Best Web Hosting Services For Small Business in India 2021

In this guide, we will learn how you can choose the best web hosting services for small businesses in India.

As we know, web hosting is the backbone of any website. Whether it’s a blog, eCommerce or online services website, if you don’t choose a reliable web hosting then it will ruin your business.

SO, choosing a reliable web hosting service is a must for you.

In this guide we will learn what features you should see in a web hosting service for your small business website? I’ll also introduce you with the top 7 web hosting companies in India that you can choose for your business website.

Well, without wasting anymore time, let’s jump into the guide.

First off…

Why should you need a fast and secure web host?

web hosting

Probably, you’ve heard that a fast and secure web hosting is needed to grow your website. 

Importance of Page Load Speed

It’s very true that if your web host is not fast enough to serve your website then Google will not rank your web pages.

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Google loves sites with good user experience. Remember, if your website visitors are happy to come into your website, Google automatically will love your web pages and rank them fast.

Website page loading speed plays a crucial role in improving user experience. 

You can think of it like this-If you visit a website it loads very slowly, do you press the back button and try another website listed in the Google search?

Like you, any other person needs fast loading sites to save their time.

That’s it… 

A good web host will dramatically improve your page loading speed and ultimately your SEO score in Google. So, choosing a fast web host is important for us.

Website Security

Website security is another important thing you should keep in mind when choosing your web host.

Today, millions of brute force attacks are attempted on websites worldwide. Attackers aim vulnerable websites that use cheap web hosting services. 

Cheap web hosting services don’t have firewalls and other security features in the backend hence direct target of attackers. 

SO, if you don’t want your website to be compromised by the attackers, you must choose web hosts who provide good security features.

What is the importance of Server location?

self service web hosting

Server location also plays an important role behind the success of your website. Might be you know that the internet is operated through the vast network of optical fiber, even laid between the oceans.

Now let us consider two scenarios,

1st Scenario – US based server serving Indian website visitors

In this scenario, the website is hosted on an US based server. When someone puts a search query about the website in his web browser from India, The data travels through the optical fibers laid between the oceans then comes into the local ISP server then served to the browser.

2nd Scenario – India based server serving  Indian website visitors

Now assume the server is located in India and the user puts the same search query in his web browser from India.

Now what happens, the time taken to travel the data between the oceans in the 1st scenario is reduced.

SO, an Indian website, serving Indian visitors is from India based server is faster than a a US based server serving Indian visitors.

This improves the SEO score of the website and ultimately improves user experience as well as rankings.

Essential web hosting features for small business website

web hosting for businesses

In this section we’ll see the essential features your web hosting service should provide you. Unless they don’t provide these things you should never buy their services.

  • Fast web server – As you have seen above, website speed directly affects the SEO score of a website. So, never compromise with loading speed against the cheap price. Always buy high speed web hosting services.
  • Security – In today’s world where hackers are always looking for vulnerable websites to hack, website security is one of the most important things. You should always choose a web host providing firewall and IP blocking features so that your web property would be secured.
  • Server location – You should always choose the server location of the country you are targeting for your business. The server should be situated in that country. This improves the website speed dramatically.
  • Automatic Software Installation – Your web host should provide Softaculous for one click web script installation. If you are planning to run your website on WordPress then I recommend choosing a WordPress hosting service. This makes the process much easier.
  • High CPU resources – Websites hosted PHP scripts like WordPress need high CPU resources so you should choose a web host that provides the same more than other cheap hosting companies.
  • Unlimited data transfer – Always choose a host with unlimited data transfer feature. Limited data transfer can also limit your website uptime. When the data transfer exceeds the limit your website will be down.
  • Don’t trap into unlimited web space – PHP based CMS need more space then HTML websites. Dynamic websites also increase their size when updated regularly. So, always choose at least a 20GB web hosting plan. Cheap web hosting plans offer 1-2 GB plans which is not sufficient for PHP CMS like WordPress. So always go for higher web space hosting services.

These are the commer features you should see in a web hosting service before buying it.

Now let me show you the list of best web hosting plans for indian small business websites.

Best Web hosting services for small businesses in India

First off…

1. Bluehost

bluehost 67% Discount Coupon

Page Load Speed – 0.64 Seconds

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting providers in the world and my favorite one as well. I have my two websites running on Bluehost and very satisfied with this. Bluehost is a combination of speed, good support and security.

Hence it’s in the 1st position in my list.

Bluehost Pricing

It has several web hosting plans for all types of websites, so you can easily choose and go with one that suits your needs.

The most popular Bluehost plan is it’s shared WordPress hosting plan that starts with as low as ₹199.00/month.

This hosting plan is best for those who want to start a small website or a blog, but if you want to start an eCommerce website then I would recommend you to go with Bluehost eCommerce plan which starts from ₹459.00/month.

Here are Bluehost WordPress plans.

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost provides a wide range of hosting plans for all types of websites whether it’s a small blog or a full featured eCommerce website.

Bluehost Features

Bluehost servers are equipped with the latest SSD storage and other technologies that improve your website speed.

I’m currently hosting my 2 websites on Bluehost and they have been performing well for the last 2 years after I’ve changed my host to Bluehost.

As Bluehost provides Indian servers, I would strongly recommend you to start your website with Bluehost.

Let us see it’s features

  • Recommended by WordPress – Bluehost is recommended by WordPress so it works best with WordPress based websites.
  • Easy to Use Dashboard –  The dashboard is easy to use and ideal for non-technical guys. So, if you don’t know how to use cPanel then just buy Bluehost WordPress hosting and you will get a wizard based easy to use dashboard where you can install WordPress in one click.
  • Unlimited storage and data transfer – All plans in Bluehost provide unlimited storage and data transfer so you don’t have to worry about downtime due to bandwidth exceeds.
  • Free domain and SSL –  All Bluehost plans provide free SSL and domain.
  • ECommerce features – When you choose Bluehost eCommerce plan you will get dedicated eCommerce features for your online store.
  • Free CDN – You will get free CDN in Bluehost plans that makes the network more secure and fast.
  • High security – Firewall, and other security features that Bluehost provides, saves you from DdoS attacks.
  • Best customer support – Bluehost provides one of the best customer support in the web hosting world. They provide 24/7 support over phone, chat and tickets.

Uptime and Speed 

Bluehost claims 99.99% uptime and I have already checked it with my 2 websites. The Bluehost servers never came down.

The average page load speed in Bluehost is 0.64 Seconds which is a good speed score in Google speeds insights. That means if you host your website on Bluehost, your website visitors experience fast page load speed and ultimately your SEO score improves.

2. Kinsta

kinsta webhostng provider

Page Load Speed – 0.42 Seconds

Kinsta is a costly but high speed web hosting provider. It provides managed WordPress hosting plans for all types of websites.

If you want a lightspeed server then I would recommend you to go with Kinsta.

Kinsta Pricing

The plans start from as low as $30/Month.

However, when you go with Kinsta, you have to pay a higher cost as compared to all hosting companies listed in this article.

BUT, there are several different benefits of having a premium hosting service over a normal hosting service

Here are the features Kinsta provides to their customers.

Kinsta Features

  • Speed obsessive architecture – Kinsta’s high obsessive architecture supports all the popular programming languages including Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs
  • High security network – The high security network of Kinsta saves your website from potential DDoS attacks. Kinsta provides continuous monitoring for uptime, DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls.
  • Next generation infrastructure – Kinsta is built in next generation infrastructure to ensure you get all the benefits without failing.
  • Google Cloud Platform – Kinsta servers are powered by Google Cloud Platform and its 24 global data centers. Everything in the system is interconnected over its premium tier network which is designed to maximize the speed, resulting in a fast and secure website.
  • Free site migrations – Kinsta customer support provides free site migration for those who are currently running their website on another web host. So if you are a non-teh guy then Kinsta team will migrate your website on behalf of you.
  • Uptime checks – Kinsta server checks the status of your websites every 2 minutes. 
  • Auto Backup – You also get an auto backup feature which is a very important thing in today’s world when hackers are always trying to weaken the internet security.
  • Great support – Kinsta has a great support team who provide customer support over phone, chat and tickets 24/7.

Uptime and Speed

As you have seen above, Kinsta checks your uptime every 2 minutes and whenever your website becomes offline the support teams notify you immediately and resolve the issue.

Kinsta is powered by Google cloud servers so you get lightning fast speed all over the world. I have given above the average page loading time ie; 0.42 Seconds, which is quite better then most of the cheap web hosting services.

3. A2Hosting

a2hosting indian web hosting service

Page Load Speed – 0.34 Seconds

A2Hosting is one of the fastest shared web hosting services in the world. If we compared all web hosting services according to price then A2Hosting is a medium range web hosting service.

A2Hosting Pricing

The basic web hosting plan of A2Hosting starts with ₹218.00/month, but you will not get that fast server in this price range.

You have to pay at least ₹729.00/month to get into their turbo boost plan that gives the blazing fast Page Load Speed upto 0.34 Seconds.

I have hosted 2 of my websites on their turbo servers and got really a fast user experience.

BUT, I needed more resources for my websites so I migrated to Kinsta last year.

But, for a basic website or small eCommerce website, A2Hosting is a good choice.

Here are the A2Hosting plans,

Kinsta Pricing

A2Hosting Features

  • A2Hosting provides 40% Faster CPU Performance
  • 2X Faster To First Byte. That means your visitors see the 1st byte of your website faster than other hosting services.
  • A2Hosting servers can Handle 9X More Traffic
  • 3X Faster Read/Write Speeds
  • A2Hosting provides free site migration with any hosting plan
  • A2Hosting comes with a hardware firewall with enhanced security features

Uptime and Speed

A2Hosting is known for its fast response servers that will ensure more speed than other hosting services. They guaranty 99.9% uptime as well.

So, A2Hosting will never be disappoint you. And I’m telling you this from my own experience.

4. Namecheap

Namecheap indian server

Page Load Speed – 0.45 Seconds

Namecheap is a well known domain registrar in the world.

However, they also provide reliable web hosting services. As you have seen above, the page load speed of Namecheap is better than many other web hosting services. 

They have average quality servers installed in the USA and UK.

However, their USA server does ot provide much speed.

The customer support is also not so good. 

But if you want cheap web hosting service within good hosts then Namecheap is best for you.

Namecheap Pricing

You will get the basic web hosting plan with as low as ₹115.00/month.

Here are the plans Namecheap offers in their shared hosting service.

However, the cheapest plan is ₹115.00/month plan but I would recommend you to go with ₹196.00/month plan because the first one does not have unlimited data storage which I have discussed above in this article.

If you go with the first plan and your data storage exceeds 20GB then you would be in trouble.

Namecheap provides unlimited data transfer in their all plans, free SSL, auto backup and other security features so that your website becomes secure from brute force attacks.

Overall, Namecheap is a medium range hosting service for small businesses and blogs. If you run a small business then you can host your business portfolio website in Namecheap.

But don’t go with it if your website needs heavy resources and data transfer.

Namecheap Features

  • All hosting plans provide unmetered bandwidth
  • Free website builder provided for newbies
  • A domain name and privacy protection is given in each plan
  • Free automatic SSL installation 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Uptime and Speed

With a Page Load Speed of 0.45 Seconds, it comes under the top 10 fastest web hosting services in the world. So, you can opt for their plans if you have a small blog, portfolio website. They also claim 99.9% uptime but I have faced downtime while using their services.

Generally, eCommerce websites and popular blogs have huge traffic so if you run these type of websites, I would recommend you to go with Bluehost or Kinsta.

5. Hostgator

hostgator india hosting

Page Load Speed – 0.84 Seconds

Hostgator is one of the oldest hosting companies that indian webmasters use to host their websites.

They provide cloud based hosting solutions yet under your budget. Whether you have a big website or a small one, Hostgator plans suit all your needs.

Hostgator is known for reliability, speed, and excellent support that makes this hosting company out of the crowd.

HostGator Pricing

Hostgator provides cheap web hosting plans for all types of application. The price starts from just $2.75/Month.

However, for better speed you have to opt for higher pricing plans.

hostgator pricing plans

HostGator Features

  • They provide India based server. So the speed is 2x than US servers if you purchase a space in an Indian server.
  • Shared hosting plan starts from just $2.75/Month
  • Hostgator also provides managed WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.
  • Great telephonic and online support
  • Free site migration
  • Free domain and SSL
  • Hardware Firewall

Uptime and Speed

They claim 99.9% uptime and my friends also said it’s uptime is good.

But the page load time in HostGator, ie; 0.85 is slightly slower than other web hosting plans. It will disappoint you if you run a heavy website on their server. However, for Indian-based websites, you can choose HostGator Indian server that dramatically improves the page load time.

6. Hosting Raja

hosting raja indian web hosting

Page Load Speed – 4-5 Seconds

Another India based hosting service that I recommend is Hosting Raja. This is a only Indian company that I like in all India based web hosting companies.

It provides world class services so you can’t neglect if you want to run your website for Indians.

Hosting Raja is a combination of speed, low pricing and security that every Indian would like.

Hosting Raja Pricing

Shared hosting plans start in Hosting Raja with just ₹85.00/month. That a great price for any newbie. The WordPress managed hosting pan starts from ₹149.00/month which is really cheaper then any other good web hosting company.

Here is the shared hosting plan breakout of Hosting Raja.

Hosting raja plans

Hosting Raja Features

Hosting Raja provides all the features a ideal web hosting company should have. Here are the main features of this great web hosting company.

  • The India-based server provides up to 2x more speed than the US, UK-based servers.
  • The shared hosting plan starts from just₹85.00/month
  • Managed WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, they have all you need to run your website
  • Great telephonic and online support
  • Free site migration
  • Free domain and SSL
  • Hardware Firewall

Uptime and Speed

This company claims 4-5 seconds whole page load time as well as 99.9% uptime. And believe me, they really serve with this speed. You will not be disappointed with their services.

7. Hostinger

hostinger india plans and pricing

Page Load Speed – 0.34 Seconds

Last but not the least, Hostinger should be here in this list becasue of thier great service and support.

If you are running a small business website then Hostinger is one of the best hosting choise for you.

Let us see the pricing of Hostinger.

Hostinger Pricing

hostinger pricing

As you can see in the above pricing image, Hostinger plans start from ₹59.00/month.

the base plan allows you to host a single website but if you go with upper plans then you can host up to 100 websites.

Hostinger Features

  • You can host up to 100 websites in their shared hosting plans
  • SSD storage provides more speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth in all higher plans, but in the base plan the bandwidth is limited to 100GB
  • Free domain and SSL
  • Website builder
  • Great support over the phone and online

Uptime and Speed

Hostinger claims 99.9% uptime but my friends experienced some downtime when they had been hosting their website on their server.

Hostinger page load time is far better than many hosting companies ie; 0.34 seconds. So if you go with this company, you will get the benefit of SEO due to better speed.

Final Decision: Which web hosting service are you choosing?

Above, I have discussed the 7 best web hosting companies for small businesses in India. Now it’s your time to choose one of them and let me know in the comments.

My recommendation is Bluehost and Kinsta as they are tested by me and provided great service and support in the past.

Bluehost is great for small sites like Blogs and portfolio websites where Kinsta is great for eCommerce websites. So if you are planning to start an eCommerce website then I would suggest you go with Kinsta otherwise Bluehost.

Let me know in the comments which one you are choosing for your website and do share this article with other on social media so that they also gt help in choosing a reliable web hosting for their website.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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