How To Use Landing Pages to Make 6 Figure Business Empire

Back in my earlier days of blogging and internet marketing, I didn’t even know what are landing pages.

But with time I found the SECRET SAUCE of how to use landing pages to make a six-figure online business empire.

Today I am going to share those secrets with you.

Do you know?

The whole concept of Digital marketing revolves around landing pages.

I BET, If you master yourself in using them, it can literally generate a six-figure or even more income from internet marketing. 

According to Wordstream, 61% of companies run 5 or fewer landing page tests per month.

So, now you can imagine the importance of landing page in online business.

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What is a landing page?

The defination is simple.

A web page where your customers land through your given URL, see the details of your product or services and MAKE THE DECISION whether to TAKE ACTION (buy, join, download, etc) or NOT with the given CTA is called a landing page.

Here is a typical example of a landing page.

typical landing page

Landing pages are widely used on the internet for product selling, email capturing, polls, service introductions, etc.

9 out of 10 digital marketers and shopping websites use custom landing pages inside their sales funnel.

Okay, now let us know how to use them to get MORE and MORE and MORE sales.

7 Places Where Landing Pages Are Used

Landing pages are used in various ways. Below I have mentioned all the possibilities where you can use them to make your six-figure business.

The first one is

1. Search engine PPC Ads

ppc adds

Search engine PPC ads are decade old method of advertising on the internet.

The existence of PPC ads in today’s scenario proves that it really works and gives good ROI to marketers.

According to emarketer the PPC campaigns ROI is much more than social media ads.

The beauty of search engine PPC ads is you can pin target your customers through keywords searched on the internet – BUYER INTENT KEYWORDS. That means more sales.

Wondering how?

Here is the answer.

Suppose you want to buy a watch and searched for that on Google.

Now when you write your query something like “best watches under $200″ you get a bunch of results.

Now notice the upper section of the Google search. You get 2-3 ads about the best watches.

Depending on the title of the ad anybody can click through this ad and land to your landing page where they have the details of that watch plus the magical CTA button.

Search Engine PPC ads really converts well.

You just have to create a well-designed landing page which could well convert.

Then signup for Google AdWords or Bing Ads, create an ad campaign, give a stunning title for your landing page.

That’s it.

If your ad title and landing page are attractive enough, you will get sells.

2. Facebook Ads

facebook ads

In 2006 Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark would never think that his Facebook starts a social media culture that directly impacts the human brain.

Social media is a very powerful weapon today.

It involves the emotional aspect of our mind.

Clever business owners and service providers know that and build a social media presence from the day one they launch their product.

Facebook has a powerful paid ad feature which gets life from the huge data of Facebook users.

They have a wide variety of demographics like age, place, interest.

They give us the feature to choose those demographics to serve our ads on Facebook.

According to the use of the product, we can filter the audiences with age, interest, place and many more categories and target the right audience.

This type of targeting helps us to serve our product to the right kind of people who show their interest in the product.

The second half of the process is to design a high CTR landing page for your products.

If you did well you get a huge sale from Facebook.

The best part of Facebook ads is it is so cheap then Search engine ads like AdWords.

Note: I have used Facebook to build my email list as well as selling product and saw that email list building landing pages converts well on Facebook then product landing pages.

So I personally suggest you to use Facebook ads to grow your email list first then use those email lists to sell your product right into their inbox.

3. Events

events landing page

landing pages are widely used to collect signups for events.

If you have an event management company whether its offline event or online, you get a good audience through event signup form through landing pages.

The one thing you have to do is design a stunning event program landing page, embed a paid signup form from an email provider, and promote this landing page through various ad channels.

Note: Event landing pages are not helpful for organic search results.

The fact is the ranking of a page takes a lot of time, which could be after the date of the event. So don’t rely on organic SEO, instead use Facebook ads because Facebook ads convert well for events and signup landing pages.

4. Email Newsletter

email landing page

The most powerful marketing tool is collecting emails of the user and using it to sell your products throughout life.

Yes, email marketing is the best method of online marketing.

There are two processes of email marketing.

  1. Collecting emails.
  2. Sending Product related emails to your users through their email ID.

 1. I have already given a clue on how to collect emails of users.

There are many ways to collect emails from users. you can embed a signup form on your website homepage to collect emails.

But the very best method of collecting emails is creating a landing page and give a freebie like an ebook etc exchanging with their email ID.

You can use your website, Facebook ads, PPC ads etc to send the traffic to your signup landing page.

The main thing to consider is to target the right customer depending on your product niche.

2The second half of this process is to send emails containing the link to the landing page of your product.

If you collected the emails of the users who are interested in your niche, you are literally going to make a huge income.

Beware: don’t just spam the product landing pages links.

Instead, provide value to the customer 1st via the contents they love to read and watch. The ratio of valuable content emails and product landing pages should be 7:1.

When you adopt this approach, you will see the sales increase like a beast.

This is the very powerful methods of how to use landing pages for your business which is used by almost all the digital marketers.

5. Product Pre-launch

If you are working on a product and know that around a particular date the product will be ready you use the approach of product pre-launch.

You can design a landing page containing the features of your product with a buy button and promote this landing page to the various marketing channels.

Product pre-launch landing pages only work best when you have a previous customer base. If you are a newbie then this approach would not work.

You should consider building an audience base before pre-launch of your product.

To do this, create social profiles and pages in major social networks, post frequently valuable content on those profiles and pages, build a relationship with your social friends and followers by interacting with them.

You can use Social Pilot to automate your social media campaign.

At the same time create a blog on your niche and create content on your blog.

This whole process takes minimum 6-8 months because Google takes time to trust your blog, but its worth.

You will get the fruits in various ways when you create your own blog. If you have done proper SEO you will get a good amount of organic traffic within 6-8 months.

Now when you have establishes your online presence and built fame in your niche you are ready to pre-launch your product.

Ohh, I forgot to tell you just use your channels to collect emails from the 1st day which help you to convert your pre-launch landing page.

Now, you just have to design a landing page for the pre-launch of your product and push that to your email subscribers list, Facebooks ads and PPC ads.

6. Giveaway

giveaway landing page

Giveaway is a great idea to capture emails and other information.

Landing pages work great with this approach.

Design a landing page for your Giveaway product with a survey and collect emails of users.

This approach works well with Facebook ads because people on Facebook love free stuff.

You can giveaway digital as well as physical products.

You can also embed a form on your blog homepage pointing to the Giveaway landing page.

Just do that and you will be amazed by that how to use landing pages for your business in this way.

7. Free eBook – an old but effective strategy 

ebook landing page

The oldest and best approach for collecting emails and then selling products and services to customers is to provide a free ebook in an exchange with their email ID.

This method works well with blogs.

Because when a user lands on a blog the main motive of the user is to collect information about something.

If he sees a free ebook on your blog sidebar, he will happy to give his email ID for that ebook.

The best thing is you don’t have to spend a penny to create an ebook.

Just type what you know, convert the MS word format into PDF and attach this PDF file with the landing page where you are going to collect emails. Wondering how to do this?

Here it is…

You have to join an email marketing program like Aweber

Then use a landing page builder to design your landing page and connect your ebook with the landing page as when someone enters their email ID and hit enter, the ebook link will be sent to users email.

For this purpose, you can use Leadpages landing page builder.

The process of these two services is fully automatic and once you set up the campaign you don’t have to worry about.

The process is all done by these programs.

These two services are paid and there are free services like MailChimp and sunny page builders are available for the basic use but they are really basic and you can’t stay with them a while.

Note: If you buy Aweber or Leadpages services I will get a small commission that I think is useful for running my blog.

Why landing page design is important?

According to Neil Patel, one of the most popular digital marketing expert in the world, Landing Pages are the most important part of any online business.

The average CTR is mostly dependent on the quality of landing pages. So, you should always design a click-worthy landing page for your products or services otherwise, you will leave money on the table.

Here is a detailed guide on landing page design by Neil Patel you should read about, or you can view this video.

Conclusion: Landing Pages for online business

I think you are now aware of the importance of landing pages.

In every aspect of Internet marketing, you need this tool.

Every successful Internet marketer became successful just due to landing pages.

From event management to product selling all the areas of Internet marketing is dependent on landing pages.

So, use landing pages to sell your stuff or collecting emails which is the most valuable asset of a content creator.

You can start with free alternatives and when you get some sell you can upgrade it to a professional landing page builder and email marketing service.

If you have any queries related to landing pages the comment box is waiting for you.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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