What is The Future of Digital Marketing in India in 2022

As I am a professional digital marketer, blogger, and instructor, often people ask me about the future of digital marketing in India.

Digital marketing is one of the emerging career options nowadays. However, it was there on the internet for the last 4-5 years, but not so popular. Lockdown made it one of the popular career options in India.

We all know that during the lockdown, online businesses witnessed huge growth because we all were in our homes and the internet was our only source of entertainment. That made digital marketing or internet marketing so popular.

But, what about now when lockdown is ended and regular markets are open in India? Will the craze of digital marketing continue? Or, it would vanish like several others in the past?

Today, when several universities in India are launching their digital marketing courses and their seats are filling fast due to the craze of digital marketing that was built during the lockdown, would it be beneficial for the students to join these courses?

The million-dollar question is what is the future of digital marketing in India?

In this article, I will provide some important information about digital marketing so that you can evaluate it according to future demand.

Well, let me first describe,

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What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is a very vast field that is a mixture of several marketing practices through the internet.

So we can say, “digital marketing is the art of selling through internet”.

Blogging, internet-based advertising, eCommerce, influencer marketing, online video creation like Youtubing, social media, etc, all come under digital marketing if it involves selling products, services, and even thoughts to internet users.

Do you know, even in the last two general elections of India, digital marketing is vastly used to advertise for political parties? Political parties formed their own digital marketing cells to do digital marketing for them.

But, we can’t evaluate it according to today’s scenario. We have to look into the future demand of digital marketing.

In the next section, we’ll discuss why digital marketing is going to be a bright career option for us in near future.

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Future of Digital Marketing in India

What is internet marketing

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen the power of the internet.

We all were locked in our homes and the only source of entertainment and work was the internet.

During the lockdown, work from home culture evolved, especially in the sectors where the internet is an essential part of the work.

As a result, internet-based businesses grew like never before.

Here are some statistics of eCommerce and online advertisement from lockdown 2020.

  • Online eCommerce sales jumped 45% year-over-year during 2020-lockdown (Digital Commerce 360)
  • Grocery delivery and pickup through eCommerce grew about 5x from August 2019 to November 2020, during the pandemic causing a surge in online grocery shoppers. (Statista)

eCommerce and the online service sector witnessed huge growth during the lockdown.

All these businesses are empowered by internet marketing or digital marketing.

Obviously, there had been a boom in the digital marketing industry during the lockdown.

But, the question is the popularity and need of digital marketing would continue after lockdown?

The answer is YES…

The future of digital marketing is very bright in near future.

Let’s see some statistics about the future growth in the eCommerce and online services sector

  • There is a new type of eCommerce emerged due to the pandemic, social eCommerce is predicted to grow from 3.2% to  4.3% of all eCommerce sales this 2021-22 (eMarketer)

SO, even after the lockdown period has finished, the growth in digital marketing will definitely continue in near future.

The taste of human blood made the tiger man-eater.

I know the above example is a bit scary but it fits perfectly in the case of human nature.

We have tested the power of the internet during the lockdown and we want the whole meal now.

That’s the very reason why business gurus are predicting digital marketing as an emerging career option for Indians and the rest of the world.

However, digital marketing is not new for Indians. All online Indian B2C companies have been using it for at least 10-years to reach their customers.

BUT, now small Indian businesses are also coming online to tap online customers.

Not just small businesses but, Indian content creators like Bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers are also using this powerful tool to serve products and services to their followers.

Even schools, colleges, and universities are hiring digital marketing experts to expand their business online.

SO, becoming a digital marketing expert in India is a very lucrative career option these days.

I am the live example who earns his bread and butter from the internet through blogging, Youtubing, and other online digital marketing services.

Conclusion: Future of Digital Marketing in India

SO, above you’ve seen how digital marketing has emerged as a lucrative career option during 2021.

In near future, where the internet will influence a large portion of the market, digital marketing is bound to grow.

If you choose digital marketing today then you would be one of those fortunate people who will rule the Indian digital marketing market.

Today, the Indian digital marketing market is its infant age, however, in the upcoming 2-3 years there would be much more competition there.

SO, choose it TODAY, master it and establish yourself as one of the masters of digital marketing.

The more you acquire knowledge in this field, the more money you will demand from your clients.

Comment below, if you have any questions regarding the digital marketing career in India.

And, share this article only with your close friends who are interested in digital marketing.

All the best…

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