Ezoic Vs AdSense: Which is Best Ad Network For Bloggers? And Why!!

In this article, I will compare Ezoic Vs Adsense through my real-life experience. This is going to be a little biased towards Ezoic. I will show you why? SO, if you want to earn more ad revenue then read this article till the end.

As a blogger since 2015, I know the “very first income source for bloggers is through ad networks”. And, when it comes to ad networks, the first choice for any blogger is “Adsense“.

BUT, there are other platforms that pay much higher CPC than AdSense. Even some of them are using AdSense certified partner programs to serve ads yet they beat AdSense itself.

They have developed an AI algorithm to get the best out of ad serving which ultimately maximizes the revenue. Ezoic is one of those Ad Networks, which maximizes AdSense earnings with the help of their complex algorithm.

I have been using it on my website for the last 18 months and got better results. Most of the bloggers are struggling to get approval from AdSense. They ignore that other ad networks can make them more revenue than AdSense.

That’s why I thought I should come with an Ezoic Vs AdSense article that would clear all your doubts and help you to choose the better ad network for your blog.

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Ezoic Vs Adsense: Which is the Best ad Network?

Most of the bloggers, “Especially Newbies” think that AdSense is the best ad network. So, they always try to get AdSense approval for their websites.

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And, when AdSense disapproves of their websites for any reason, they get disappointed and lose their morale. They don’t try other ad networks.

They get influenced by some “SO-CALLED” blogging influencers on their blogs and Youtube where they are said that other ad networks are just scams. Only AdSense is the hope for bloggers.

BUT, this is not true. There are other legitimate ad networks available that really pay and not just pay but pay more CPC than AdSense.

Ezoic is one of those ad networks.

Here are my Ezoic earnings that tell you it pays its publishers.

ezoic earning proof ezoic vs adsense

These are the payouts that Ezoic paid for my one website. I have implemented Ezoic on multiple websites.

Here is the ePMV on my Ezoic dashboard which is way higher than Adsense.

ezoic epmv

Well, as per my case study, Ezoic is the best ad network than AdSense.

Because Ezoic does not just offer ad placements but also other attractive features such as website speed, analytics, and premium ad serving.

I will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of both Ezoic and AdSense in this article.

BUT, first…let us know more about Ezoic and AdSense.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a combination of tools including website analytics, ad network, website speed tool, CDN provider, etc.

It is launched in 2010 as an AI-based solution for digital publishers looking to earn more revenue through their website, and blogs. Ezoic offers website analytics features, website speed-up tool (Leap), CDN, and some other useful features “FREE OF COSTS” to their publishers.

Ezoic uses its “AI ad serving algorithm” to display the most relevant ads on your website which dramatically increases your ad revenue.

They are associated with Google certified publishing partner program hence even you are not an existing Google AdSense publisher you can join them through Ezoic.

Ezoic also has a premium ad serving feature where you can enroll to publish Google’s premium ads on your website. Premium ads get you more revenue than normal ads. however, “Ezoic premium ads” is a paid feature of Ezoic with multiple plans for all types of publishers $18/Month.

I earn some more revenue as an “Ezoic premium ads” subscriber. Well, if you don’t want to get into a paid subscription, you can still earn a good revenue with Ezoic for free.

If we talk about the other features of Ezoic then “Leap” and “CDN” are the best ones. Leap is Ezoic’s flagship feature that speeds up your website as per “Google page speed insights” terms.

Most of the bloggers who are using Google AdSense on their blogs complain that their website becomes slow after implementing AdSense.

BUT Ezoic’s website speeds up features “Leap” and “CDN Cache” help you to speed up your website without any extra costs.

I have seen a significant improvement after implementing Ezoic’s website speed features on my blog. Here is the proof.

ezoic leap feature ezoic vs adsense

This is the mobile speed score of my blog which was below 60 before configuring Leap and Ezoic CDN on my blog.

Ezoic is the overall website improvement tool available for free that also offers you ad publishing on your website without prior approval with AdSense. It acts as an ads publishing aggregator between publisher and Google AdSense.

What is Google Adsense?

AdSense is an ad network by Google. Website owners apply to the AdSense publisher program. When they get approved by AdSense, they will be eligible to show ads on their websites.

No doubt, Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks in the world.

BUT, the biggest problem with AdSense is they don’t simply approve any website. There is a set criterion for website approval in AdSense.

Your website must have some traffic and original content to get approval. However, it’s easy to get approval from AdSense for a small website with little traffic.

On the other side, Ezoic does not approve websites with less than 10,000 monthly pageviews. If your website has more than 10,000 monthly pageviews then you will easily get approval from zoic in 24-48 hours.

The other demerit of AdSense is they don’t have as good an AI algorithm as Ezoic that reads your website data to serve the most relevant ads on your website which ends you up getting less revenue. Sometimes you have to implement the ad placements manually which is time-consuming.

That’s why I don’t prefer Ezoic over Google AdSense.

Now, we know the basics of both Ezoic and AdSense online ad platforms.

It’s my duty to show you the pros and cons of both the ad publisher platforms so that you could evaluate them and make a better decision. So in the next 2 sections, you will read all the pros and cons of Ezoic as well as AdSense.

Ezoic Pros and Cons

First off…Ezoic Pros and Cons.


  • Ezoic is an AI based ad serving tool which reads your website’s content and place the ads as per the content demand. This will encourage your visitors to click on the ads and ultimatly incsease your ad revenue.
  • Ezoic also provides website speed up features such as Leap and Ezoic CDN Cache which boosts your website loading time and eventually help you rank better on Google search.
  • It has an amazing analytics feature which shows you all the data related to your website. You can use those data to make further changes to your website.
  • If AdSense didn’t approve your application then you can approach to Ezoic. There is no need to apply separately on AdSense and Ezoic. Ezoic sends your application to AdSense and and mostly they approve applications sent through Ezoic.
  • Ezoic also has premium ad publishing program. Through this program, Ezoic shows premium ads to their publisher’s property. By enrolling to thier Premium Ad publisher program you can earn some extra revenue from the same property.
  • All the Ezoic services are free to use upto 50,000 monthly page views except Ezoic Premium.


Well, not every product is perfect. Along with the advantages, It’s my duty to show you also the disadvantages. So, here are the cons of the Ezoic ad publisher platform.

  • Ezoic has two seperate plans for Under 10k visits/Month websites and above 10k visits /Month websites. They provide only basic features for Under 10k visits/Month websites. It would be great if the same plan were there for small and big websites.
  • To show premium ads on your websites you have to enroll in thier paid program which starts from as low as $18/Month which carries extra costs on the blogger.
  • If you don’t want to show Ezoic ads on your website then you have to pay $5.99/Monthly for their other services like Leap and CDN.

I really didn’t find any measure “CDN” to add here however what I found mentioned here.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Pros and Cons

Google AdSense is the most popular ad publisher network in the world. The tag of Google behind this program makes it a legitimate ad network. But, why did Google Adsense can’t beat Ezoic in terms of revenue?

Well, let me show you the pros and cons of Google AdSense.


  • Google AdSense is Google’s ad publisher network so you can trust on it with closed eyes.
  • There is no minimum website visit cap to get Google AdSense approval. People get approval on websites which has only daily 100 visits.
  • There is no payment delay in Google ADSense. You will get paid on the next following month as soon as you have $100 on your account.
  • It gives more CPM then other ad networks.


  • Google AdSense slows down your website loading time, which is very very important in terms of SEO these days. If your website doesn’t passes the Google Search Insight speed score test then your web pages won’t rank well on search. On the other side, Ezoic has Leap and CDN features that delay ads on page loading and imporves your website speed score.
  • However, you can implement Google AdSense on your website by putting just one JavaScript on header section yet it’s difficult to put the ads in proper format and places. Managing placeholders in Google AdSense is difficult then Ezoic.
  • There is no premium ad section in Google AdSense.
  • No Leap or CDN feature avaiable in Google AdSense.
  • And the most important thing, You get far better revenue on Ezoic compared to Google AdSense. How Ezoic does this, I will show you later in this article.

Do you want to know how Ezoic works to perform better the Google AdSense? Let me show you.

How Ezoic works

Most of us think that Ezoic is an Ad Network but Actually, it’s not.

Ezoic has an “ad mediation tool” which allows you to sign in with 50+ ad networks along with Google AdSense. If you are an existing Google AdSense publisher then you can link your account with Ezoic or if you are a new publisher then you can join Google AdSense through Ezoic.

You can also join other ad networks through Ezoic. BUT, in this article, we will only talk about Google AdSense.

After the approval from AdSense, you can enable monetization on the Ezoic dashboard, and then Ezoic’s AI strat scans your website on daily basis and try to pull the most relevant ads from AdSense.

Ezoic AI takes time up to months to fully scan and implement the ad placement strategies on your site. So you can see the revenue improvement with time.

Ezoic Strictly suggests the publishers keep it enable for at least 2 months to see desired results.

With time you will see, your website revenue is beating your past Google AdSense revenue. It all became possible through the artificial intelligence running behind Ezoic.

Their artificial intelligence serves the most relevant ads on your website and gets increased revenue from the same Google AdSense network you had been using before Ezoic.

SO, the bottom line is, Ezoic improves your ad placements, ad serving, and speeds up your website which results in increased revenue.

What is Leap in Ezoic?

Ezoic leap

Leap is a flagship tool of Ezoic which is launched after Google made it mandatory to have a good website speed.

Ezoic launched it to diagnose and apply some settings that speed up your website. Leap diagnose your website infrastructure and suggest you make changes so that it would become faster and complies with Google page speed score.

It also applies some other settings on your website to make it faster. If you are using Ezoic CDN to serve your content then you can configure Leap to make your website way faster than before.

Remember, even 1 second in page loading time matters a lot. Research shows that if your website doesn’t open in under 3 seconds, the visitor skips to the second website which affects your page ranking.

Let’s take a look at Ezoic Leap dashboard.

ezoic leap dashboard

You can see different tabs there such as Overview, Core Vitals, Optimization settings, technologies, Ezoic lab, and Leaderboard.

You can also see the Core Vital Score of the last 28 days for your website.

As you can see my Mobile speed score is 94 and Desktop speed score is 83. Do you know what was my page speed score before implementing Ezoic? My page speed score for both mobile and desktop was below 60.

After implementing Ezoic on my website I have noticed a better ranking on Google.

And, the best thing is, you don’t need to set up Leap yourself. Ezoic team will set it up for you for the first time and even whenever you need help you can create a support ticket from the Leap dashboard and they will take care of your queries.

How Ezoic increases Your Ad publishing Earnings?

Now let’s discuss the most important part of this article.

To understand how Ezoic increases your ad earnings you need to understand their economic system.

Ezoic is the official partner of several ad networks, especially Google AdSense. So, when you signup with Google AdSense through Ezoic or link your existing AdSense account with Ezoic, the AI starts collecting data from your site.

The AI, starts reading your website content and also collecting the user behavior data on your site. Then it evaluates the collected data to determine what your users actually want to see.

Eventually, Ezoic start serving the most relevant ads to the position where your users take most of the time on your website. For example, if your user takes more time on reading your page intro then Ezoic AI starts serving ads there.

On top of that, Ezoic AI evaluates each page individually and serves ads on page-based behavior. It helps if your website has different types of pages and posts.

That’s how Ezoic increases your ad earnings dramatically.

How Much Your Earning Increases with Ezoic?

Ezoic can maximize your earning to multi-folds. Before joining Ezoic my website’s CPC was around $1 but after implementing Ezoic the CPC was increased to $15.

For you I have here I have shared my website’s CPC on both platforms.

adsense CPC
ezoic CPC

You can see how my CPM was increased on Ezoic. The ad network was the same as “AdSense” but the wise implementation made it do a miracle on my website.

However, the content on the website also plays a big role in the CPM. If your content is buyer intent then you will receive a good CPM otherwise you will get a lower CPM.

BUT, Ezoic really increases your CPM to multi-folds.

Is Ezoic Free to Join

Ezoic is absolutely free to join for those who want to implement their ads on their website. BUT, if need at least 10,000 page views per month to get the approval.

If you do not want to implement ads on your website then you have to pay $5.99/Monthly for their other services like Leap and CDN.

The cost increase as per your website traffic.

I would recommend you to put Ezoic ads on your website. In this way, you don’t need to pay anything to use their other features. Ezoic ads don’t slow down your website but, the Leap and CDN feature even make your website faster.

How to get started with Ezoic

You can easily get started with Ezoic.

Here, I have shared just the basic steps here. However, you can always get help from Ezoic implementation articles to integrate Ezoic on your site. You can also reach out to their support team through Live Chat or ticket system to get help on this.

  • Signup with Ezoic as thier publishing partner through this link.
  • use one of thier integration methods to connect Ezoic with your website. The integration methods are WordPress plugin, Ezoic Name Server and Cloudflare.
  • I would reccomend you to use NameServer method which allows you to benefit from all the Ezoic features. It takes maximum 24-48 hours to fully roleout the nameserver integration.
  • Now signup to Google AdSense through Ezoic or if you have already a Google AdSense acocunt the signin with that account on Ezoic dashboard
  • Implement Ezoic ads on your Dashboard from Ezoic Monetization feature.
  • Don’t forget to enable Ezoic’s Ads.TXT on your website. You can find out this on Ezoic Monetizattion tab.
  • And ads will start showing on your website.

What is Ezoic Premium

Ezoic has an add-on feature called “Ezoic Premium” in which they serve the premium ads on your website. Obviously, you will get some more ePMV via premium ads serving.

BUT, the feature is chargeable. You have to pay at least $18/Month to use this on your websites. The plans are automatically selected as per monthly page views.

Sucha s, if your monthly page views are between 10k-15k you will be eligible for their basic plans which start from $18/Month.

Here’s how Ezoic Premium works to serve premium ads on your website.

how ezoic premium works

Ezoic FAQ

How Ezoic increases the ad revenue on your website?

Ezoic has an AI algorithm that reads your website and then serves the most relevant ads on the commonly visited areas on your website. This will increase the CPM and eventually your earnings.

Is Ezoic Premium worth paying the monthly subscription?

Yes, Ezoic always tries to make you more revenue than you pay for the premium subscription.

How much you can earn from Ezoic?

It depends on the website traffic and CPM. If your website is in high CPM niches and you are getting a good amount of traffic then you can earn more revenue. Most of the time Ezoic’s ePMV lies between $10-$25 for tier one countries.

Can I join Ezoic without showing ads?

Yes, but you have to pay at least $5.99/Month to use their website speed up features.

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

We can’t compare Ezoic with AdSense because AdSense is an Ad network that deals directly with advertisers. On the other hand, Ezoic is a mediation cum site speed tool that serves the existing AdSense ads cleverly on your website to increase your revenue. Definitely, you will get more revenue on Ezoic than AdSense.

Conclusion: Ezoic Vs AdSense

Above we have compared Ezoic Vs AdSense side by side. I hope, you have got your choice after reading this article.

Well, I have used both of them for my same website and got increased revenue on my website with Ezoic. That’s why I always prefer to use Ezoic if you are serving ads on your website.

The second thing is you will easily get approval on Ezoic if you have monthly 10k page views. BUT, AdSense sometimes rejects your application for any reason and even doesn’t tell you the reason for rejection.

With that said, I want to sum up this comparison. If you have any queries regarding both platforms, do let me know in the comments. I will try to solve all your queries.

AND, do you know sharing is caring? So, share this article on your social media channels so that I get some encouragement to write more valuable content for you.

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