BaapStore Review 2023 and 5% Discount

This is an unbiased Baapstore review that can help you evaluate this dropshipping service provider with other alternatives. If you are confused, whether you should opt for Baapstore services or not, then this review will clear all your confusion and doubts.

Baapstore is one of India’s biggest dropshipping suppliers, automation tools, and white page eCommerce website service.

If you are an Indian and want to start a dropshipping business, this company makes it easy. However, several other dropshipping suppliers are available in India; no one can beat Baapstore in features, functionalities, and inventory.

But, is it worth buying its services? In the end, everyone wants results. So, does it give you better results than other Baapstore alternatives?

Well, today, I will review Baapstore for you. After reading this review, you can easily decide whether you should opt for their services or not.

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Well, first off…The introduction.

What is Baapstore

what is baapstore

Baapstore is a combined wholesale supply service for dropshipping, automatic inventory management, processing and shipping of products, white-label E-commerce website & hosting, Marketing of products, and many more.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.


We can say it is a COMPLETE DROPSHIPPING PACKAGE for a dropshipper who wants to start a dropshipping business in India.

Baapstore provides paid services to their client but compared to the profit you get from their dropshipper; the cost is nominal. Pricing I will cover in the below sections.

Baapstore has 50000+ products in their inventory that you can sell anywhere from your white page website that Baapstore provides, or on social media channels directly.

With Baapstore, the only thing you have to do is, marketing your products. Baapstore’s automated drop shipping service will do the rest.

Now, you know what Baapstore is, it’s time to see its features and benefits.

Features of BaapStore

Features of BaapStore

No Coding required – Baapstore provides 6 themes, so you don’t need to code even a line. Just apply the theme on the website, and it’s done.

White label website and hosting – Baapstore provides industry-standard website and fast web hosting to their clients. Fast web hosting decreases the bounce rate on the website and increases the conversion.

Add your Products and categories – You can customize your product name, categories, and descriptions.

Inventory management – Baapstore features a fully automatic inventory management system.

Integrated marketing tool -It also provides you an integrated marketing tool that will help you promote your products on social media, Google ads, and other platforms.

Bulk Import/Export Products – You can bulk import and export the products in inventory. So don’t worry about adding products one by one.

Unlimited Report Generations – Apart from other dropshipping tools, you can generate the reports unlimited times.

Generate Coupon Code – Discount coupon codes play a significant role in conversion. Well, with Baapstore, you will get the feature to create discount coupon codes for your products.

Affiliate Marketing feature – Another great feature of Baapstore is adding affiliate marketing with your eCommerce website. That means you can ask people to refer your products and give them a commission on each sale.

E-mail Marketing Tool – Email marketing is an old yet very effective marketing technique. Baapstore has a dedicated email marketing tool that allows you to capture your customer’s emails and follow up on them regularly.

Gift Voucher tool – Another great tool by Baapstore is the gift voucher creation tool. You can create gift vouchers for your customers and increase your sales.

Referral Code Generator tool – If you want your customers to refer your products on behalf of the commission, you can use this tool to generate unique referral codes.

Newsletter Subscription tool – Newsletter subscription tool allows your customers to opt for the newsletter in which you can provide the latest news and activities on your store.

Product comparison – Product comparison is a beneficial tool that allows the visitors to compare the products side by side and choose the better one. In Baapstore inventory, you will get this tool for free.

Same-day shipment – With Baapstore, you can provide your customers same-day delivery which is market demand these days.

50000+ products – Baapstore has a huge product catalog with 50000+ products in their inventory. So, you will get a wide variety of products in Baapstore.

Benefits of Baapstore

Baapstore benefits

Above e have seen the key features of Baapstore. Now let us see the benefits of tie-up with Baapstore as a dropshipper.

Big Market Size – As India is an emerging country with 1390 million in 2021, and most of them are between the 18-45 age group, the purchasing power of this country is increasing every day. So, it is one of the biggest markets in the world.

According to the dropshipping market size in Asia was USD 38.5 billion in 2017, which will rise above USD 200 billion by 2026.

You can wonder by seeing the graph below.

asia dropshipping market
Image source: Grand View Research

High Profit (Up to 80%) – Most of the products listed in Baapstore make you a minimum of 50% profit which goes up to 80% for some of them. So, you will book a high-profit margin by selling Baapstore goods online.

Indian Collections – Baapstore has a wide range of Indian collections, rare in any other dropshipping service provider. You will get an Indian clothing range, kitchen essentials, and even décor items focused on Indian culture.

That’s why it’s one of the best dropshipping service providers for Indian dropshippers.

No Experience and coding skills Required – Baapstore provides a readymade theme-based dashboard and frontend for your white page website. You don’t need to code a single line to customize your website. The drag and drop feature makes it very easy to customize your store.

Low Investment – Baapstore has affordable pricing plans. SO you don’t need to invest much money to start a dropshipping business with them.

However, you need marketing capital to do effective digital marketing for your products.

No eCommerce website Required – Baapstore provides free white page websites, so you don’t need to design a separate eCommerce website.

50,000+ Products – The big inventory of 50000+ products allows you to choose winning products for your customers.

Free Delivery Across India – Baapstore also provides a free delivery feature across PAN India to their dropshipping partners. So you can promote your products with a free delivery option.

International Shipping – If you want to expand your business abroad, then Baapstore’s international shipping will help you deliver your product to your international clients. However, international shipping is not so fast compared to their Pan India shipping. International shipping rates are also high.

Sell on Various Platforms – You can sell on various platforms including, Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart, and Opencart.

Baapstore provides the billing on your name, so Amazon and Flipkart don’t ban you for dropshipping. On Amazon’s official website, they clearly said these policies Baapstore complies with.

Baapstore Pricing

Baapstore Pricing

Now you are aware of the features and benefits of Baapstore; it’s time to show you the pricing to become their dropshipping partner.

They have 3 pricing plans for each type of customer. Let me explain all of them to you.

Bronze Package

Baapstore bronze package

This is the basic package for those who have their own dropshipping website. The first-time fee for this package is Rs.17,495. You have to pay Rs.8,000 per annum additionally. 18% GST will be applicable above the plan.

In this package, you will get,

  • Full Products Access
  • All Categories Access
  • Wholesale Costing Access
  • Free Shipping credit Worth Rs.5,000
  • Courier facility via Delhivery, FedEx, Ecom Express, Aramex, Speed Post
  • Returns & Replacements Management
  • Pan India shipping including 27000+ Pincodes
  • Worth Rs.15,000 Marketing Tools
  • Whitelabel Branding
  • Ticket based Support

You don’t get any white label website solution in this package. So you have to create your own website or rely on third-party dropshipping website providers.

If you subscribe to this package now then you will get 2 months extra validity (This is a lockdown offer from the company). Also, if you use my exclusive coupon code “gautam27” then you will get additional 5% discount.

Gold Package

Baapstore gold package

This package is for those who don’t have an eCommerce website. In this package, you can create a fully automated Whitelabel dropshipping website with Baapstore. The first-time fee for this package is Rs.35,988. The additional charges are Rs.15,000 per annum. 18% GST will be applicable above the plan.

What you will get in this package,

Basic Features

  • Full Products Access
  • All Categories Access
  • Wholesale Costing Access
  • Free Shipping credit Worth Rs.7,500
  • Courier facility via Delhivery, FedEx, Ecom Express, Aramex, Speed Post
  • Returns & Replacements Management
  • Pan India shipping including 27000+ Pincodes
  • Worth Rs.15,000 Marketing Tools
  • Whitelabel Branding
  • Ticket based Support

Website Features

  • Auto Stock Updates
  • E-Commerce mobile responsive white page Website
  • Admin Access
  • 6+ themes
  • You can add your own products
  • Bulk Data Export
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Shipping integration
  • Order Notifications
  • 6GB RAM with 2.5GB SSD Hosting
  • Coupon Code Generator, eGift Voucher, Affiliate System

This package also has 2 months extra validity if you subscribe now(Lockdown offer from the company). If you use my exclusive coupon code “gautam27” then you will get additional 5% discount.

Diamond Package

Baapstore diamond package

Diamond package has all the features of the Baapstore dropshipping service. The first time fee you have to pay in the Diamond package is Rs.59,899. The best thing is you don’t need to pay yearly renewal charges in this package. It’s a one-time fee.

Diamond package has all the features of Bronze and Gold package and also some other features such as,

  • One Assistant for New Products Upload
  • Free top-level Domain
  • 8GB RAM with unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free SMS Integration etc.

I recommend this package to everyone because you don’t have to pay an extra fee on yearly basis. Remember, the LIFETIME VALIDITY OFFER is due to COVID and will expire soon. If you use my exclusive coupon code “gautam27” then you will get additional 5% discount.

How Baapstore Works

how baapstore works

When you subscribe to Baapstore, you will get an admin dashboard to manage all the things related to the service.

Without a website and with a website. Baapstore has two types of workflows. Let me describe both the workflows to you.

Baapstore website based service

When you subscribe to Baapstore Gold or Diamond plans, you will get a white page website with an admin dashboard to manage all the features.

Here are the steps of the workflow.

Step 1 – Set up your website by adding your domain name, assigning SSL, and choosing one of the themes provided by Baapstore.

Step 2 – Add the products on your website from the 50000+ products catalog.

Step 3 – Set your own MRP.

Step 4 – You can also list products on Amazon, Flipkart, FB, etc.

Step 5 – You can set Automatic order details, which update the order on the Baapstore dashboard on each sale. Or, if you are selling on third-party websites, you have to manually update your sales with your buyer details.

Step 6 – Baapstore ships the items to your end customers with your brand name.

Step 7 – Repeat the process.

Baapstore service without a website

the workflow of this service is the same, except you don’t own a white page website. That means you have to update the sales on your dashboard manually.

That’s how Baapstore works.

It’s effortless to do dropshipping with Baapstore. You only need to update the product catalog and update the orders daily. Rest, Baapstore will do for you.

Why Should You start Dropshipping Business with Baapstore?

why start dropshipping with baapstore

In India, there are not many companies that operate as a pure dropshipping website, except Baapstore. I will give you several names if you ask me about a US-based dropshipping website that provides a complete dropshipping solution from website creation to shipping.

BUT, in India, Only 2-3 websites can be considered a pure dropshipping website. Baapstore is the biggest one in these companies.

However, Indiamart and TradeIndia websites exist in India, but they are not pure dropshipping sites. They are just the directory of B2B companies from where you have to search for trustworthy companies who are providing the dropshipping facility. This is such a tough task.

So, Baapstore is the best solution for Indian dropshippers.

Also, it has a catalog of more than 50,000 products and fast SSD Webhosting.

Choosing Baapstore makes it easy to start dropshipping in India.

Why Trust Baapstore?

Baapstore is featured on Forbes, Business Standard, Your Story, and many other platforms. This is the sign of a trustworthy company.

More than 2000 dropshippers are also using Baapstore as their dropshipping partner; several are dropshipping on Amazon-like websites.

SO you can easily evaluate Baapstore’s trustworthiness.

However, It should be your decision if you would choose this dropshipping Platform or not.

My Verdict on Baapstore

My friend, who is a digital marketer, is using Baapstore and is satisfied with its service.

However, if you want to go with this dropshipping platform, choose the Diamond or Gold package. You will get several added benefits such as automatic product catalog update, website, custom domain, etc.

I plan to switch 25% of my traditional Amazon business into Baapstore because I don’t want to manage the inventory. It needs a warehouse and office to do other Amazon business and don’t give me freedom.

I am a by-heart blogger, so I want more freedom in my life which dropshipping can give me.

If you too want more freedom in life and an easy income source, then you should go with dropshipping and eventually in India with Baapstore.

Do let me know which plan you are choosing. It helps others in choosing the best dropshipping plan. Also, share this review on social media and let the people rate this review through a comment.

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