Social Media Marketing For eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Here, in this ultimate beginner’s guide, you will learn all the aspects of social media marketing for businesses.

The strategies influencers and social media marketers use to create Brand Awareness as well as generating leads for business through various social media channels.

The aim of this guide to educate the small and midsize business owners about social media marketing.

So that they would effectively use this tool to get potential customers for their business.

Maybe you are already paying a good amount of money to your digital marketing agency for social media campaigning and aren’t getting good results.

spocket ad

Maybe they are not doing the things well and at the end of every month, they charge you for DOING NOTHING.

Or, maybe you are a digital marketer yourself and want to enhance your social media marketing skills so that you would provide the best services to your clients.

Or maybe you want to become a social media influencer and earn decent money adverting 3rd party product and services.

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There are several reasons you should learn about social media marketing.

This guide will help you with all the reasons. Whether…

  • You are a social media influencer
  • Own a small or mid-size business
  • A digital marketer

It doesn’t matter in which category you fall into.

This guide will help all of you in learning social media marketing and dominating this market full of potential leads to convert into customers.

So let’s dig into this ultimate guide…

First off…

What is Social Media Marketing

social media marketing strategies

Social media marketing is the art of marketing in which “marketers influence social media users” by different types of content to create brand awareness and help them make the purchase decisions.

There are several definitions of social media that you can find on the internet.

But for me, social media is the largest form of “group of peoples” where they share their thoughts and experiences with others.

Before the evolution of social media, people spent time in parks, churches, restaurants, and other social places to get updated with what’s going on around them.

At that time, the information was limited to their surroundings and city.

But after the evolution of the internet, the whole definition of social talk has changed.

People went global, started spending time on websites where chat features were available like Yahoo chat.

And then Facebook came…

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and creator of Facebook didn’t know that people would take is hand to hand it would become famous in no time.

Actually, we are social animals. We love to share our thoughts and experiences with others.

It makes us happy to share things with others.

Mark caught that “weakness of mankind” and started Facebook around the need.

Within just a few years Facebook becomes the 3rd largest populated country of the world – Virtually.

So you can imagine how powerful is social media to promote your brand. And, Facebook is not alone.

There are several other social media channels that exist with millions of users you can dominate and get potential customers.

Here is a graph showing how social media inspire users in the purchase decision.

purchase inspiration by traffic

In the above chart, you can see social media plays a huge role of 26.5% in the purchase decision for users.

So, that’s the reason why each and every company is active on social media.

Well, now let us see all the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing for businesses?

Here’s the list…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing


  • Millions of users available on social channels to market your products and services.
  • Apart from search engine optimization, social media gives instant results. You can see immediate reactions on your ad campaigning and promotions.
  • Millions of eyeballs are always online to see your products and services.
  • You can choose the right demographics by their age group, interests, gender, and even you can narrow down the location which is very lucrative for local businesses.
  • You can create video ads/posts for better engagements which are not available in traditional PPC campaigns.
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Low-cost and high performing ads.
  • Easy to learn as compared to PPC ads. After getting some knowledge small business owners can easily run their social media marketing without any assistance.
  • Mobile optimized so the reach is far more than other types of ads.


  • Not for Hard Selling – You cannot hard sell your product and services on social media. You have to start with cold calling and encourage the users to get into your sales funnel. after bringing them into sales funnel you can nurture them via emails and informational contents to close the sales.
  • Not very much targeted – Targeted but not as much as Google ads. When people want to buy something at the very first they go and Google the product or service. They don’t go to Facebook or other social media channels to buy something. So social media is less targeted than Google ads.
  • The chance of spamming – As compared to PPC and other ads the chance of spamming is more in social media. Facebook and other social media channels have their own spam detection engines which could put your posts in spam and ruin your social media marketing. However, I will show you later in this guide how you can save your social media marketing from catching up as spam.

So here were the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing.

Now I think you are clear about the benefits of why I am in favor of social media.

If you analyze and research well before getting started, you will get immediate results that are not possible in SEO or PPC.

You just need to catch the right audience and the process of interacting with them by learning the social media marketing skill that you are learning here in this guide.

And you can see the immediate rise in your website traffic and leads.

Let us get some knowledge of different types of social media channels, and their core features so that we could take the decision which one is/are right for your business needs.

Types of Social Media Channels

However, all social media channels have the same core feature ie; interacting with other peoples but as per the types of people, interests, and content we can divide them into four categories.

  • General Interest 
  • B2B Channels
  • Images-Channels
  • Video-Based Channels

Let us see them one by one…

General Interest Social Media Channels (B2C)

Most of the people are members of these types of social media channels.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc are the biggest player in this type of social media channel.

Me you and any others who are seeking general interests in any niche have accounts on these channels.

And that’s the biggest reason why these social media channels are the most populated channels.

As these type of social media channels are full of general interest peoples and not specifically niche-based, in social media marketing we treat them as B2C (Busines to customer) channels where one directly sell their products and services to the customer.

However, these are broad niche and not targeted to a specific one

If you learn the tactics that I will tell you later in this guide you can easily find the audience for your products and services through these general category social media channels.

Then you can leverage the millions of users spending their time on these platforms.

B2B Social Media Channels

While B2C social media channels are great for general category products and services, B2B channels are the gold mines for those who deal with other businesses.

The best part of B2B marketing is, the conversion rate is much me higher than B2C marketing.

As businesses have the capital for investment in products and services, they convert well,  if you have good products and services and target the right niche.

The biggest B2B social media channel is Linkedin where millions of businesses and professionals are active and interacting with each other to buy/sell products and hiring for the services.

If you have a business which deals in B2B such as digital marketing agency or PR agency, Linked in is the best place to promote your services.

Above you’ve read about the social media channels as per the type of business.

Now the next…

Images-Based Social Media Channels

One image is better then thousand words.

Arthur Brisbane

It’s very much true that an image is better than words.

That’s the reason why images are used in any kind of ads.

Social media companies grab this opportunity by starting the image-based social media channels.

Today we all are mobile phone addicted.

And the most common feature of any mobile phone is a camera which is able to take images.

Social media companies leverage this feature of mobile phone and created image-based social channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and obviously updated Facebook for this feature.

Do you know, As of June 2018, Instagram has reached the 1 billion monthly active user mark (TechCrunch, 2018)

Another statistics says, As of the first quarter of 2019, Pinterest reported 291 million monthly active users worldwide.

Amazing stats…

So, you should also leverage the image-based social media channels and start sharing storytelling images to attract potential customers from these channels.

Video-Based Social Media Channels

Where images are better than 1000 words, videos are better then 1000 images.

We all watch videos on Youtube.


Whether its a song or a tutorial video, we always prefer watching the video over the blog posts and other written contents.

Here is a chart showing how videos are outperforming images and written content on the web.

Highest Engagement by Content Type in Social Media

In this graph live videos alone acquired 42 %, which indicates how people love to see others coming live.

If you have a business and want to grow dramatically then you should add live videos in your digital marketing plan.

Here’s why we prefer videos over written content on social media.

Our mind reacts and memorizes well with live events. Suppose these two situations…

  1. You are discussing a topic with a person who knows that topic well.
  2. You are reading the same topic in the book.

Which one will help you get the results faster?

Obviously when you are discussing the topic with an experienced person.

Now change that person with one who demonstrates your product and services to others.

That’s exactly TV commercial ads are doing with the customers.

Companies demonstrate there products and services by creating videos and through them to the various advertisement channels including social media to get better engagement.

Whether you are a small company or an individual professional, you should create videos and distribute them on different social channels who have video sharing features.

By doing this you can definitely see the engagement with your posting will skyrocket.

The problem is, creating eye-catching videos is really a tough task as well as needs money when you hire professional cameraman, editor, etc.

Don’t be disappointed if you do not have enough money to spend on creating videos.

You can once again leverage your mobile phone to create tutorial videos suggesting your product as a solution and upload them on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc to get potential customers.

You don’t need a professional and known face to create videos for your product and services.

It just needs one skillthe art of interacting with your customers via videos.

In video-based social channels, Youtube is the most popular.

There are others too such as Dailymotion, Facebook videos, etc.

But the followings and engagement on Youtube for video-based content is far better than any other video social media platforms.

However, Facebook has a great video-sharing feature but if you want the real following, you should always go with Youtube. 

Do you know, Youtube says that 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month?

Moreover, Cisco predicts in their whitepaper that video content will be 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022.

So, which is the right social media channel you should go with?

In the next section, we will try to find the answer…

How to Find the Right Social Media channel

social media platform comparison chart

Here’s a graph showing the number of users in 5 major social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube.

With 2.38 billion users, Facebook is on the top.

But see, Youtube is in 2nd position with 1.8 billion users.

You can easily imagine how videos are influencing in the online life of users.

But here’s the heck.

Facebook has the most users on the internet though it’s not a lucrative platform for all kinds of business.

Although the sole purpose of all social media channels is sharing thoughts and moments of your life with others,

BUT, as per the content, topic, niche, and user interests, all the social media platforms have their own core values and features.

So, what’s the best social media platform for your business?

The one and only answer,


Finding the right social media channel is very important before diving into the game.

Without recognizing the right one if you dive into, you will lose money as well as your precious time.

Researching the best social platforms for your business is not as hard as you think.

In the later sections, you will be mastered in finding the right ones where your potential leads spend their time.

Just keep reading…

Finding the Right Audience for Your Business

Well, now it’s time to find the real asset – The right audience for your business on Social media.

Do you know who is your audience?

In which social media platforms they spend their time?

Who buys the similar products and services you sell?

There are several questions about the “right audience” which flashed on your and almost every marketer’s mind.

So how would you find out?


The whole process needs you to understand,

Who your audience is

This process can be divided into the below categories.

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Interests 
  • Which type of content they like
  • What they do etc

These factors influence your social media marketing strategy.

Let us see them one by one and compare some social media channels regarding these factors.


Social Media Gender Distribution 2020

Let us find out the gender of your audience with a simple example.

Suppose you have a baby product, A baby walker for example. Now think who is your perfect audience?

“New Mothers” Right?

Here’s you got the right audience as per the gender.

Age group

Now find out the age group for your baby walker.

Generally, a woman becomes a mother between 24-35 years. So the potential age group for your audience will be 24-35.

By 10 minutes of mind storming, you can easily divide the age group interested in your products or services.


Now think about the interests of the new mothers.

New mothers like baby care, spending time with their baby, hygiene, even gyming and grooming.

SO, all these are their interests.

As you are not selling in bulk, your audience falls into the B2C category, not B2B.

Now, come int Facebook and search for the groups, pages, and posts related to baby care.

audience research for social media marketing

In this image you can see there are so many resources related to baby care exists on Facebook.

Now see for the page like counts and groups members.

audience for social media marketing

If there is a good number of page likes and group members, its a signal to start here.

Otherwise, try other social media channel. For me, Pinterest is the best social media platform related to baby care products.

pinterest for social media marketing

Here you can see there are a lot of pins and boards on Pinterest related to baby care.

If you don’t know then I would tell you Pinterest has a big gender difference between female and male. See the chart below.

Pinterest User Distribution Rate in The United States 2019

The chart shows you, in the United States, above 79.5% of users on Pinterest are female.

So, for the search of potential customers, you should also search for the related contents on other social media networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Which type of content they like

Now let us find out which type of content our audience “new mothers” like to consume.

Think of the needs of new mothers.

Do they need guidance for baby care?

Do they need products that simplify the baby care process?

Do they need solutions that help take care of their babies?

Here are the preferred contents types they like to consume.

  • Tutorial videos about baby care
  • Reviews for baby care products (Includes videos, written content, and images)
  • Images and videos related to mother and baby etc.

Now you have the idea of the content you need to create to influence the new mothers and encourage them to buy your products.

Caution: Do not hard sell them on social media. Everyone comes into social media to spend time not directly buying products and services.

So always try to create awareness about your products and services in place of hard selling.

What They Do on Social Media

The last but not the least is you should find out what is the sole purpose of their coming into social media.

  1. Do they just want to spend time there?
  2. Or are they searching for a solution to a particular problem?

If your audience has the 1st purpose “for a particular social network” then your user to lead conversion is going to be very low.

If you found that, head off to the other social network otherwise you can lose your time and money on the wrong audience.

However, it’s not true for some type of campaigning such as “brand awareness”.

But if you want quick results, always search for the 2nd type of audience.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

People go to them who provide the best solution. And its the “thumb rule of whole digital marketing”.

If you could be able to provide the best solution to their problem, you will win 90% of the game.

The 10% is – Serving your product as a solution to their problem.

social media marketing strategy

When you become a master of serving the solution to their problem without hard-selling, you will become the master of digital marketing.

The whole strategy of social media marketing revolves around the three circles.

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Offer solution (Your Product or Service)

Here’s you’ve read finding the right audience on social media networks for your product and services.

Now its time to introduce you with some essential social media marketing tools needed to run an effective and time-saving marketing campaign.

Tools for Effective Social Media Marketing

social media automation tools

As a business owner, I don’t have enough time for regular posting on my social channels and run a successful social media marketing campaign.

I know the pain point of business owners.

So I use some research and marketing tools to automate the process, as much as possible.

These tools which I am going to introduce are really a charm for me.

And of course for you, if you are a busy business owner.

These tools take care of most of your social media marketing process and keep you tension free.

Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur just starting your startup or a digital marketer these tools will benefit you in all the ways.

So, let us read more about these helpful tools.

first off…

Ninja OutReach

ninja outreach social media marketing tool

So, what is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja outreach is the biggest hub for outreach campaigns.

Outreach is a process to reach the influencers, and other businesses around different websites, blogs, social media channels, etc to concede for a work

Such as marketing for your products and services or creating awareness for your brand.

Businesses and brands pay them for this type of advertising.

Its called Influencer marketing.

We reach influencers active in different mediums and concede them for advertising our products and services in exchange for an amount.

But the biggest hurdle in this process is outreaching the right influencer to get the maximum benefit from the advertising.

Newbies fail in reaching out the right influencer and lose their precious time and money.

So, this platform provides us a better solution to outreaching.

They have millions of influencers singed up on their platform them along with all the necessary information, such as influencer’s niche, followers count, activity and many more statistics.

This will help reach out the right person for our advertisement.

As you can see in the image above, Ninja outreach has 60+ million Instagrams influencers, 7+ million Twitter influencers, and millions of users on other platforms.

You just have to create an account with them and you can access all the influencers with just few mouse clicks.

Ninja outreach is designed for Businesses, SEO agencies, marketing agencies, digital PR firms, lead generation specialists, email marketers, link builders, campaign managers.

Anyone with massive influencer marketing & outreach needs!

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Social Pilot

social pilot post scheduling

Social pilot is a very useful tool for busy people and businesses.

It is a social media scheduling tools in which you can schedule your posts in advance.

It supports,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Instagram
  • And Pinterest

Along with the basic feature (post scheduling) it has several other features which help you easily manage your social media post scheduling. It has features like,

  • Social media analytics
  • Social media calendar
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Collaboration with team
  • Client management
  • Content curation from other sources
  • RSS Feed automation etc

If I say its a complete social media manager, it would not be wrong.

Today when we don’t have enough time to complete our daily tasks, this tool helps us manage all our social media platforms from one interface.

Even we can automate RSS feeds from blogs to populate our social media channels if going short with content.

Get Your Free Trial


socialoomph post scheduling

Social Oomph is another social media post scheduling tool.

However, the features are similar to Social Pilot, due to the low price plans its suitable for individuals who don’t have the budget to afford high price plans.

Another benefit of signing up with Social Oomph is it has a forever free plan, which offers unlimited scheduled posts to one social profile.

So, if you want to manage your FB page posts or Instagram handles it’s a great platform to start.

Signup for the free plan

If you want more you can buy the premium packages starting from just $15 monthly.

The pricing is much affordable as compared to Social Pilot.


semrush-site analysis

SEMRush is generally a keyword research and competitor analysis tool which help you optimize your website and advertisements for maximum visibility, hence more conversions.

But it’s not just an SEO tool. With SEMRush, you can do far more than SEO optimization.

It has a dedicated social media toolkit which helps you plan your social media marketing strategies to beat your competitors.

Here are some of the features of SEMRush Social Media Toolkit.

  • Posts Scheduling
  • Find the best time for your post
  • Create posts while surfing the web
  • Images editing
  • Importing posts from CSV files
  • UTM for more accurate tracking
  • Find out which content works great for your audience
  • Audience growth tracking
  • Audience demographics and activity: age, country and when they are online
  • Competitor comparison
  • See what content competitors are posting
  • Get weekly updates by email and create PDF reports
  • Increase your reach and get more people to know about you
  • See how your ads work and get detailed stats

You can see, SEMRush Social media toolkit is offering far more features than any other social media marketing platform.

You can try it out before buying.

They offer 14 days free trial in which you can access all the features of SEMrush.

Get your free Trial here

Facebook Page Insights and Publishing Tool

facebook page publishing tool

The last one is Facebook Page Insights and publishing tool.

Facebook has its own page manager tool in which you can manage all your Facebook page posts and activities.

It’s free for all Facebook users.

If you don’t have several social media channels and want to focus just on Facebook, it’s the best tool for you.

facebook page insights

You can Schedule, unlimited posts with Facebook Insights and publishing tools.

As well as you can track all the analytics such as audience reach, clicks, and actions with Facebook Insights.

It helps set the goals for your Facebook marketing.

The added benefit is, if you want to start an ad campaign for your posts, you just need to click on the boost post button below the post, set your audience, pay and your post will be shown as per you set up the audience.

You can access all the Facebook page manager tools by clicking on the page and navigate in the page menu.

facebook page manager menu

So, here were the most helpful social media marketing tools which all the digital marketers and individual businesses should use to become successful on social media.

Now let us see how to use different social media ad platforms for maximum engagement and conversion.

How to Use Different Social Media Ad Platforms

social media advertisement

In this section, we will learn about how to use different social media ad platforms for better engagement and conversion.

Here you will learn about,

  • Audience research
  • Setting up ads
  • Payment process
  • and tracking the ad performance

I will cover Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn ad platforms and show you individually how you can leverage them for better conversion with minimum investment.

So first off…

Audience research

As you’ve learned above finding the right audience is very important.

If you serving your ads to the wrong audience who are not interested in your products and services, you are just wasting your time and money.

lack of audience resaerch

Do you know, 76% of ads fail due to wrong audience research.

The graph above will show you that your competitors are wasting 76% of their budget targeting the wrong audience.

So, one of the first steps in any kind of marketing is doing audience research.

We have learned the basic audience research for social media in the section Finding the Right Audience for Your Business. 

Now let us research our audience with social media ad platform tools.

First off…

Audience Research on Facebook

Facebook has a built-in feature in their ad center dashboard called “Create Audience“.

They have the biggest audience data on the internet which you can leverage to show your ads in front of the right eyeballs.

You can access this feature on the Ad Centre dashboard.

Here I am going to show you how you can create the right audience for your product or service on Facebook.

Step 1

facebook ad centre

Open your business page and navigate to Ad Centre Tab.

Step 2

Here you can see a Create Ad button. Click on this button.

facebook create ad

Step 3

When you click on Create Ad button, a popup opens where you have been provided with 5 types of Ad campaigns.

  1. Boost a post
  2. Promote a post
  3. Promote your business locally
  4. Get more website visitors
  5. Get more leads

You can choose one of them as per your need but the recommended option is Get more leads.

Click on Get more leads tab.

Step 4

create audience facebook

A popup will open where you can create your ad.

Write and upload your content and scroll down.

You can see create audience tool link. Click on it and now you can create your audience.

Step 5

setup audience for facebook ads

Here you will get several filter options to get the right audience data for your ad campaign.

You can filter as Gender, Age group, Location, demographics, interests as well as behaviors.

You will also get predefined interests and behavior suggestions.

Its a great feature from Facebook to optimize the ad campaigns for best results.

If you could be master in finding the right audience, you get you both hands poured in gold.

As Instagram is now Facebook’s product you can handle Facebook pages and Instagram handles Ad Campaigns in a single ad publishing platform from Facebook.

Now let us see audience research on Pinterest…

Pinterest Audience Research

Researching the audience on Pinterest is not very different from Facebook.

Just like Facebook, Pinterest has its own Audience research platform where you can easily target the right kind of audience for your ad campaigns.

Let us see how…

Step 1

Log in to your Pinterest account from computer and click on analytics

create audience on pinterest

Step 2

A drop-down menu opens. Click on “Audience Insights“.

audience insights

Step 3

Click on create campaign.

create campaign pinterest

Step 4 

In the upper left side, click on the dropdown menu and go to “Audiences”.

audience pinterest

Step 5

Now name your audience and click on the red Create audience button.

create audience pinterest

Step 6

Now in the upper left corner click on the ads menu and select “Create ad”.

create my ad pinterest

Step 7

Select your campaign type and click on the continue button.

setup audience for pinterest ads

Step 8

Now you are on the Audience dashboard where you can filter your audience as per Age group, Gender, Location, Niche, and other demographics.

You can also save the audience for future ad campaigns.

So here were some insights on setting up your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Researching the right audience is no simple task.

You need to be aware of the niche in which you are finding the audience.

Otherwise you would select the wrong audience and lose your money by showing your ads in front of them who are not interested at all.

Facebook and other social media platforms have tools to help you with this.

You can leverage these tools to run a successful campaign.

Now let us see which type of social media posts and ads are more engaging and get more leads.

Just as audience research is crucial, serving the right kind of media is as important. So the next section is dedicated to creating the right type of content for your audience.

Social Media Content Planning (Videos, Images, Texts, Infographics, Reviews etc)

So, now you know about choosing the right audience for your social media campaigns.

But the burning question is,

What to share?

You can’t share just anything on your official social media channels.

It’s okay when you are sharing as an individual, but when you lead a company, you have to plan your content strategy.

Otherwise, you can’t get success in this smoky market.

When it comes to planning content strategy for your social media campaigns, there is a wast range of content types people use to influence their users.

Such as,

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Texts
  • Infographics
  • Reviews
  • Live videos
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Comments etc.

Here is a graphical view of the engagement percentage for different types of contents on social media.

In 2017, a test was done on 3010 social media users from Colombia, the US, Germany, and Mexico. Here is the engagement percentage for different kinds of media.

social media content engagement percentage

You can see in the graph, images and videos are the most engaging content on social media.

Today each and every business is leveraging video and images to promote their product and services on social media.


Let us see an example of product promotion through video on Facebook.

video content on facebook

Here you can see an example of awareness video by a small business’s Facebook page.

It’s the right kind of video that is made for creating awareness about the products offered by the business.

Images and Texts

Now let us see an image-based ad on Facebook.

video content on facebook

It’s an ad from one of the largest ad provider company Taboola.

The image is created to encourage the user to join Taboola.

They showed the user-base and revenue as well as an inclined graph to show the benefits of joining the program.

It’s a well-optimized ad to attract cold traffic.


Infographics are generally used as web content and perform well with informative blog posts.

But you can also create and share infographics on social media about your products and services.

Infographics are great.

Businesses can leverage infographics to educate their followers on how to use their services.

Let us see an example of Infographics shared on social media.

Inforgraphics post on facebook

You can easily create infographics with some online tools like  or order for an awesome infographic on Fiverr.


If you have your own product or you want to sell other’s product against an affiliate commission, Reviews are a great way to introduce your follower about that product.

You can create a review article on your blog or a review video on Youtube and share them on various social media channels.

Or you can write and create a review post and videos for any particular social media platform and share on your page or handle.

The best thing is, review posts are a great way to create awareness among social media users about your products and services.

Let us see an example of a review post on Facebook.

review posts on facebook

Another example is a review video ad on Youtube.


First one is a normal facebook post but equipped with customer review to gain the trust of users on the product.

The 2nd one is a video review ad on Youtube which is an in-depth video about the product.

Live videos

If you are a service provider such as a course creator or something like this, you can leverage live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to instantly gain the traction of users.

Research done by Marketing Interactive shows that live performance gets much more engagement than native video and other types of media.

Here is the result of that research.

live video infographics

Image Source


Polls are great for getting user opinion about your product and services.

All major social media platforms have the feature to create polls.

You can leverage them to get genuine suggestions about your product and services and tweak them based on user experience.

If you are a Facebook or Instagram user, probably you’ve seen these types of post on your timeline.

Online businesses use polls to create awareness and getting genuine suggestions from their followers.

In Facebook, you can create polls on the facebook post tab in your business’s official page. Here it is,

facebook poll feature


All of you know what are comments on social media platforms?


But do you know?

Comments are one of the best ways of social media marketing if used well.

Let us take an example,

Suppose you have a dog food product and you want to promote that on social media.

Now you have to search for dog food-related contents and comment on them by adding value to the public. And silently pitch your product as a solution.

My Favorite: Video Content

youtube video marketing

There are several types of contents you can use in social media marketing but the best one which I really love is video content.

People love to watch videos whether its a song or an informative video.

They don’t have time to read the written content so videos do well in social media marketing.

Does not matter, in which niche your business is, creating and sharing videos gets much more leads than any other type of content.

Today Youtube has 1.9 billion active users in their platform.

Can you imagine?

Creating and sharing your videos on Youtube is such a great way to create awareness around your products and services as well as hard selling.

However, Youtube and Facebook native videos are great for social media marketing, live videos beat native videos in engagement.

People love to get suggestions and help from Influencers and niche experts.

If you are a niche expert and go live with your expertise, the engagement and conversion will dramatically rise as compared to recorded videos.

Let us once again see this graph.

live video infographics

Social Bankers analysis shows that Live performance performs best as compared to any other type of media.

But, don’t underestimate written content.

Videos perform well as compared to written content but written contents retain more attention of user as compared to videos.

Remember, books are always best then a movie.

Now let us see some other aspects of social media marketing, which I think you should know to get success in it.

B2B Vs B2C Social Media Marketing

When it comes to the types of markets we can divide it into two main categories.

  • B2B – Business to business market, where businesses sell products and services to other businesses.
  • B2C – Business to customer market, where businesses sell products and services to the end-users directly.

So, why am I discussing these market categories here in this guide?

Because, the success in any type of marketing depends upon, how much you know about the market?

Think about your business.

Is it B2B or B2C?

If you are in B2B then your customers have totally different behavior then B2C market.

Let me show some examples of the behavioral change of these two markets.

The behavior of the B2B market

  • The first need of your customer is low price because they need to resale your product and services in the B2C market.
  • They make decisions fast.
  • They are ready to spend money.
  • They have more money to spend.
  • they tend to buy your product and services in bulk for a discount.

The Behavior of the B2C market

  • They research well and compare products before purchase.
  • They too like discount etc.
  • But they can buy your product and services if they like it whether its high in price.
  • They are always not ready to spend money.
  • They are more emotional then B2B customers.

Well, here were some of the behavioral changes in these two types of markets.

Now the question is, how you can leverage their behavior to sell your products and services to them and increase your ROI.

Here is a three-step guide on this.

Step 1

First of all, identify your market. Is it B2B or B2C.

I think I don’t need to explain how to Identify your market. You can do it yourself.

Step 2

Search for social media channels related to these markets.

I will give you some guidance here about choosing the right social platform for your campaigns.

For B2B markets, Linkedin is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can find millions of B2B customers as per your niche.

linkedin b2b market

In Linkedin, there are millions of groups and individuals you can target to sell.

In the B2C market, there are several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc where you can find your potential customers.

Step 2

Creating posts and ads for these two types of markets are very different.

When you create a post for B2C market you don’t need to be very official, but in B2B market your post should be a professional post.

The reason is, in B2C market you are dealing with people, sitting on the couch and order products, while in B2B you are dealing with highly professional people.

Here is an example of a B2B advertisement on Facebook.

B2B advertisment example

In this ad, you can clearly see the professionalism.

Any audio recording studio owner, musicians, and other professionals can attract towards this ad and the marketer gets higher clicks and ultimately higher ROI.

Now let us see an example of a B2C ad.

B2C advertisment example

It’s a green tea ad, where the marketer tries to attract B2C customers by showing the benefits of the product.

Free vs Paid Social Media Marketing

Most of the social media platforms have their own ad platforms to create and run ad campaigns on their platform.

But the problem is, many small businesses don’t have enough money to invest in advertisements or they don’t want to invest until they are not getting positive results.

Who wants to lose his money?

Well, if you are in this category, don’t think that you can’t leverage social media without paid ads.

In social media platforms, there is a big space for organic posts. Even, to some extent, organic posts can beat advertisements.

Let us see an example of a Youtube review video.

youtube organic video

See the views section inside the red box.

This video got 665k views in 2 years. This is a review video for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

So, don’t underestimate the power of organic posts and videos.

However, growing your organic profile takes time.

You need to work hard to grow your profile.

Let us compare free and paid social media marketing side by side.

Free social media marketing,

  • Takes time to grow your social channels, follower counts, etc.
  • Need more work.
  • Limited targeting features, however, you can leverage groups and hashtags to target potential customers.
  • Great for no spenders.
  • Ideal for small businesses who don’t have enough money to spend on ads.

Paid Social media marketing,

  • Instant target potential customers.
  • More targeting features on social media ad platforms.
  • More reach means more engagement.
  • Needs money to spend on ads.
  • Risky if you don’t have enough knowledge of targeting audience and placing perfect ads.

It all depends on you, your financial status and your business which approach is perfect for you.

Well, from the beginning we learned several things about social media marketing.

Now its time to get some more knowledge such as surviving your posts treated as spam and getting banned your whole profile.

In the end, I will provide you with some great social media marketing resources that will guide you on this topic if you need more information.

How to Survive your Posts Treated as Spam

prevent spamming on social media

So, what is spamming and why social media platforms have the feature to detect and ban posts as spam?

Here is a one-word answer,

To clean their platforms from spamming.

With the rise of the internet, spamming becomes the most dangerous thing.

Spammers use tons of tactics to get users information and use that information to fudge people.

Today most of us spend hours on social media so targeting people on social media became easy for spammers.

So, in the last few years, Facebook and other social media platforms updated their algorithms to fight with spam.

However, it’s a good thing, sometimes genuine ads and posts got trapped in their algorithm and treated as spam.

If we continue posting these types of ads and posts, chances are your profile will be banned by the respected social media channel.

So, what to do, if your ad or post is genuine but caught as spam, or what are precautions you need to take before and after posting that would save you from their spam algorithm?

Here’s what,

  • Always post that adds value to users.
  • Don’t post several times on one group or hashtag.
  • Don’t always use links on your posts.
  • Be informative not too salesy.
  • Always create professional posts.
  • Create ads with a professional touch that get instant approval.
  • Don’t join several groups or follow several people in a short period of time otherwise, your profile will get banned.
  • Read the documentation carefully, related to spamming provided by the social media channel.

If you follow these things, your posts will not be treated as spam.

Now let me provide you some great social media marketing resources.

Social Media Marketing Resources

Here are links to some videos, and tools which will help you succeed in social media marketing.



So What’s Next

Well, to dominate social media and leverage its power to skyrocket your sale, mastering social media marketing is a must.

Otherwise, you will lose your precious time and money.

Running ad campaigns is not so easy as you think of.

You need to learn to properly use them otherwise it will let your money vest.

Fortunately, you’ve just learned one of the best social media marketing guides which will help you learn it yourself.

The last thing you should do is bookmark this article on your web browser.

So that whenever you need guidance on your social media campaigns and strategy planning, you could easily access in with just one click.

Now its time to share this guide on your social circle so that others could get help from it and become successful in social media marketing.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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