30 Pro and Proven Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales in 2023

Are you struggling in getting sales from your affiliate links? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place. In this article, I’m going to share with you my 30 proven tips to increase affiliate sales in 2023.

If you have a blog or Youtube channel where you promote affiliate products but aren’t getting enough affiliate sales then you should read this article till the end.

Here I have shared, what I’ve learned from my 5 years of affiliate marketing career. So get some coffee, sit back and get ready to grab my secret and time-tested affiliate marketing sales tips.

30 Proven Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales in 2023

First off,

1. Use call to action buttons

Use call to action buttons

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or any online business, a proper call to action is required to get sales from your content. I use call-to-action buttons at the beginning and end of the article and ask people to click on the button.

Such as,

These are some examples of call-to-action buttons that I use in my articles. People don’t want to search for the product after reading your article. They want a direct link. So, provide them with a proper call-to-action button that would redirect them to the product.

If you are a Youtuber then you should mention that the link is given in the description so that people could checkout and click through your affiliate link. Mentioning the affiliate links on your Youtube videos is also known as a call to action.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.


Remember: Don’t give the naked links. Otherwise, people don’t tend to click on your links. Instead, use call-to-action buttons or anchor text. Youtube description is an exception because Youtube only allows naked links.

2. Use well defined tables

Use well defined tables

I have seen in my article that where I have used tables, the click-through rate is increased. So, I always try to use descriptive tables and provide affiliate links and buttons inside the table.

Using tables in my articles not only increases the click-through rate but also improves SEO. Google ranks those articles containing well-defined tables. Even, tables increase the possibility to grab the snippet box in Google search.

If you are reviewing a product then you can use tables to give pros and cons and the features of the product and provide the affiliate link inside the table to increase your affiliate sales.

3. Use Product Specific exit intent pop-up 

I always use a pop-up box in my review articles in which I provide a call to action related to that specific affiliate product.

When someone landed on my review article and want to leave after reading it, my product-specific exit-intent popup appears and asks them to click and check out that product before leaving.

product-specific exit-intent popup increases your affiliate sales by 34%. So, use this proven strategy to increase your affiliate sales.

4. Search for new offers

In the affiliate marketing world, new products are introduced every day. So, you should always search for new affiliate programs to diversify your earnings.

I always search for new affiliate programs to offer something new to my audience. Another big reason why should you search for a new affiliate program is you can’t stand against the competition for already established affiliate programs.

That’s why you should hunt for new programs every day.

5. Add Buyer intent keywords in articles

According to SEMRush, there are four types of keywords on the internet.

  1. Informational keywords – Answers to a specific question or general information.
  2. Navigational keywords – To find a specific site or page.
  3. Commercial keywords – Investigate about brands or services.
  4. Transactional keywords – To complete an action or purchase.

The first 2 types of keywords are generic keywords and don’t bring you many sales. But the last 2 keyword types are buyer intent keywords, which bring you more sales as compared to “Informational” and “Navigational” keywords.

Some examples of “Buyer Intent” keywords are,

  • Buy Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Review
  • Best Puma T-shirts for Jogging.

If you target these types of keywords, you will definitely see a rise in your affiliate sales.

6. Build relation with Affiliate managers

Most of the affiliate programs and networks assign you “affiliate managers” to resolve your issues and queries related to the affiliate product.

You should always build better relations with your affiliate managers because they are the bridge between you and the affiliate program.

An affiliate manager is the only person who wants you to grow your affiliate sales. So, they help from all angles to increase your affiliate earnings.

You can ask them for personalized coupon codes, exclusive offers, and the strategies other existing affiliates are using to increase their affiliate sales.

After joining an affiliate program, the first thing I do is shoot an email to my affiliate manager and ask them for personalized coupon codes and special offers.

If your offer is unique which no one is offering then your affiliate sales will definitely rise.

7. Join affiliate forums and groups

Affiliate forums and groups are very useful for beginners. If you are a beginner and want to learn affiliate marketing then you should join affiliate forums and groups.

Smart Income Sutra has its own affiliate marketing Facebook group where users discuss affiliate marketing which would be very useful for you.

You can also join forums like “AffiliateFix” or “I Am Affiliate” forums and participate in pro discussions on affiliate marketing.

You can also search on Facebook for affiliate marketing groups and join them to get updated about what is happening in affiliate marketing.

8. Diversify affiliate partners

When you create your blog or website, don’t make it too narrow niche-specific. Always try to keep a balance between low competition and wide niche.

For example, if you want to start a blog around “shoes” then narrow the niche down up to “sport shoes for kids”, not up to “sports shoes for kids in the USA”. Or I would suggest keeping the niche up to “Sports Shoes”.

This way, you will open the door to target different types of affiliate products. And when you target several different affiliate products in the same blog, eventually, your affiliate sale will rise.

I hope you understood what I’ve said.

The motive of this approach is to diversify your affiliate partners. That way if one affiliate product will be closed, you will have other products to sell on your site.

9. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best weapons of an affiliate marketer. According to barilliance.com, in 2021 the average open rate of funnel emails was 43.76%, and the CTR was 15.22%.

This is quite better than any other form of marketing. In social media, you will get anywhere from 1%-6% conversion rate. So, you can imagine how helpful is email marketing for businesses.

I am using email marketing for the last 3 years and acquired 10,000 followers who are very interested in my stuff.

I have 3 websites and I use email marketing on each of them to acquire the most targeted followers. I nurture them with my emails and turn them into long-lasting customers with my funnel emails.

From my own experience, I would say that email marketing is one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales.

I use GetResponse email marketing service to create landing pages, email opt-ins, and send emails to my followers.

10. Start Youtube channel

As I observed, the public interest is shifting from written content to video content so, I have recently started my Youtube channel in the name of my blog “Smart Income Sutra“.

Youtube videos can dramatically increase your affiliate sales. You just have to introduce your affiliate products on your videos and put your affiliate link in the description.

You can also redirect them to your blog pages which increases blog traffic as well as affiliate sales.

After starting my Youtube channel, I have seen a significant rise in my affiliate sales.

You should also do this. Don’t tie yourself into one form of content. Use social media, Youtube, and other forms of content to build a brand image around your business.

11. Post additional content on social media

social media marketing strategy

Social media help us to make awareness about our brand. This also fits with a blog. When you start a blog you must treat that as a brand.

You should create awareness about your blog in different social media accounts, forums, and Youtube and post relevant content there.

By doing this you are building a strong brand image around your blog which will help you in the future when Google and users recognize you as a business, not as an individual person.

I have social media accounts for all my blogs and post regularly on these channels to get more and more followers.

If you also do this, soon you will see a rise in your affiliate sales.

Disclosing affiliate links is a must in 2023. If you are not disclosing affiliate links then you are building a negative image in the eyes of Google, your website visitors, and followers.

When you disclose affiliate links that you get compensation when someone purchases through that link, the visitor trusts you as a legitimate business and buys from your link.

If you do not disclose your affiliate links then the visitor treats you as a spammer which negatively affects your sales.

I always put a one-line discloser on every page and link that to my affiliate disclosure page. I started using discloser text on my pages in early 2021 and my affiliate sales increased to 10% after that.

13. Share discount codes

Discount codes are the “Holy Grail” of marketing. People always search for discount codes to buy their favorite products at special prices.

All the millionaire bloggers became millionaires by sharing special affiliate product discount codes with their followers.

When you share personalized coupon codes to the products that your followers want to buy, you will make them happy to get their favorite products at special prices.

That does not only benefit them but also you to stand yourself separate from the crowd and make your own branding and credibility.

I always try to get exclusive coupon codes from the merchants to benefit my followers which gets me more affiliate sales.

14. Publish comparison pages

social media platform comparison chart

Writing comparison articles on your blog is one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales.

Product comparison is a buyer intent keyword targeting trick that allows your readers to compare two or more products and select one of them to buy.

25% of the articles on my website are product comparison articles. Through these articles, I get 30% of my affiliate sales.

So, this is my tested article writing practice and I recommend you to write product comparisons if you are struggling in getting affiliate sales.

15. Publish Product Reviews

Just like product comparison articles, I write product reviews on my blog to show the features, pros, and cons of a product.

Product review is the most targeted buyer intent keyword targeting practice. Everyone, in this world, reads product reviews to get more information before buying a product.

So, writing product reviews increases your chances to get more affiliate sales. That’s why I always recommend writing product reviews.

16. Post product roundups

Another great way to increase affiliate sales is through product roundups. Product roundup is a form of content that features several products within a category or theme.

We can also say it is a list post. I have several product roundup articles on my blog and get almost 30% affiliate sales from these posts.

You should also create product roundup content on your blog or Youtube channel to get more affiliate sales on these products.

17. Run ads around peak shopping times

When you promote affiliate products during peak shopping times such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” you will surely get more affiliate sales.

Because people search for their favorite products at discounted prices and during the peak shopping season these products are available at discount.

That’s why if you promote these products during shopping times you will get more affiliate sales.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate products in peak shopping times is through display ads. You can run display ads on your website to get more affiliate sales.

18. Narrow down to country specific traffic

A blog has two types of audiences, global and country-specific. If your blog or Youtube channel serves a particular country-specific content then you should narrow down your targeting.

You should narrow your traffic to country-specific. That way you can get more affiliate sales.

Especially, when the product is country-specific. I have three blogs and one of them is global and the others are country-specific.

So, I always try to narrow down my audience to country-specific.

19. Hunt for high volume low competition keywords

When it comes to blogging Youtbing, nothing is better than the low competition and high volume keywords. However, finding out these keywords take research and time.

BUT, if you get some good keywords, and your content is evergreen, you will be getting continuous affiliate sales.

So, my approach is to grab low competition and high volume keywords and work on them to get more and more affiliate sales.

Even, I have several articles on my blogs that are ranking well on these types of keywords.

I use SEMRush to find out the low competition and high volume keywords. If you want to try out SEMRush for free then click here.

google analytics

Tracking your affiliate links is the best practice for every successful affiliate marketer. You should always track your affiliate links to know what is happening around your affiliate promotion.

If people are not clicking on the link then maybe you have to update the call-to-action. If people are clicking on the link but not converting then maybe the product is irrelevant to them or not good.

All these insights you will get by tracking your affiliate links. Google has a free tool in Google analytics which is called Tag manager which allows you to put tags on your site which tracks the affiliate link clicks.

I recommend you to use Google analytics to track your affiliate links. Alternatively, you can also use Thirsty Affiliates to track your affiliate links (if you have a WordPress website).

21. Create Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are the important ingredient of affiliate marketing. A landing page is a bridge page between your audience and the affiliate products.

A well-optimized landing page has the ability to boost your affiliate sales. Especially, when you are running paid ads.

So, you should work on creating conversion-optimized landing pages to increase your sales. I have written these two articles on landing pages which you should read before getting started with landing pages.

22. Use A/B Testing to Identify for Best-Performing Content

A/B testing is one of the most important methods when you are doing affiliate marketing. It helps you find out what is working and what is not working at all.

Let’s take an example.

If you are doing affiliate marketing through Google Ads then you should create multiple ad formats to test which is converting more.

After you will be sure about which ad is getting more sales, you can continue with that ad.

That’s how you can do A/B testing in paid ads.

Similarly, if you are implementing popup on your site then you should create different popups and see which one is converting well. And, continue the most converting one.

I always create at least 2 popups, info bars, etc to check which one is performing better and then implement the best one on my site. That’s how I increased my affiliate sales by 8%.

23. Add tools and resources page on your blog

Pat Flynn, the world’s most famous blogger, and podcaster have admitted that implementing tools and resources page on your blog increases affiliate sales.

He earned millions of dollars by just sharing his recommendations on the tools and resources page on his blog.

Even, I have shared my own recommendations on my tools and resources page and I get a good number of conversions from this.

tools and resources smart income sutra

That’s why I suggest bloggers and affiliate marketers create a tools and resources page and connect that to the main menu of their website.

24. Repurpose Your Existing Content

Old is gold…Only when you polish it from time to time.

Repurposing your old articles and creating a Youtube video around that or updating with new information is a great way to increase your affiliate sales as well as improve SEO.

I update my articles every 6-7 months with new and fresh content to make it fresh for the users as well as Google.

This way I give Google a strong signal to rank my old article as well.

I also make videos around my old blog posts and share them on Youtube to get a few more affiliate sales and site visits.

25. Work on SEO

If you have a long-term online business plan then you must work on SEO. SEO or search engine optimization brings you the most valuable and sustainable traffic from search engines.

SEO is a vast topic to cover in this article. But don’t worry, I have already written some good SEO-related articles which will help you understand and implement this on your website.

Here are these articles,

26. Use Merchant’s Marketing Resources

When you join an affiliate program, the merchant provides you with some pre-built ad assets such as email templates, advertisement banners, etc.

These assets are tested by the merchant and other affiliate marketers so the click-through rate is more than your own content.

That’s why I recommend my readers to use merchants’ assets and resources to get more affiliate sales.

You should also read merchants’ blog posts, participate in their forums and community to get an idea of how others are getting sales on their affiliate products.

27. Start a Podcast

start a podcast affiliate sales increase

Pat Flynn, the famous blogger has built a large community around his blog by his podcasts. He is a blogger as well as a podcaster.

He diverts his audience from his podcasts to the blog where he has affiliate links to the products he recommends on his podcasts. That’s how he get affiliate sales.

Starting a podcast around your topic is not a bad idea. If you have the skill to entertain people with your voice then you must start a podcast to scale up your affiliate marketing business.


IN countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, when people see your affiliate tracking code in the link, they remove that and then put that link to the browser to get the products.

I don’t know, what they do that because buying through affiliate links costs them the same as buying without an affiliate link. There is no benefit of removing the affiliate tag at all.

Fortunately, we have some tools which cloak affiliate links to your own branded links. This will benefit you in two ways. First people won’t remove your affiliate links from the clocked link and second, you can have your own branding in your links.

I use Thirsty Affiliates to clock my affiliate links. this is a WordPress plugin that not only clocks your link but gives you the analytics of link clicks.

29. Post answers on Quora

post answers on quora increase affiliate sales

In recent years, Quora became the largest question-answer website on the web. You will get all your answers in Quora.

So, why not take advantage of this incredible question-answer site?

Join Quora, answer people’s questions and put your blog as well as affiliate links in the answer. That’s how you can increase your affiliate marketing sales in Quora.

30. Use AIDA copywriting formula to create your content

Last, but not least, using AIDA copywriting formula is one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales. There are 4 parts of the AIDA copywriting formula.

  • Attention – This is the first part of the article which helps you to grab the attention of reader about what your have written.
  • Interest – The second part of the article should be written as to create interest on the content.
  • Desire – The third part of the article should plant a desire in thier hearts to get the reccomended product or service.
  • Action – And the 4th and final part of the article should be the action part including call-to-action which helps your reader to take action accroding to your seggesion.

If you create content like this, you will definitely get more affiliate sales than ever.


So, here were the 30 proven tips to increase affiliate sales in 2023. I think if you implement these tips on your blog or Youtube channel then you will divinely see a rise in your affiliate earnings.

I have tested around 20 of them and scaled up my affiliate earnings.

That’s it,

Don’t forget to share this article on social media so that others could get the benefit of this.

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Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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