CashKaro Review 2023: CashKaro Pays Real Cashback or It’s Scam?

Have you ever used CashKaro to shop online? If yes then you might know about this amazing cashback app. And, if not then read this review and you will get to know all the details of CashKaro.

This app is grabbing more and more attention from Indian online buyers because it gives cashback on purchases from popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Myntra, and Snapdeal.

That means, every time you purchase something on online marketplaces browsing through the CashKaro app, you will get a certain amount of Cashback right in your bank account.

Sounds good? Well, we all love to get cashback on shopping.

However, a big chunk of people thinks these types of apps are just a scam. That’s why I have researched around and written this CashKaro review that will give you each and every detail of the cashback app.

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So, let’s talk about it.

What is Cashkaro

what is cashkaro

CashKaro is India’s largest Coupon and cashback website, which gives cashback when you purchase products through this website.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.


CashKaro is partnered with 1500+ shopping websites including, Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc. You just have to type the retailer’s name in the app’s search box in that you want to shop, and your cashback will be activated along with discounts.

Once the cashback amount will be above Rs. 250, you can withdraw this amount to your bank account.

Well, you might ask me there are tons of other coupon websites out there so how CashKaro is different than others?

Well, generally on those websites you have to search for the product coupon code or link to get the cashback, which is quite annoying and time-consuming.

On the other hand, in CashKaro, you will redirect when you type the retailer name in the search box and start you shopping with them to get cashback. This makes it easy to use and saves your time because you don’t need to search for the cashback manually.

Is CashKaro Real or Scam

Is cashkaro real or scam

Most people think online coupon and deals websites are just scams. Well, it’s partially true with some websites but CashKaro is a pure legitimate and real cashback website.

Remember: CashKaro never charges any fee for memberships. There are fake websites running in the name of CashKaro that charge an amount to become a member of CashKaro. Beware of these fake websites and apps.

CashKaro is a real online cashback platform that gives you the opportunity to earn some extra money while shopping online.

You will earn real cash with CashKaro by just shopping from your favorite e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Zomato, Udemy, BigBazaar, and Snapdeal.

You will also earn a referral commission when you refer CashKaro to your friends and family members. I will talk about this later in this article.

How Does CashKaro Earn Money

how cashkaro pays you

Might be you have listened to affiliate marketing. If not then you should read my article “How to Start a Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Site [2023]“.

CashKaro earns through affiliate marketing programs of the websites listed on this platform. When you tap on an eCommerce website on the CashKaro platform, you will be redirected to the official website where you can purchase your products.

This redirection takes place through their affiliate link hence when you purchase something, they get an affiliate commission. They give you the cashback from that affiliate commissions.

So, it would not be wrong if I say, CashKaro is a pure affiliate website that redirects its users to online shopping websites to earn money. They give a part of their affiliate commission to their users as cashback.

How to Use CashKaro to Get Cashback

It’s very simple to use CashKaro and get cashback.

For mobile users:

  • First you have to download the CashKaro app, open the app and register yourself with your phone number and email address.
  • Verify with the OTP sent to your mobile and you will be registered.
  • Now search for the ecommerce website on the search box.
  • Click on the website name in the searchbox and you will be redirected to their official website.
  • Now do your shopping as usual. You will get cashback once the product is shipped to you.
How to get cashback in cashkaro

For computer users

Choose the retailer on cashkaro dashboard
  • Open CashKaro official website and click on register button. Put your mobile number, email address, name etc to register yourself.
  • Verify your phone number with OTP and you will be registered.
  • Now, search for the ecommerce website by their name in the search field.
  • Click on the website name in the searchbox. You will be redirected to their official website.
  • Now do your shopping. Once the product will be shipped to you, you will see the cashback reflating on top right corner of CashKaro app or website.
Reward activated in cashkaro

Once the Cashback amount crossed Rs. 250, you will see the withdrawal option.

CashKaro Cashback Rates

Cashback rates on CashKaro depend on the merchant you are purchasing from. Rate varies anywhere from 2% to 20% depends on the affiliate commission merchant gives to CashKaro.

Here are the CashKaro cashback rates from popular eCommerce websites.

MerchantCashback Rate %
JabongUp to 10%
AjioUp to 8%
Booking.comFlat 5%
MyntraUp to 6.5%
Tata Cliq22.5%

As you can see in the above table, they are giving such a huge cashback on top merchants. Even they give more commission than general affiliate rates of an eCommerce website.

By shopping through CashKaro, you can save a big chunk of your monthly expenses up to 20%. In this costly world, saving this amount is help you beat inflation.

Especially, after the COVID-19 pandemic, when the pay rates of a general person in India are low than average, CashKaro will help you save some extra cash with their huge cashback rates.

You can check the latest cashback rates by just searching the site you want to shop at. At the store page, simply click on the ‘Cashback/Reward Rates’ and ‘Offer Terms’ sections, and you will get all the cashback related to that website.

When will you get your cashback From CashKaro

The cashback deposit timing is different for all the merchants. Such as on Amazon you will get your cashback credited to your CashKaro account is 3 days after shipping to reflect your cashback on your CashKaro dashboard.

In Ajio, the cashback will instantly be credited after the purchase.

Generally within 4-72 hours after your shopping, your cashback amount would reflect in your CashKaro account dashboard.

If it’s not credited after 72 hours then you will have to contact their customer care regarding missing cashback.

How to Withdraw Money Cashback From Cashkaro

how to withdraw money from cashkaro

It’s very simple to withdraw money from Cashkaro. Whenever your cashback reward reaches 250 INR you can request payment.

CashKaro pays the rewards in two forms.

  • Amazon gift card
  • NEFT to any Indian Bank (no charges)

To withdraw the money you have to log in to your CashKaro account. Then open my account section located on the top right corner of the navigation bar.

There, click on ‘My Earnings’ and fill in your bank account details.

That’s it.

The video below will help you to understand the withdrawal process.

Now sit back and your payment will be credited to your back within 5-6 business days. CashKaro processes the payment requests thrice a week.

People Behind CashKaro Cashback App

cashkaro founders

CashKaro is founded by Swati & Rohan Bhargava in April 2013. Since then it became India’s largest cashback and coupons website.

Ratan Tata recently funded and provided back support to CashKaro after observing its future growth prospects. The other venture capital ‘Kalaari capital’ funded CashKaro in the past when it was a startup.

SO, it’s definitely a legitimate and trustworthy coupons website.

The Second Way of Making Money From CashKaro: CashKaro Referral Program

cashkaro referral program

Along with the cashback program, CashKaro has a referral program which would become a real goldmine if you have a YouTube channel or a blog with a good follower base.

In their referral program or you can say affiliate program, they give 10% of their Cashback/ rewards amount as referral earnings.

You can also refer to your friends and family members to earn the 10% reward whenever they shop through CashKaro.

SO, how do you refer your friends to CashKaro?

Again it’s very simple.

  • Just click on ‘My Account’ tab
  • GO to ‘Refer an Earn’
  • Copy the referral URL/Link and share that URL with your friend, family, followers or simply on your social media channels.

That’s how you can earn whenever your referred people purchase something through CashKaro.

Note: CashKaro referral commission is applicable for a lifetime so you will create a passive income source by simply referring CashKaro to others.


What if you shop using CashKaro but do not receive cashback?

Whenever you make a purchase, you will receive an email from the CashKaro team regarding your cashback. If you received that email but the reward is not reflecting on your account then you can reach out to them by replying to that mail.

If you do not receive an email from them within 72 hours and your cashback is also not reflecting on your account then you have to approach them through the ‘Missing Cashback’ option located in the “My Account” section.

There, you can raise a ticket regarding the cashback.

I got my cashback but there are no withdrawal options available?

If there is no withdrawal option showing in the ‘Payments’ section then you have to call them right from the dashboard and ask them to avail the payment option on your dashboard.

What if you cancel a product purchased through CashKaro?

CashKaro rewards reflect on your dashboard after 72 hours of your purchase. If you cancel the product then the rewards will not show on your dashboard. Or if it shows accidentally then they take it back in a few days.

Is CashKaro legitimate and trustworthy?

Well, above I have shown you that Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Tata Group has invested and backed up this platform so you can easily imagine how trustworthy this platform is.

Bottom Line: CashKaro Review

Online purchasing is common nowadays. We all do online purchases. So if a platform is offering cash back for online purchasing absolutely free of cost then why not take this opportunity.

As you know, inflation is at the highest in the last 30 years. So, saving some money through cashback is not a bad idea to beat inflation somewhere.

On top of that, you will get cashback from Amazon, which is rarely partnered with any other platform in India.

Most of us use Amazon on top priority. There, you can shop on Amazon through CashKaro and get real cash back that you can withdraw directly to your bank account.

Remember, there are not many coupon websites that pay you directly to the bank account. Instead, they give the cashback in the form of Amazon gift cards or reward points which you can redeem on your next purchase.

So annoying, right?

BUT, CashKaro gives the real cashback which you can redeem directly in your bank account which is amazing. You can use this cash for anything else. In CashKaro, you are not bound to purchase another product to get the benefit of cashback.

That’s why I strongly recommend joining CashKaro and getting cash back on every purchase.

If you are facing any problem with CashKaro or want some more insights about this coupon platform then write in the comment. I will try to sort out your all queries.

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