9 Best Businesses to Start After Lockdown in India [Minimum Investment]

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 had become a threat to humanity. There is not just the loss of millions of human lives during the whole of 2020 but also the loss of countless jobs and businesses. 

All the big countries declared lockdown and that’s why we have seen a huge downfall in the world economy. 

However, it’s recovered very fast and now we are in the recovery phase of this pandemic.

Still, the effect of COVID-19 is visible in the economy. Three are millions of job seekers now searching for new jobs.

So, it’s quite clear that there will be a crisis of jobs in the near future.

Well, don’t worry.

There are several other small businesses that exist that grow fast, need minimal investment, and top of that more secure than jobs. Even pandemics like COVID-19 do not affect a lot of these businesses.

9 Businesses to Start After Lockdown in India

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Before jumping into the list, let me tell you my original story that I experienced in the COVID pandemic.

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Before this pandemic, I was working in an MNC. I also do blogging for side income. When COVID came, and the Government of India announced lockdown, my company asked me to resign as they were running a shortage of funds and couldn’t pay their employees.

At that time there would be a famish situation for me if I didn’t have my blogging business as my second income.

I survived for the last 7 months only by my blogging earnings.

That’s the power of aside business that anyone can start by doing their main job. 

Well, let us see those 9 businesses to start after lockdown in India.

1. Become YouTube Creator

Become Youtube creator

The first business option which is very popular among youngsters is making YouTube Videos. By becoming a Youtube creator you can tap into one of the largest semi-passive businesses on the internet.

After the evolution of the JIO 5G network, every Indian usually spends 1-2 hours daily watching online videos. And most of the users love to see YouTube videos as it’s free to watch.

YouTube is the largest platform for those who are talented and want to show their talent to audiences around the world.

BUT, if you don’t have talent like singing, painting, etc, still you can earn a decent income by creating YouTube videos.

There is proof that people are earning a lot of money by just creating compilation videos. Whatever skill you have, you can create Youtube videos on that and open the door to a great online business for you.

And it’s not as hard as you think. You can create awesome YouTube videos with just a mobile phone with a good camera and a laptop.

However, you need some basic video editing skills to edit your videos on your laptop. 

Once you will be familiar with making and publishing Youtube videos the production process would be very easy for you. 

If we talk about the earning sources through YouTube videos, there are several, of which YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored ads are the most popular ones. Some people sell their digital products such as online courses, ebooks, cheat sheets, etc to their audience on YouTube to earn some more bucks.

YouTube is not just an online business source but a platform that can let you be famous like a superstar if you do the thing in the right way.

In India, Technical Guruji, Sandeep Maheshwari, Dr. Vivek Bindra, Kavita (Kavita’s kitchen), and 100’s of other names who became famous via YouTube. Today their earnings are in crore as well as people recognize them wherever they go.

And, top of that, in a situation like lockdown YouTube consumers start spending much more time than before. This means, when someone starts YouTube during or post lockdown period, chances are their channel drags more followers than average.

Do you want to create your own Youtube channel?

Click here

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing agency business

Digital marketing or internet marketing is now a need for any type of business. Digital marketers are making millions by serving those businesses who want to extend their presence through the internet. 

So, if you have digital marketing skills then you can earn a decent income from this by providing digital marketing service to online and offline businesses.

As we all know, in the last few years the internet is one of the basic needs for us. Whether you order food or buy a t-shirt, all those things need the internet. 

In fact, during lockdown digital marketing is one of the most demanding jobs on the internet.

Services you can provide under digital marketing

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • WordPress website setup
  • Local SEO
  • Content writing
  • Commercial video making
  • Advert design
  • Website design and setup

If you have any of those skills, you can earn a good income on a project basis.

Here are our few articles that help you to learn digital marketing.

Where to find digital marketing clients

There are many ways to find digital marketing clients. You can approach local shopkeepers and businesses like real estate developers, lawyers, doctors etc to do local SEO and website designing for them. If they have an advertising budget then you can offer them to do Google and Facebook ads for them as well.

Also, you can find clients online by becoming a member of some freelance websites. If you want to search for online digital marketing clients then there are many freelance websites but I would suggest two of them.

If you are good at digital marketing then you can become successful in this business in no time and earn a good income with this.

To know more about digital marketing you can refer to Smart Income Sutra Blogs

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing business idea

The third online business you can start is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is actually a part of digital marketing and is very lucrative.

SO, what is affiliate marketing?

When you help others to sell their products and services online on behalf of a commission then it’s called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a vast field so covering the whole subject in this article is not possible.

BUT, the below points will cover some highlights of affiliate marketing here.

  • Affiliate marketing is the art of selling other manufacturer’s products and services online through web-links. When someone buys that product or service through your affiliate link (referral link), you will get some commission.
  • If you are thinking of it as a side income then you are in the dark. Internet marketers are making millions through affiliate marketing. And you too do it.
  • There are several ways to do affiliate marketing. Some of the popular ways are email-based affiliate marketing, Facebook and Google ads affiliate marketing, CPA affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing through blogs and Youtube channels.
  • You can choose any of the above ways to do affiliate marketing. But, the one thing is similar to all of them ie; You must know how to sell.

During the lockdown, when everybody was at home, affiliate marketing was the most popular business for internet freakies.

Even I made thousands of dollars during lockdown just with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing became an emerging business for individuals in India after the lockdown. So, starting an affiliate marketing business in India as per today’s scenario is perfect.

I have written a good article on Amazon affiliate marketing. You can read that article to understand how the world of affiliate marketing works.

4. Online Tuition Classes

Online tutor and coaching business

My niece is a teacher. During lockdown she had enough time to start her dream ie; online coaching and tuition classes.

Shehad been thinking of starting a Youtube channel for the last two years. Finally, lockdown gave her the opportunity to chase her dream job.

Now, she has a Youtube channel with more than 10k subscribers.

There are multiple ways to start online tuition classes. 

You can  start a Youtube channel, or host webinars as well as create your online courses and sell online through platforms like Udemy and Coursera. 

Whatever option you choose, the mantra to success is only two…

Dedication and consistency.

If we talk about the earnings then it’s one of the most lucrative online businesses for individuals.

There are multiple ways to earn from online tuition and coaching.

  • Sell your own courses
  • Youtube ad revenue
  • Promote others products and services through affiliate marketing
  • Offer one to one class for more fee

SO, if you are a teacher or professional, you can easily start online tuition and coaching to guide others and make money online.

Platforms like Youtube, coursera etc can help you establish yourself as an online tutor.

5. Selling Crafts and Paintings

Selling crafts online

Online shopping is the future of the market. According to Oberlo, in 2020 about 1.8 billion people purchased goods online via several online platforms. 

Another survey says that 63% shopping begins online. That means, people first go online to check product prices before heading to the local shop.

If we talk about crafts and paintings business, market research shows that this industry is growing average 10.3% yearly.

So, the scope of selling crafts and paintings online and offline is really a good business idea after lockdown.

So, how can you start this business?

For offline, you need a local shop where you can sell your products. It needs a good amount of cap[ital. So, I would suggest you to start with an online shop and then after establishing your online business, you can also set up a brick and mortar shop.

Now you will ask me where you would get the products.

It’s simple, You just have to research your local art and crafts. Like in Bihar, Madhubani art is famous. Similarly you can research about your local art and crafts.

After researching you will have to find local manufacturers and buy products at a cheap price.

Then you have to set up your online shop on WordPress or Shopify and list the products.

You also need to SEO and paid advertisements to reach potential buyers.

Believe me, this is the best way to start your online business after lockdown. You can also register with Amazon or etsy to sell your products on their platform.

6. Website Development

Web development business

Another great business option after lockdown is web development.

If you have coding skills then it might be one of the best online businesses for you.

To start and run a successful web development agency you need the following coding and marketing skills.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • One to one marketing
  • Google and Facebook ads

If you don’t have these skills, you can learn them online. There are several resources on the internet where you can learn web development for free. One of the best resources is w3schools.

You can also search for other resources on Google.

As a web development agency business is a one to one B2B business model, the earnings depend upon how many clients you have and how much fee you charge them for your services. 

BUT, this business has a good earning potential, so if you can become successful, you can earn at least $2000/M.

Even only one client can pay you the above fee if you impress them.

This WordPress guide help you to create websites on WordPress.

7. Selling Health care Products

Selling healthcare products

Health care is an evergreen business niche. 

Today most of the people are suffering health related problems. SO, dealing in health care products is a good initiative for you. 

Especially, in this COVID 19 situation people are more cautious about their health. The huge demand of healthcare products makes health care products business a good to go approach.

If you are a health expert such as a doctor, nutritionist or related to health services, Selling healthcare products online and offline is a gold mine for you.

BUT, what if you don’t have the expertise in health?

I don’t recommend you to jump into this business unless you are not an expert. Because, there are strict laws, without a certificate you do a health care products business.

8. Cab service

Cab service business

Do you have any car?

If yes then you can start your own local cab service. Even if you do not have any cabs, you can start this business. You can become a mediator between the cab owner and customer and get a commision.

However, cab rental is severely affected by COVID 19 pandemic, even though it’s good to start business after lockdown. 

The fact is, the rentals are doubled during lockdown and even after the lockdown is not reduced to the previous level.

SO, if you can rent out your or others car then you can earn a good side income.

Now, what do you need to start a car rental business?

  •  A small office space
  • Capital for local SEO and ad services
  • A website or landing page
  • A car (optional)

Now you can to design your website or landing page and run ads on Google local ads and Facebook ads to get your customers.

That’s it.

For  more information regarding the website development without coding you can read our WordPress and hosting guides.

9. Food Delivery Service

Food delivery service

Food delivery service is not just lucrative during lockdown but also post lockdown.

If you have lodges, officees, hostels or PG in your area then you are sitting on a gold mine. 

There is a huge demand for food delivery in these areas.

I live in a small town in India but it’s a famous education hub so the food delivery business in my town is a good income source for individuals.

What resources do you need to start food delivery business?

  • A space where you prepare foods
  • Cooking skills (not required if you can hire cook)
  • Helper
  • Food service man
  • Cookware
  • Gas and stove
  • A small advertisement budget

The beauty of this business is you can start it with small capital and scale at any level.

Remember: First take a survey in your area before starting food delivery business otherwise your business would not be successful due to low demand.

Conclusion: 9 Businesses to Start After Lockdown in India

Indian economy is now returning back to it’s previous situation after the huge losses due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies will start hiring after the 2021 budget. 

Even, millions of people are jobless and there is no way for them to survive.

BUT, in this situation, some smart people are starting businesses and becoming successful. 

The above mentioned business ideas are opportunities that add you to the group of those smart people.

SO, if you want to start your own business then it’s the best time to take your first step.

LEt me know, which one you have chosen in this list. The comment box is waiting for your reply.

Also, share this article on your social circle to help people start their business with minimum investment.

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