10 Website Ideas That Can Actually Make You Money in India

In this article, I’m going to share with you 10 website ideas that make money for you as an Indian.

Yes, many entrepreneurs are making a lot of money by running websites on different topics.

I know that you are tired of such fake ” make money online” scams like online typing and data entry jobs that never make money for you.

AND, searching for real online money-making ideas.

That’s why I’ve come up with these 10 money-making website ideas.

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Below mentioned articles will help you set up your website.

Website ideas that make money for you

Assuming you have purchased your web hosting plan, let me introduce you to the money-making website ideas for Indians.

The first one is,

1. Blog Website

blog website idea

I have been in professional blogging for 5 years. After these 5 years of blogging, I can say, I’ve achieved the financial freedom that everyone dreams of.

Blogging as a career is not new for the western world, but in India, it is being popular in the last few years.

Do you know, according to a survey conducted in India, professional Indian bloggers are making anything between $500-$10000 a month.

On average, a typical Indian blogger earned around $300 – $400 a month in 2021.

Celebrity bloggers in India like Harsh Agarwal and Amit Agarwal earn between $20,000 and $30,000 a month.

As blogging is an emerging career option in India, there is not much competition there. If your blog serves specifically Indians then you can easily start earning from the 3rd month of starting your blog.

SO, what is blogging? (For those who are not aware of this)

Blogging is a way of expressing things through your website in the written form of content. However, today most bloggers mix written content with video and images to create more digestive content.

A blog is a kind of website in which bloggers publish articles under the blog niche.

If you want to start a money-making blog then you should note the below points.

  • Consistency – Blog publishing consistency is a crucial thing behind the success of a blog. If you are not consistent, you cannot make money with your blog. Your blog readers will love you if you post frequently. However, it’s not a hard and fast rule that you have to publish daily, yet you should maintain a publishing calendar to serve your audience on a regular basis. (My blog posting frequency is 1 article per week)
  • Quality – Being consistent does not mean you have to compromise the quality of the article. You must maintain the quality of the article, otherwise, visitors press the back button of their browser and your website bounce rate will become higher.
  • Niche – A blogger earns money by selling affiliate products on the blog or by advertising. So, choosing a money-making niche is good for the future prospect of a blog. If your blog niche does not have many products in the market then neither you can promote affiliate products nor get more CPC.
  • Reliable Web Hosting Provider – Your web host should be fast, reliable. I always recommend you to use Bluehost WordPress Hosting as it’s the cheap and best web host for bloggers (I also use Bluehost for my 3 websites). You can get a 67% DISCOUNT and FREE DOMAIN in Bluehost if purchased by this link. Moreover, you can check out my Bluehost review here.

2. Dropshipping Website

dropshipping-website idea

Not let us come to the second type of website that can make money for you ie; Dropshipping Website.

Dropshipping website is also a very popular online career option for Indians. The concept of dropshipping is quite new for Indians as there are not more wholesalers in India who provide drop shipping facilities to website owners.

Well, don’t worry, Here are the Best Dropshipping Sites in India that will make it easier for you to start a dropshipping website in India.

So, what is a dropshipping website?

Well, a dropshipping website is a type of website where you sell products but do not process and ship them to customers. Processing and shipping are done by your dropship service providers and wholesalers on your behalf.

That means you don’t have to worry about processing and shipping and concentrate only on marketing your products.

So, how we can start a successful dropshipping website?

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Web Hosting and Domain – There are three approaches to start dropshipping websites. Shopify, Whitepage website by a drop shipper, and Woocommerce dropshipping website. I always prefer the 3rd approach as there are much more flexibility and control in a Woocommerce dropshipping because it’s hosted on your web hosting server. I recommend using Bluehost and Kinsta for Woocommerce websites. For domain, I recommend Godaddy.
  • Installing WordPress on the server – Now when you have purchased your web hosting plan it’s time to install WordPress. (Note – Always purchase a WordPress hosting plan with Bluehost or Kista. It’s easy for non-technical people.)
  • Install Woocommerce WordPress Theme – After installing WordPress, you have to search and install the dropshipping theme on your website. You can head over to Theme Forest for dropshipping themes for WordPress.
  • Register with Dropshipping Supplier – Now register yourself with any of the dropshipping providers mentioned inthis article – Dropshipping Sites in India.
  • Upload Products – Upload product images and descriptions on your website.
  • Promote your website – Promote your website on social media and Google ads to get visitors.

3. eCommerce Website

ecommerce website idea

eCommerce websites are product listing websites where the business owner lists their products to sell. Third-party websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc give us the opportunity to list and sell our products on their website.

However, it’s far better if you start your own eCommerce website.

There are several benefits to own an eCommerce website over a third-party eCommerce site like Amazon.

  • First of all, you have total control over the website.
  • You can list, manage, ship and bill to your customers directly.
  • Third-party eCommerce websites charge a big percentage for selling which you can save by creating your own website.
  • You can promote your products on social media and Google ads without worrying about violations of their terms and conditions.
  • For a long-term approach own website is good as you won’t be dependant on other’s property.

So, if you have products to sell, I would suggest you start your own eCommerce website.

There are several ways to start your own eCommerce website but I recommend you to buy a web hosting and domain with a reliable host and install WordPress and Woo-commerce on the server.

It’s very easy to install WordPress on web hosts like Kinsta and Bluehost. They provide WordPress hosting where non-technicals can install and run WordPress easily.

For installing WordPress and Woocommerce via cPanel you can refer to this article.

4. Online Tools and Services Website

Online Tools and Services website idea

The 4th and almost passive way of online income website idea is starting a Tools and services website.

To start a tools and services website, you need some knowledge of website designing and programming.

However, the programming part is optional if you purchase a source code from a website like CodeCanyon.

Code Canyon is a website where you find thousands of tools and services source codes at cheap rates. You just need a web host and a domain name to install your source code there.

That’s it…

Probably you know about Neil Patel who is the owner of the best keyword research tool Ubersuggest. He purchased the code of UberSuggest on a website like CodeCanyon and transformed it by hiring a freelance developer.

Now Ubersuggest is one of the most searched keyword research engines in the world. It receives 1.5 to 2 Million searched on monthly basis.

With a good web host and a catchy domain name, you can easily earn decent money by starting a tools and services website.

5. eLearning Website

elearning website ideas

eLearning is now becoming quite popular. During lock-down, eLearning is the only way for the schools, colleges, and individual educators to educate their students.

During the lockdown, we have seen a huge growth in eLearning platforms.

Now it’s your time to launch your eLearning platform.

With WordPress, it’s very easy to launch an eLearning website. The only thing you need is a niche specialist so that you can provide valuable content on your website.

There are themes and plugins available on WordPress to create an eLearning website. You can head over to Theme forest for eLearning themes and plugins for WordPress.

Also, you can take advantage of websites that provide white label solutions to others. Sites like WizIQ provide a white label solution to no technical online educators.

However, I always prefer WordPress-powered eLearning websites because you have total control over your WordPress website but not on any White Label site.

6. Online Forum

online forum websites

Online forums are a type of membership website where members discuss the different topics around the niche.

The best thing about online forums is the content is generated by users. That means you don’t need to generate content like blogs and eLearning websites.

the other benefit of an online forum is you will get millions of traffic without working hard once the forum becomes popular.

However, getting the first 1000 members is the hardest thing. BUT, once you’ve reached 1000 members, the chain effect does the rest, and your forum traffic will be skyrocketed.

Now come to the point that how you can start an online forum?

there are several PHP-based open-source and paid forum software out there. Some of them are BBpressphpBBvBulletin, etc.

You have to install this PHP software on your web hosting cPanel just like WordPress. Once installed and configured, you can promote the forum on social media and blogs.

Some paid forum software such as VBulletin provides server space with the software. You can also choose them.

Well, if you don’t like to generate content then starting a forum website is a good income-generating website idea for you.

7. News Website

news website idea

Gone are those days when big news publishing agencies had the capability to publish news content. Now, google news provides us the facility to publish news-based content on our website. By registering with Google news you can tap the world of millions of news readers around the world.

The only thing you need is the art of creating viral news content.

Starting a news website is very easy. You need a WordPress blog hosted on good web hosting. I would suggest Bluehost for the news blog website.

After installing WordPress, you can set a new theme to make the website look like a news portal.

Now start publishing news on your website and when you have a good readership, you can register with Google news to get more visitors.

You can use Facebook ads to get first visitors to your website. You can read my post on social media marketing to use Facebook ads properly.

News websites get millions of visits monthly so you can earn a decent income by placing Google AdSense ads on your website.

8. Exam Results Website

exam results website

Indians are very curious about government jobs. Isn’t it?

Maybe you would have prepared for government jobs during your college days. If yes, then you have definitely encountered different exam results websites.

The craze of jobs and exams in India is something that exam result websites are such popular among youths. These types of websites get millions of traffic on daily basis.

Websites like SarkariExam.com are getting millions of views on a daily basis.

If you are thinking that starting these types of websites is hard then you are wrong. You can start exam websites in WordPress just like a blog. After installing WordPress on your host, just switch to a News theme and start publishing exam-related content.

You can use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your articles there. People are making a lot of money by placing Google AdSense ads on their exam results websites.

9. Jokes and Shayari Website

Websites that provide humourous content are very popular in India. These types of websites are the potential to get millions of traffic on monthly basis.

SO, if you create a Jokes and Shayari website for Indians, chances are you will make thousands of dollars via AdSense.

These types of websites are so popular on Facebook and other social media. So you can take help from Facebook to get traffic.

Creating a Joke and Shayari website is easier than you think. Just buy web hosting, install WordPress and start writing jokes and Shayaris. Share your articles on social media and you will start getting traffic from the first post.

10. Movies Review Website

Indians are fond of music and movies. Every Friday day new movies are released in Hindi, and other native languages in India. So starting a movie review website is a lucrative idea for bloggers and web developers.

You can start these types of websites on WordPress and start reviewing upcoming movies.

Share your reviews on social media and get millions of traffic from the first month.

Conclusion: Website ideas that make money in India

Well, above I have given 10 websites ideas that will actually make money in India. If you follow any of those ideas and start your website around them, I’m sure you will get success and start making good money online.

Let me know in the comments which one you are choosing to start your website.

Do share this article on your social media channels to make others aware of these types of income options.

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