How to Earn in Six Figures By Selling Online Courses in [2022]

Nowadays, selling online courses is one of the most lucrative semi-passive income opportunities for us.

Online mentors and educators are making millions of dollars by selling their online courses and guides.

BUT, most of us don’t know how to get success in creating and selling online courses.

SO, in this article, I’ll provide you with all the required information regarding creating and selling online courses like a pro.

Believe me, many peoples around the world became millionaires by executing the idea of online mentorship and education and pushing their online courses and guides to their followers.

If you want to skyrocket your earnings within a short time by selling online courses then…

Be with me till the end…

Online Courses: a Brief Introduction

what is online course

The Internet has changed our lives dramatically.

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Have you ever thought that when the world was facing lockdown during the Covid-19 Pandemic, school students had been continuing their education through video conferencing apps, and online courses?

That was the clear signal that the internet has changed our view of the traditional education system.

BUT, the script was written years ago, COVID-19 Pandemic was just an excuse to make it happen.

Anyways, now online courses are so much popular among us.

Online mentors and educators are leveraging online courses to print millions of dollars regularly.

And the beauty of this business idea is, you don’t need to bear manufacturing packaging and distribution cost.

It’s a time investment and semi-passive business idea.

Once you made your course, you can promote it to various marketing channels, and most of them are free or need a little amount of money.

I will describe below in detail, how to promote your online courses.

I will also describe why selling online courses is called a one-time investment and semi-passive business idea.

But First…

What is an Online Course?

An online course is a learning material provided by some niche experts which helps us to learn and understand the topic.

It can be in video, image, PDF, eBook, or written form. It all depends on the educator, in what format he’ll make it.

Of course, he should take care of in what format his followers like to learn the course.

Otherwise, the chances are the course would not be sold well.

SO, now you know what is an online course, it’s time to learn why it’s called a lucrative business idea.

Why Selling Online Courses is a Lucrative Business Idea?

online course earning

In this section, you’ll learn why selling online courses is emerging as a lucrative online business idea for entrepreneurs like you?

There are several reasons behind this.

Let me explain to you all the reasons one by one.

Wide Audience Reach

All businesses need an audience. Because buyers for your products come from your audience. SO, it’s very very important for any business to create a good audience base.

Here, internet-based businesses beat traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

We all know, barely anyone in this world doesn’t use the internet. After the evolution of 3G and 4G mobile phones, even people from the third world are now used to the internet.

SO, you can easily imagine, instead of forming a traditional coaching business, an internet-based coaching business is far more lucrative in terms of audience reach.

People like me and other entrepreneurs throughout the world are making millions of dollars by selling online courses just because of the AUDIENCE REACH POWER on the internet.

Are you still confused about how to reach your potential audience on the internet?

Don’t worry, I have a beautiful article on how to reach your potential audience on the internet through social media which you must read before starting your online course selling business.

Semi-Passive Business

Time is money.

Benjamin Franklin | 1748

This quote is dam true when applies to our life. We don’t have much time in our life to do something better.

SO, time is money.

Creating and selling online courses opens your door to the semi-passive income world. That means once you create and set up your online course for selling after then you don’t need to work on it actively.

However, you have to work on marketing and updating the course as per the trend. BUT, these things don’t take much time for you.

You can easily manage things like marketing and updating the course by giving only 5-6 hours a week. It’s sufficient.

That’s the reason I’ve mentioned this section as SEMI-PASSIVE not passive.
Now, imagine…
You have a traditional brick-and-mortar coaching business. Then how much time do you have to give to your business?
Maybe the whole day?
Because in most of the traditional entrepreneurial businesses, the outcome is directly proportional to the time you put into your work.
Doing an online business is a time-saving approach and selling online courses is not out of this.

Actually, the goal of any online business is to get the passiveness ultimately and online courses selling business justify this goal.

One Time Investment (No Further Production Costs)

Unlike other online and offline business, selling online courses don’t need further production costs after you’ve created the course.

However, you can and should invest in online marketing to get sales and updates.

It’s the beauty of any digital product that once you’ve created that, there is no need to physically manufacture the same product.

Copying the digital product doesn’t need extra cost just need extra space on your computer or mobile.

SO, you call it a one-time investment business.

High Income and Margin Potential

As it’s a time investment business and doesn’t need further manufacturing you can book a higher profit percentage by selling online courses.

Suppose, you have a physical product and a digital product of the same cost ie;$100.

The manufacturing cost of the physical product needs $50 per piece. And, for a digital product, it’s $0.

In this case, you can book a 50% profit in physical products and 100% profit in digital ones.

NOW tell me, which type of product are you willing to sell?

More profit allows you to spend more money on marketing and this gets more sales and so on…

That approach creates a chain effect and lasts with a hockey stick growth in your business.

Well, here were the valid reasons, why you should start selling online courses?

BUT, the question is how do you create a successful online course that sells.

How to Create Online Courses?

create online course

The million-dollar question is, how you can create an online course that sells.

After showing you the benefits of starting an online course selling a business, I don’t want you to discourage, BUT the bitter truth is 90% of people don’t get success in it.

Just because of the lack of knowledge what sells?

SO, from here to the end I’ll describe to you how to create an online course and sell that successfully over the internet.

SO, let’s get ready for the first step…

Identify and Target Right Audience

The very first step before starting any business is to recognize your potential audience. As I’ve told you above, buyers are hidden inside your audience so it’s very important to identify your audience before proceeding.

How much important identifying and targeting the right audience is, we can see it by an easy-to-understand example.

Let’s suppose.

You have created a fitness course and tried to sell that online. NOW, if you approach a buyer who is not interested in losing fat then why would they buy your course?

BUT, when you offer the same course to a buyer who is already trying to lose his fat, then there is much more chance that he will buy your course.

Serving your product to a warm audience who is already in search of that is a wise decision.

Otherwise, you are just throwing your money and time into the garbage.

That’s the very reason, before creating your online course why you must understand who will be your potential buyer?

I’ll show you below, how you can FIND AND TARGET the right audience, but first, close your eyes, and think…


Find Their Extreme Need

NOW, when you have recognized your audience, it’s time to find their extreme need.

This step has two parts.

First, in which areas you have expertise.

Don’t worry, you do not need much expertise about the niche. BUT, at least you should have more knowledge than your potential audience. I have a great article about niche selection. You must read that…

Second, What does your audience want?

This is the second step after you’ve got the niche. When you got your niche you must find the pain points of your audience.

Let us again take the example of a fitness niche.

Think, who does need a fitness course?

Who is suffering from obesity? Right? Or if you narrow down it, maybe they just want to lose their belly fat? Or further, narrow down the niche, if you are a woman, you can target just women.

Now, you have an idea content,


You should create a course for women who want to lose their belly fat.

If you are thinking about where would you find those women then don’t worry, the section below “How to promote and sell online courses” is all about it.

Create and Formatting Compelling Content Around their Need

No matter, how good your audience analysis and marketing skills if your content is strong no one is going to buy that.

In the content marketing profession, there’s a common saying that,

Content is King

SO, creating compelling content around your audience’s pain point is a must if you want to make six figures by selling online courses.

I don’t think, I should teach you about how to create your content. You know better than me about that.


I have some quick tips for you that will help you with this.

  • Focus on creating video content. Video content is easy to understand and popular among internet users.
  • Organize your course in chapters.
  • A mix of video, slides, images and written content grabs more attention than a single type of content.
  • Be unique. Common contents are easily and freely available on the internet fo which people don’t want to spend their hard money.
  • Add the storytelling method in your courses.

How to Promote and Sell Online Courses?

promote and sell online courses

Before getting into this, I want to tell you an interesting incident. In India, when it comes to marriage, people are of very conservative thought.

When I was getting married, my father-in-law, asked me what is my profession. I told him I’ a blogger and earn through the internet.

Do you know his expression towards me after that?

He, looked at me with surprised eyes and asked how do I earn through the internet?

Well, I didn’t want to tell him the whole procedure, because it all was going over his head.

SO, I just smiled in reply. And, the rest was telling my lifestyle to him.

BUT, I want to tell you here the biggest secret of earning six figures through the internet, especially for those who want to create and sell their online courses.

Here are the methods…

Online Course Websites

online course selling websites

The first-ever and simple strategy for selling online courses are listing your course on online courses selling websites.

There are tons of websites around there that help you in serving your courses to potential buyers.

However, the most popular ones are Udemy and Coursera.

Listing your courses on these websites is so simple. You just need to create an account with them and then upload your course on their website through your dashboard.

That’s it.

BUT, as there would be thousands of similar courses already available on the website, it’s really hard to get sales in the first few months.

The second demerit is, as the competition is high, you have to list your course at a low price which is the biggest barrier to earning more money from here.

SO, I don’t recommend listing your courses on these websites. Instead, you can go with some other ways given below. These ways are much more fruitful than course selling websites.

You can earn thousands of dollars every month by trying the below methods.


become a blogger

The second and very effective way to sell your products is through Blogging.

Blogging establishes you as a niche expert in front of your audience. By sharing guides, tips, and tricks through your blog you can establish credibility towards your audience.

Once you establish yourself as a niche expert, you can sell them your course with some exclusive perks. Such as advanced tips, tricks, and guides.

That’s the way, topmost bloggers generate millions of dollars every month.

Blogging is also a proven marketing channel for affiliate marketing. You can sell your course as well as do the affiliate marketing side by side and book double profit.

However, it needs a few dollars per month upfront cost on web hosting and where you’ll create your blog. Domain cost is charged every year.

Don’t worry, it’s so easy and cheap to create a blog through some web hosting companies who provide managed WordPress hosting just for bloggers.

I recommend Bluehost WordPress managed hosting which costs just $3.95/month. I too have hosted my blogs with Bluehost and didn’t face any problem with them.

Email Marketing

email marketing for online courses

Email marketing is a proven way to generate income from any type of online business.

Whether it’s an eCommerce business or selling online courses, you need to be mastered in email marketing strategies.

In email marketing, we collect leads on our blogs or landing pages through signup forms.

When someone subscribes to our email signup form, we get their email address to nurture them about our products and services.

Email marketing is a very old marketing tactic, and of course the most efficient one.

Unlike other marketing channels, you have your supremacy over email marketing. You have your email list which you can use whenever you want to contact your followers.

If you combine email marketing with blogging then it can give tremendous results. To do this you can put an email signup form on your blog and collect emails through blog traffic.

One downside of email marketing is you have to pay email marketing companies to collect emails and send campaigns.

BUT, many companies provide a free trial for limited signups so you can use it free up to free tenure.

I use Convertkit and always recommend it to my readers as it’s ideally built for bloggers.

You get several premade templates, campaigns, and much more, and start your email marketing with just a few clicks.

As well as you get a free 15 days trial to try this out.

Do you want to check out Convertkit? Click here…

Social Media Marketing

online course marketing

According to Smart Insight’s report, around 4.55 billion people all over the world are on social media.

And do you know?

According to the Global social media research summary July 2020, They are spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on their favorite social media channel. You can verify this survey here.

All these data prove that there is a huge earning potential in social media.

After all, all of them are searching for information.

And, your course is an informational product.


If you would be able to dominate social media through your marketing skills then you can make millions a month.

BUT, social media marketing is different than blogging and email marketing. You can make a perfect mix of blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing to execute your course selling idea.

If you want to know how to effectively do social media marketing, then you must read my social media marketing guide. In this guide, I’ve thoroughly described how you can use social media marketing for selling any type of product.

YouTube Channel

Selling Online Courses youtube

And, last but not least – Youtube channel.

As the internet speed increases, the demand for video content increases. Youtube is evolved after 4G technology introduced and now it’s become the second-largest search engine in the world.

Merchdope says that the total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000 and YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day in 2020.

Now you can easily imagine how much potential Youtube has when it comes to selling something.

You can create a Youtube channel and share some informational and promotional videos on your channel to get started.

When your channel starts growing you can offer paid courses on your channel.

There are many people making millions of dollars by selling their professional courses through YouTube.

If you are struggling to decide on a good name for your YouTube channel then you can read my article on 5 Tips to Choose a Good Name For Youtube Channel.

Keys to Become Successful in Selling Online Courses

how to sell online courses

Till now in this article, you have read about online courses and how to create and sell them.

BUT, the million-dollar question is, are you ready to create a course in a niche?

Creating and selling online courses or whatever informational product needs some skills.

In this section, I’ll introduce you to some common skills, you need to become a successful online instructor.

Maybe you have them already. Maybe not…

BUT, the essence of this section is to encourage you to develop the missing skills required to become a successful online course seller.

WELL, the first one and most important skills are,

Become a Niche Specialist

You’ve decided on the niche in which you want to create your course.

NOW, what?

Do you have at least the required knowledge of your niche that would separate you from other enthusiasts?

Do you have some advanced knowledge of your niche that your followers don’t know?

If yes, then you are ready to be eligible for your online course.

To become successful in informational products, you must be a niche specialist.

Such as, my wife who has a home decor blog shares her advanced knowledge of interior designing with her audience. Do you know how much traffic she gets in her blog? thousands of visitors per month.

Just because, she is a niche expert and always tries to share advanced tips that her audience doesn’t know before.

That’s the very reason why I always suggest becoming a niche expert in all types of business. When you would be able to show that you have a better knowledge of the niche as compared to your audience that they definitely buy from you.

SO, become an expert in your niche before creating a course around that.

If you are struggling to choose your niche then I have a great article that will teach you how to pick a profitable niche around your expertise.

Make a good relationship with your Audience

Your audience is your future buyers.

SO, making a good relationship with your audience is good for your business. You should not just be a content-creating machine.

BUT, interact with your audience on social media, through emails, answering the comment on your blog, etc. When you start interacting with your audience on a regular basis, they start recognizing you and bonding will be established between you.

DO you know? Almost all successful content marketers interact with their audience on a regular basis and they admit that it is one of the important factors behind their success.

Become a Mentor for your audience

BUT, interacting with your audience is not just the solution.

Especially when you hold the expertise in the niche.

You have to become a mentor for them. After all, people start following you because of your expertise related to the niche. SO, not just entertain their queries but provide a solution to them.

Don’t be too Salesy

And, last but not least…

Don’t be too salesy

In the marketing field, it’s a very popular sentence that no one wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy

If you show them your intention that you are selling something to them, then you are not going to make any dollar.

Hard pinching your product can result in the loss of faith of your audience towards you and you can’t make money online.

SO, always soft pitch your audience and focus on providing tons of free value before pitching your paid course.

If you go by this route then success is inevitable.


Selling courses online is a million-dollar business if you follow the steps provided above.

BUT, getting success in this business takes time so you must have PATIENCE. I see 90 out of 100 people leave the ground before earning their first dollar, just because of a lack of endurance.

SO, I always suggest my readers keep the work up until they see your first dollars.

And, when you start seeing your first dollar, you will be eligible to earn millions.

It all depends on the amount of patience and following the right process.

All the best for your first online course.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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