Top 10 Fashion Affiliate Programs in India [2022]

In this article, I’m going to reveal the top 10 affiliate programs for fashion bloggers in India, that can give you a steady income source if you are a blogger.

When it comes to blogging, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of earning through your blog. People are making millions by doing affiliate marketing through their blogs and Youtube channels.

Especially, for fashion bloggers and YouTubers, affiliate marketing is the best way of earning.

But finding a trustworthy and high-paying affiliate program under your niche is really tough job.

SO, in this article, we will learn about the top 10 fashion affiliate programs for Indians. If you do affiliate marketing in the right way for these affiliate programs, you can make a good income.

But before jumping into the list,

First off…

Let me show you the tools that made me million dollar affiliate marketer.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.


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What is an Affiliate Program?

fashion affiliate marketing

If you are new to online business, you should know what is an affiliate program exactly?

An affiliate program is an incentive program run by companies that sell their products without spending a lot of money on advertising.

When you become an affiliate for a company, you will get affiliate links to promote their products and services online.

If someone buys that product or service through the affiliate link provided to you, the company will pay you some commission.

You just need affiliate links to promote products online. There is no need to create products or services. You just do marketing for their products and earn a commission when the product sells.

To promote third-party products and services, you need a channel where you share affiliate links. Generally, blogs and Youtube channels are the best way to share affiliate links.

YouTubers like technical guruji are making millions by just doing affiliate marketing. If you want to replicate their income then you must read the biography of Technical Guruji here.

Note: Most of the affiliate programs in India don’t restrict selling through social networks, forums, and other third-party websites.

How to choose an affiliate niche?

research amazon affiliate niche

Choosing an affiliate niche that converts is not as hard as you think. Actually, choosing a well-converting affiliate niche is a mixture of art and technology.

Below are certain things you should know that affect any niche.

  • Customer demand
  • Trend
  • Availability of high ticket products
  • Audience size
  • Competition

These are the most important things you should take into consideration when choosing a profitable niche.

If you are confused about how to choose a profitable affiliate niche then read my comprehensive guide on niche research that will definitely help you in that.

If you want to start an Amazon affiliate business then this guide will help you in that.

How to get an affiliate program approval quickly

The time to get an affiliate program approval depends upon the particular program policies.

Some affiliate programs have easy to manage program policies whereas some have hard policies. but there are some common things you have to manage for quick affiliate program approval.

  • Website/Blog – Most of the affiliate programs demand your own LEGITIMATE WEBSITE where you would share their affiliate links. They don’t approve your application if you don’t have your own website or blog. Even, if you have a Facebook page or Instagram account with millions of followers, they don’t approve of you without your own website.
  • Regular traffic to your website – Companies also check for regular traffic to your website. They approve your affiliate application if you have regular visitors to your website.
  • Business Email – Business email creates a positive and official impression on the companies. So, you should always send your application through your business email. Here is the process to get free business email from Zoho.
  • Bank account/Paypal and Payoneer accounts -To receive affiliate commissions you need third-party money remittance systems such as Paypal, Payoneer, etc. Paypal is the most popular payment tool across the internet and the best thing is, most of the affiliate networks support Paypal to send money to your bank account. You also need a bank account where you receive your payments.

All the above things are essential for getting approved in any affiliate program. However, some affiliate programs can ask you for more information like your ID, business details, etc.

Top 10 fashion Affiliate Programs in India

Now, you know how to choose your affiliate niche and how to get approved quickly, let’s explore the top 10 affiliate programs for fashion bloggers and YouTubers.

1. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the largest eCommerce website as well as the biggest affiliate program in the world. According to CNBC, 9 out of 10 shoppers price check on Amazon before shopping anything online.

The Verge says that Amazon delivered over 5 billion products in 2017 and 3.5 billion products in 2019. SO, you can easily imagine how big is Amazon’s customer database.

Obviously, it has the largest affiliate program.

I have written a detailed guide to become a successful Amazon affiliate online. If you want to make money as an Amazon affiliate then you must read this article.

However, Amazon does not pay attractive commissions as well as their cookie period is only 24 hours. SO, I primarily do not promote Amazon products on my website. BUT, for some extra income, you can add Amazon’s affiliate links to your website.

The commission structure of the Amazon affiliate program is between 2%-9%. However, for fashion bloggers and YouTubers there is good news that the fashion category has the highest commission rates over other categories in Amazon affiliate. SO, you will get 7%-9% on fashion products.

There are no hard and fast rules for joining the Amazon affiliate program. They have instant approval after filling in all the information. You just need a working website to get approval.

Note: You need to sell at least 3 products within 6 months to get approved fully. Otherwise, your account will get disabled and you’ll need to get a new affiliate ID and links to promote. If you can’t qualify for their full affiliate program then you can re-apply with the old email and put new links to your website.

Amazon has separate affiliate programs for different countries. For the USA they have Amazon USA, for India Amazon India, and vice versa.

According to the countries you want to promote, you can join the related Amazon affiliate program.

However, if you join Amazon through Cuelinks you will get access to all Amazon affiliate programs in one dashboard. You will also get other benefits such as auto-affiliate link tracking in Cuelinks.

2. Myntra Affiliate Program

For Indian fashion bloggers, Myntra is one of the best affiliate programs. It’s purely a fashion website so you will find some great deals on Myntra.

For Indian fashion bloggers and YouTubers, I would always recommend the Myntra affiliate program.

The affiliate commission rate in Myntra is from 7.50% – 9.00% which is quite good as compared to Amazon.

Myntra runs one of the biggest clothing affiliate programs in India. So, if you are interested in clothing affiliate programs then the Myntra affiliate program is just built for you.

However, they don’t have any direct affiliate programs. You have to join Cuelinks to promote Myntra products on your website or Youtube channel.

Cuelinks is an affiliate network similar to Skimlinks which has hundreds of other merchants on their list.

SO, joining Cuelinks will benefit you in multiple ways.

3. Tata CLiQ Affiliate Program

Tata CLiQ is an eCommerce store run by TATA, which is an all-time reputed company in India. However, it’s not so popular as Amazon and Myntra, you can get some amazing deals on it.

Especially for Indian fashion affiliate marketers, TATA CLiQ is one of the best solutions.

They give up to 10% advertising fees to their affiliate which is quite attractive for you. Where most of the fashion affiliate programs give only up to 8%, TATA CLiQ affiliate commissions are really good.

4. LimeRoad Affiliate Program

Limeroad is a new eCommerce platform dedicated to men’s and women’s fashion. With thousands of products in its inventory, it’s one of the best fashion shopping websites in India.

Recently they also introduced kitchen and home decore categories that make its inventory well diversified.

Limeroad pays up to 9% commission on their products. I think this commission rate is quite good than other eCommerce websites.

For physical products, a 9% commission is great.

Limeroad affiliate program is offered by Cuelinks in India so you have to join Cuelinks to become a Limeroad affiliate.

As you know, to join any reputed affiliate network, you need a website with good traffic and authority. Cuelinks is no exception. You also need some other information to join Cuelinks, otherwise, your application will get disapproved.

5. AJIO Affiliate Program

AJIO is the second largest shopping eCommerce platform in India after Myntra. If you’ve used Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePay then it may be you have already seen AJIO coupons there.

It’s one of the best affiliate programs for clothing in India that you can choose to start doing affiliate for cloths.

But, AJIO does not just sell clothes but all fashion items so you can find a great opportunity to scale your fashion affiliate website across several sub-niches.

With a good marketing strategy, AJIO became one of the popular fashion websites in India.

Along with coupons and deals, they also affiliate programs through the Cuelinks affiliate network to reach new customers.

BUT, compared to other fashion eCommerce websites, their affiliate commission is quite low. They only give from 5.25% – 6.30% per sale.

However, if you see their inventory, it’s full of hundreds of trendy items. SO, promoting these products on your website, YouTube and social media channels is quite easy, and the percentage of conversion is also high.

If you are facing hard times in searching for trendy products then you should try out, ShopInspect. These guys are killing in providing this tool hot and trendy products to drop shippers and affiliate marketers.

6. Viglink Affiliate Network

Viglink is a hyperlink-based affiliate network same to Skimlinks and Cuelinks in which you have to add a javascript code to your website to automatically add the appropriate affiliate links to it.

After Skimlinks, Viglink is the second-largest hyperlink-based affiliate network in which you will get thousands of preapproved merchants.

The added benefit of using Viglink is you can create affiliate links and directly promote to your social media channels and email campaigns.

The joining process in Viglink is the same as Skimlinks. You just need to provide your details including email ID, website address, marketing strategy, etc.

Within two days after applying for the affiliate network, you will get confirmation of approval.

7. Reebok Fashion affiliate program

reebok fashion affiliate program

Who else in this world would not know Reebok?

Reebok is the largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Obviously, it has an affiliate program that is run by Cuelinks.

Reebok is not just a sportswear brand but a fashion symbol, hence one of the best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers. Reebok has a strong brand value that’s why selling Reebok products online is not as tough as other less known brands.

Reebok manufacturers from shoes to cap and all the products are high priced so the commission you’ll earn is also high.

Also, the commission rate is quite attractive ie; 10.50% – 12.60% / Sale.

To sell Reebok products as an affiliate in India you have to join Cuelinks. After joining Cuelinks you have to send a joining request from the Cuelinks dashboard.

8. Flipkart Fashion Affiliate Program

flipkart affiliate program fashion bloggers

Flipkart is the second largest eCommerce website in India which is owned by Walmart last year. With thousands of fashion products in their inventory, It’s one of the best fashion affiliate programs for bloggers and YouTubers.

Flipkart is the only Indian company that is a strong competitor of Amazon in India.

The joining process in the Flipkart affiliate program is the same as the Amazon affiliate program.

You need a basic website or a blog to show them that you have an online property where you can promote their affiliate links.

Joining Flipkart’s affiliate program is free and instantly approved. Just after filling in all the information and your website address, you will get your affiliate dashboard where you will find the affiliate links and banners.

The affiliate commission rate for fashion and lifestyle products in Flipkart is 4%.

9. Abof Fashion Affiliate Program

Abof affiliate program

Last but not least, the Abof affiliate program is one of India’s best fashion affiliate programs that offer publishers a wide selection of fashion products to promote.

With Abof, you can promote fashion or shoes, bags, belts, sports apparel, or other fashion accessories for men, women, and kids.

Abof offers everything to sell hence it’s an Indian affiliate program that offers you a wealth of opportunities to host affiliate links in your blog, website, and social media channels. You can earn great affiliate commissions with the Abof affiliate program.

Another advantage of being an affiliate with Abof is that the Abof affiliate program established itself well for all kinds of content types aimed at a varied audience.

Be your audience is youngsters or adults, men or women, western fashionistas or Indians, Abof has products for all of them.

To become an Abof affiliate you have to sign up with and embed the JS-Codes on your site or integrate it on your app.

After implementing the code on your website you just have to use Abof affiliate links in your content whenever needed to promote it.

You can earn up to ₹285 / Sale commission as an Abof affiliate partner.

10. Skimlinks Affiliate Network

The second affiliate program for fashion affiliates is Skimlinks. Actually, it’s not an individual affiliate program but an AI-powered affiliate network connected with hundreds of different merchants.

Skimlinks is the place where merchants and affiliates can register to sell products. When you join this affiliate network, you will get a Javascript code to place on your web pages.

After implementing that code to your website, the AI technology behind the network will recognize the merchant keywords and hyperlink those keywords to the best affiliate offers available on their network.

Now, whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases the product you will get rewarded by affiliate commission.

Affiliate commission can be set by the merchants that you can easily check on your affiliate dashboard.

If you are a fashion blogger then Skimlinks would be one of the best affiliate networks for you. Skimlinks has partnered with some good fashion merchants such as Warehouse UK, Alley fashion, etc.

Wrapping up: 10 best Fashion affiliate programs in India

India is an emerging country so there is a good opportunity for online business in India. Especially, for fashion bloggers and YouTubers India is a big market.

If you do affiliate marketing correctly in the fashion niche in India then you can earn good money each month.

I have already described 10 fashion affiliate marketing programs and networks suitable for Indian bloggers and YouTubers. Now it’s your time to choose one or more from them.

If you face any difficulty in joining these affiliate marketing networks then comment below. I will try to sort out all your problems related to these Indian affiliate marketing networks.

Have a good day…

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