How to Start a Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Site [2023]

Amazon affiliate niche sites are quite popular nowadays among bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Many affiliate marketers and bloggers are making a huge amount of money by picking a niche and starting an Amazon affiliate website or blog around it.

And the best thing is once traffic starts coming to the website, it all goes passive.

That means the website becomes a passive income source for you.

Looks nice?

But, it needs a dedicated initial upfront work to start such a Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Site, that can generate a good semi-passive income within a short time frame.

This article is all about the art of starting and managing successful Amazon affiliate sites that would give you that semi-passive cash flow.

I have divided the whole process into 5 steps.

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Let’s dig into it…

5 Steps to Start Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

In my previous articles, I’ve already described how to start blogs and websites and promote them on different online platforms to generate the passive income you need in your life.

This article is a summary of all those articles you have to read before starting out.

So get ready for a long learning session.

First off…

Research Low Competition and High Volume Niche

research amazon affiliate niche

Niche is the most important word in any kind of business.

NICHE can make or break your business.

Picking a highly competitive niche can destroy your online business in no time.

Just think, if some good sellers are already selling those things why is someone willing to buy the same product from you?

On the other hand, if you pick a niche that isn’t too competitive but the demand is also low, it is again is not the right niche for you.

Entering the low-demand market is just like entering into a highly competitive market.

The result will be zero…

So, I always tell people, pick the right niche that can give you benefits.

The process is to discover a low competition-high demand niche.

Read my article How to Analyze a Niche: Become a Successful Entrepreneur to find out a suitable niche for your business.

Get Domain Name and Web hosting

domain name

After researching the right niche, the 2nd step is getting the domain name and web hosting space for your affiliate site.

This step is crucial because choosing the right web hosting provider is as important as a niche.

If you compromise your web hosting space to save some pennies, you would face the slow loading website problem and poor customer support.

So I always recommend a reliable web hosting provider.

Don’t go for cheap web hosting providers otherwise, you cannot rank on Google search as Google always prefer fast-loading websites in their SERP.

You can go for Bluehost Shared Hosting which is fairly cheap as well as reliable.

Also, read these articles for more information on hosting plans for businesses.

Design Your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

design affiliate site

After choosing your niche and purchasing the web hosting plan and domain name you need to design your website.

In this step, you have to develop your website with coding that I think you don’t know. So go for the 2nd and most used option WordPress.

WordPress is the CMS (Content management software) used to start and manage websites without the knowledge of coding.

You just need to learn the dashboard of WordPress to start stunning websites within a day.

You can go to the WP Beginner website for detailed tutorials on WordPress.

Write SEO Optimized Content for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

seo optimized website

Now the 4th step is to create the content on your website people love to engage with as well as it should be SEO optimized so that the search engines would also show their love to it.

SEO is a vast topic so if I dig into the detail, this article would go long enough for a full day reading.

However, here I’ve managed to provide some common parts of SEO that you should always use on your website.

  • Low competition and long tail Keyword research.
  • Use those keywords in H1, H2, H3 titles of the articles.
  • Use phrase match keywords or LSI keywords within the content.
  • Using Alt tags in images.
  • Try to write long-form content.
  • Join Google Search Console Tool and submit your website’s sitemap there.

These SEO guides might help you,

Promote Content on Social Media

social media promotion affiliate site

Now it’s time to initialize your website promotion on social media. SEO takes time to rank your pages on search engine result pages.

To attract your first customers you should use social media channels.

Here is a brief guide to promoting your content on social media channels which will help you initialize your social media campaigns.

Conclusion: Book Your Profit

affiliate website passive income

Now it’s time to book your profits.

  1. You’ve planted a seed
  2. Watered it for a while
  3. It grew and became a tree

Now it’s time to get fruits from this tree.

Niche websites are like seeds that grow slowly but once converted into a tree you will get recurring income on a regular basis.

However, Amazon niche websites don’t need much care after catching up with search engines, you should publish fresh content occasionally and improve your design with time to maintain the ranking position.

And now come to the second project that could be an Amazon affiliate niche site, general affiliate site, or an app.

You can maximize your earnings by starting a new project after the success of your previous project.

Let me know in the comment how this article helped you in creating your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site so that others could get the courage of making a truly passive business online.

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