IP address of the domain name provider of the domain and then crawl their database about this particular domain name to obtain the information about this domain name.

I know, at this point one question will have arisen in your mind ie; Is stealing domain registration data legal?

Yes, It’s 100% legal because you gave them the power to collect and use your domain Whois data.

Although hacking of your website is completely illegal but hacking is just a part of domain lookup. Using domain registration information for selling related products or any other work is legal.

So. it’s legal to use your domain details as long as you set it up to private mode.

ICANN the domain ownership Community that provides the rights to selling domain names to domain registrars has also a page dedicated to domain lookup. You can check out the ICANN domain lookup tool here.

2. Popular Domain Lookup Tools

There are many Domain lookup Whois tools available on the internet. Here is the list of popular domain lookup tools.


domain lookup tools

MX Lookup.com is the best Domain lookup tool on the internet.

It does not only give you the information about the domain but also gives you the details of, MX server, blacklisted server, DNS Lookup for IP address, DNS reverse lookup, whois, and other domain and hosting information related services.

And the main benefit of this tool is that it is totally free of cost. You can use all services absolutely free. If you want to see a demo of what services MXToolBox offers Just click here.


whoisdomain tools lookup

WhoisDomainTools is the second popular domain lookup tool. With this tool, you can search almost everything related to a website.

Just put the website address in the search bar located on the homepage and see the magic. You will find all the information from domain registrar details to the current hosting server details of the website.

Also, you can grab the information like address, email, and address, etc of the user of that domain by this tool. Imagine your contact details is accessible in the whole world by these type of tools.

Such a shocking fact !!

I think, now you are aware of, why someone calls you and offers his product related to your domain just after you registered a new domain.

Here I gave you only 2 examples of domain lookup tools. Just put a query “domain lookup tool” in google search and see the results. There are tons of Whois tools available in the online market. Free as well as paid.

You are wondering listening that nowadays domain lookup tools are a lucrative business for web developers. They are making huge money by just serving these types of online tools.

3. Risks factor: Publicly accessible domain registration information

spamming for domains

As I said above, there are many types of risks with publicly accessible domain registration information. Your domain information is widely used from advertising a related product to hacking someone’s website.

Yes, a hacker uses your domain and server information to hack your website. As your website’s server address and activity are easily accessible on the internet so anybody takes advantage of this.

Although, server and domain providers maintain tight security nothing is impossible in the hacking field. If you have a WordPress website or blog and use a common username and password then this possibility increases.

However, hacking a website is a worst-case scenario which I pray you won’t face in the future but the common problem of a publicly accessible domain is annoying phone calls and SMS you receive about a product related to your domain.

I also faced those phone calls and SMS when I didn’t know about hiding my domain information from the public.

4. How to Hide whois domain information from the public?

how to hide domain information

Now, when you have found the risks about publicly accessible domain names it’s time to learn how to hide that potential information from the world.


Just log in to your domain name provider’s website and go to your domain. I am using here Godaddy.com for example. but all the domain providers have almost the same procedures.

Go to domain setting, Update contact information and add that service to the cart. checkout the cart and voila, your domain privacy status is changed now.

Now you are an owner of a private domain. Now no Whois or domain lookup tool can access your domain-related data to show their users.

Godaddy charges minimum .99$ to protect your domain privacy.

Summing up: Domain Privacy

As the internet is growing online fraud and crimes also growing with time. As online security becomes tight hackers are finding new vulnerabilities to hacking a server.

If we want to be safe we will have to be security conscious. And don’t be stupid serving our potential information to the world.

I think this article is has provided you with some help regarding the security of your website. If you liked my content, do share this with your friends and help them to secure their online data.

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