Ezoic Review and Case Study [2022]

This is the ultimate Ezoic review and case study based on my own experience. In this article, I will show you how Ezoic increased my website ad revenue to multi-folds. I will provide all the screenshots of my earnings and website speed analytics.

After reading this article, you will get to know that optimizing ad servings can dramatically increase your revenue.

SO, if you want to know all about Ezoic from my own experience then you must read this article till the end.

But before reading this article I would recommend another article on Ezoic.

What is Ezoic

what is ezoic

First off, let have some basic information on Ezoic.

Ezoic is an “ad optimization and mediation tool”. It has partnered with several different ad networks including AdSense who serves ads on your website through Ezoic.

So, you may ask, if it’s an ad mediation tool then why not I should signup directly with the ad network? After-all Ezoic will charge some commission from my earnings?

Well, definitely Ezoic gets some part of your earnings from the ad network, yet if you go through Ezoic you will get much more ad CPM than any ad network.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.



Because Ezoic has an AI ad optimization tool that optimizes all the ads serving on your website according to the user’s interest, you get more CPM on Ezoic.

We’ll read more about Ezoic’s ad optimization feature later in this article. First, let me show you my CASE STUDY on Ezoic.

My Ezoic CASE STUDY (March 2021 to November 2021)

Let me tell you my story from the first.

In December 2019 I got an invitation in my official email from Ezoic to join their platform. At that time Ezoic was an invitation-only program which means Ezoic officials directly invited eligible bloggers and website creators to join their program.

I have done some early research on this tool and also approach their customer relations teams to collect some more information.

They told me that Ezoic can increase your AdSense earnings. And it’s free to join. BUT, I didn’t impressed. I joined their program but didn’t integrate Ezoic with my blog.

AdSense Didn’t Approved My Blog

Instead, I thought if Ezoic is approaching me for the ad publishing then it’s the best time to join AdSense.

I had applied for AdSense BUT, they didn’t approve me. It’s not due to the content quality or any other publishing-related reason.

It’s because I was early(3-4 years) applied to AdSense for some of my “CHEP” websites which were my blogging mistakes and I don’t want to describe those mistakes here.

Obviously, my earlier websites got banned from AdSense and of course my address and bank account. That’s why AdSense didn’t approve my other genuine websites. (So many hard rules by AdSense)

SO, when I applied for my genuine website AdSense denied my application.

My Second Option: Ezoic

When I got the email from AdSense I got frustrated. BUT, there was a hope “Ezoic” which directly approached me to serve ads on my blog.

Well, I decided to integrate Ezoic with my blog.

I had chosen the WordPress integration method and installed their WordPress plugin on my website. However, they have few other integration methods but I tried WordPress integration because it was easier than others.

After then, Ezoic officials mailed me that I have to signup with Google AdSense via the Ezoic dashboard. I was scared of if I was disapproved one again?

I had applied for AdSense from their dashboard. And guess what? They approved my application.

That’s the advantage of an ad mediation tool.

Well, Ezoic publisher success team implemented all the ad placeholders on my blog and tweak other settings on my dashboard.

They asked me to install the Ads.txt file on my blog and also send me the guide on how to do this. It was really simple to implement Ads.txt.

I had done all the necessary arrangements and start wafting for the analytics reports.

I got surprised to see my ad revenue increasing day by day.

Note: Ezoic AI takes at least 2 months to fully optimize the ad serving. So you will see the earning fluctuations for the first 2-3 months. After this, the earning will be stable and even increase gradually if your website traffic increases.

Optimizations I made on Ezoic Dashboard

No doubt, I was getting good CPM with Ezoic but the one thing I was disappointed with was “Site Speed:. Actually, I had integrated Ezoic with the WordPress plugin. This is the easiest integration method available on Ezoic.

BUT, with this method, your website doesn’t get the full benefit of Ezoic site speed features.

That’s why my website became slow. Due to the slow loading pages, I was getting a high bounce rate on my website.

To resolve this problem, I approached Ezoic Publisher Success Team.

Ezoic publisher success team asked me to optimize some settings on my Ezoic dashboard.

Such as changing the Site integration method from WordPress to Nameserver Integration or Cloudflare Integration, Optimizing Leap settings, and doing some changes on my website recommended by Leap and Google Page Speed Insights.

I had to go through all the recommendations. Let me explain all of them one by one.

Ezoic Site Integration Option I Have Chosen

Ezoic site integration method gives the biggest impact on your website speed. When you choose the WordPress integration method, the ads will load with the content, just like AdSense and other ad networks.

BUT, if you choose Cloudflare or Nameserver integrations, Ezoic start serving your website from their CDN. On their own CDN servers, they have all the controls which help them to optimize the ads in a better way.

You also get the benefit of free CDN and Leap settings which speeds up your website better than the original speed.

SO, I had chosen Nameserver integration, because I wanted to use Ezoic features on full throttle.

It took 24 hours to fully propagate Ezoic nameservers on the web.

My Leap and CDN Optimization Settings

After nameserver integration, the first thing I had done that I applied for the Leap setting review. When you first enable Leap on your website, Ezoic asks you to apply for the review. They manually review and tweak your Leap setting.

BUT, the review time was very slow that’s why I decided to optimize my Leap settings by myself.

Here are the settings I had applied on my Ezoic Leap Dashboard.

These settings are very important for every user who is using Ezoic. If you have done these settings on your Leap dashboard, you can make your site lightning fast.

ezoic leap contents setting
Content Settings
ezoic leap scripts setting
Script Execution Settings
ezoic leap minify settings
Minify Settings
preconnect setting
Pre-Connect Settings
leap Static Asset Cache Policy Settings
 Static Asset Cache Policy Settings
Ezoic leap images setting
Images Settings
Ezoic leap CSS setting
CSS Settings

I Made Changes on Blog as per Leap and Google page Speed Insights

After applying all the above settings on my Leap dashboard, my website was loading much faster than ever.

BUT, there are some other optimizations that Ezoic suggested to me.

Actually, Ezoic Leap has a feature called “Technologies” in which they scan your website and suggest you remove the technologies that are slowing down your website.

This feature looks like this,

ezoic leap technologies setting

Changed Theme

The first thing “Leap Technologies” asked me to change was my theme. I was using Astra free version at that time. Leap Technologies suggested me some fast themes including “Generate Press”.

I had researched all the themes and selected Generate Press. Generate Press has a free version but it is very basic. So I had purchased the premium version.

Leap also suggested me to remove some other plugins. I had removed all the slow plugins. Then I had cleared the Leap optimization cache and Ezoic CDN cache.

In a few days, I was getting more traffic than ever. I had checked my page speed score on Google page speed insights.

Believe me, it was amazing.

Enrolled in Ezoic Premium

After some months of implementing Ezoic, I got an email that I was eligible to opt into the Ezoic premium feature.

Ezoic Premium is a paid feature of Ezoic in which they serve premium ads on your website. Premium ads pay more CPM. which means more revenue.

I wanted to try this out. SO, I opted into that program. I was not expecting that I will get almost double the revenue then invested amount on the premium fee.

BUT, it was given me double returns.

Here is the proof.

Ezoic premium payment proof

My Earnings Were Boosted up to 3 Times

With the combination of Ezoic’s free monetization and premium, I had boosted my website’s ads revenue up to 3 times.

Although I was rejected from AdSense and didn’t know the actual AdSense CPM, even I can say AdSense alone cannot give you that multifold revenue I was getting with Ezoic.

Even, today Ezoic is my major revenue source from my blogs. I have 3 blogs and all of them are integrated with Ezoic. However, I am using Ezoic ads only with 2 of my websites.

BUT, I was getting a good CPM for both websites. The 3rd website I have integrated with Ezoic is to use their website speed features. The major earning source of my 3rd website is affiliate marketing. So I don’t want to serve display ads on it.

Here is my payment proof of one of my websites from Ezoic. It’s just for your motivation.

ezoic payment proof

Now let’s start my Ezoic review and dashboard tour of Ezoic. This is my genuine review in which you will see how Ezoic works and how you can use it to maximize your blog’s earning.

SO, let’s start…

Ezoic Review

Above I have shared my journey with Ezoic along with my earning proof of my one website.

Now it’s time to review Ezoic and introduce its different tools to you So that you would decide whether you should go with Ezoic or any other ad network.

The first and foremost thing you should know that how Ezoic maximizes your AdSense earnings? What is the reason if Ezoic serves the same ads curated from AdSense then why its earnings are better than AdSense?

In the next section, we’ll know all about it.

How Ezoic Maximize Your AdSense Earnings

Ezoic has a well-structured artificial intelligence system that works behind the ad server.

This artificial intelligence system reads your website’s content, users behavior on your website, and several different statistics to evaluate which ads are suitable for your website and which are not.

Ezoic AI server starts collecting data from your website from day one when you’ve integrated it. BUT, the actual increase in earnings can be analyzed at least after a week. That;’s why Ezoic suggests we keep our website integrated at least for 3 months.

During this period, Ezoic AI collects different data from your website, chooses the better ads as per the data, and serves them on your property.

Along with the increment in earnings, you will also see consistent earnings. The reason behind it is Ezoic is a CPM network where the ad impressions are counted for the earnings.

On the other hand, AdSense and other ad networks work mostly on CPC means cost per click.

That means, the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad.

How Much You Can Earn with Ezoic

It depends on three things.

  • Traffic country
  • Traffic size
  • and, the niche

If your website’s most of the traffic comes from the tier one country and you are working in a high CPC niche then you can earn up to $30 per 1000 page views.

There are some niches such as insurance, personal finance, making money online, cryptocurrency, health that give you high CPC.

However, if you choose a medium CPC niche you can also earn a good amount of money if the traffic is coming from tier one countries.

Well, I know there is high competition in tier one countries, and finding a less competitive and high CPC niche for those countries is tough that’s why I’ve written a comprehensive guide on niche selection.

You should read this article to search and analyze a good niche for your blog.

Website Integration Options

Now let’s come to the integration methods you get on Ezoic to integrate your website with it.

There are 3 website integration methods available on Ezoic.

  • Ezoic WordPress plugin
  • Nameserver integration
  • Cloudflare integration
ezoic nameserver integration method

In all of these methods, I personally like the nameserver integration method. However, it takes at least 24 hours to fully integrate with this method but it unlocks all the features of Ezoic for you

WordPress integration method is the easiest but it does not support all the features of Ezoic that you want to speed up your website after implementing ads.

Ezoic is partnered with Cloudflare CDN so they also provide Cloudflare integration method. If your website is already Cloudflare integrated then you can use the Cloudflare integration method to implement Ezoic on it.

BUT, if you ask me the best one then I will go with the Ezoic Nameserver Integration method. Even all my the websites are integrated with Ezoic nameserver.

Ezoic Premium

Ezoic Premium is an amazing feature of Ezoic. It allows you to serve premium ads on your website.

It is a paid tool but if you opt-in for it, you will definitely make more than you pay for it.

As I have told you above, I am using Ezoic premium and every month I get 1.5 to 2 ties more revenue than I pay for it.

Let’s have a look at how it works…

how ezoic premium works

Ezoic serves two types of ads to their publishers. General ads and premium ads. They serve general ads to free Ezoic services and premium ads to paid publishers.

Obviously, general ads pay less than premium ads. In the above image, you can see how Ezoic serves premium ads to paid customers.

It’s beneficial to opt for Ezoic premium but not so lucrative for small publishers because you get only 1.5 to 2 times more than what you pay.

Here is my Ezoic premium earning proof.

ezoic premium ads payment proof
ezoic premium payment proof 2

As you can see in the above images I am getting $5-$7 per day. that means $160-$180/Month which is not so lucrative for small publishers.

But, if you are a big publisher and getting more than 50k page views per month then this would be more beneficial for you.

Ezoic has several plans based on the traffic of your website. Here is a glimpse of those plans. If you want to know more then you can check out Ezoic’s official page from here.

ezoic premium plans

Ezoic Tabs

When you signup to Ezoic, you will see their dashboard like this.

Ezoic dashboard

You can see one of my website statistics in the above image. Along with website stats, Ezoic has several other tabs that would confuse a publisher.

So I want to give you detailed information about these tabs.

The first one is,

Ezoic Monetization Options (Monetization Tab)

Ezoic monetization tab helps you to manage monetization features on your website. It has several tools such as linking existing AdSense account, importing historical AdSense data, Ad Tester, Mediation, native ads units, Sellers.Json file creator, direct ad manager, Ads.TXT file creator, Google Ad Manager signup section, etc.

ezoic monitization tab

All these settings help you to implement ads on your website. But the most important tools of all are Google ad manager signup section, Ad Tester, and Ads.TXT file creator tools.

When you first add your website to Ezoic, you have to first signup for a Google Ad manager account (if you don’t have an AdSense account). Ezoic officials will help you with that.

If you already have a running AdSense account then you can join it to Ezoic via the “existing AdSense account tool”.

After signing up to Ezoic Ad Manager, you have to set up ad placeholders on your website. Ezoic officials also help you out on this. So I don’t recommend you to place ad placeholders yourself. Just approach the support team and they will do this for you.

Google AdSense needs Ad.Txt page on your website, otherwise, they could ban you. So don’t forget to create an Ads.Txt file on the website with the help of this tool.

That’s it.

When you have done all these tasks, ads will start showing “most probably”. If not, contact Ezoic support for help. They will checkout the problem and help you out on this.

Ezoic Speed Tab (Ezoic Leap and CDN Caching)

Ezoic speed tab has the features to speed up your website. It’s free for ad publishers, but if you don’t want to serve Ezoic ads on your website then you have to pay at least $5/Month to use their site speed tools.

Ezoic speed tab has two features,

  • Leap
  • CDN Caching
ezoic leap settings

Leap is introduced by Ezoic in 2021. With the help of Leap, you can make your website faster that complies with “Google Core Web Vitals Score“.

From their June 2021 core update, Google made it mandatory for your website to pass Google Page Speed Score, otherwise, they decrease your search rankings.

So, Core web vital is now part of your SEO practices.

Leap helps you to set up your website according to the “Core Web Vital” recommendation and make your website faster than ever.

Ezoic Caching is another essential tool you find in the Ezoic Speed tab. This tool allows you to serve your website from Ezoic’s lightning-fast servers located all over the world.

ezoic cdn caching

You need to enable this tool by the above button. I had already enabled it so it’s showing “Disable CDN”. Otherwise, it will show “Enable CDN”. Just enable this setting and your website starts serving through Ezoic servers.

These two tools are more than enough to make your website faster than ever and pass in Google Web Vital speed test.

Ezoic Video Tab

If you have videos on your website then you can serve your videos through Ezoic server. It will save your hosting bandwidth as well as don’t let your website slow due to videos.

I don’t have videos on my website. Instead, I host my videos on Youtube and embed those on my website which I think is better than the Ezoic videos tool.

BUT, if you want to host your videos on your server then you should use Ezoic’s videos tool.

Ezoic SEO Tab

Again I don’t use this tool. I am an SEO expert and I don’t need Ezoic’s Tag tester tool to test different titles for my articles.

But, if you are new to SEO and want some pro solution to test your titles then you must use Ezoic’s Tag tester tool located in the SEO tab.

It gives you the option to add different titles for your articles and serves those titles to random people. The winning title will become the permanent title for your article.

related article for SEO,

Ezoic Privacy Tab

ezoic privacy setting

When you integrate your website with Ezoic through Nameserver integration or Cloudflare integration method, you will get an option to set up free SSL for your website.

This generic SSL will add an extra security layer above your regular SSL. And if you didn’t get SSL from your host or bought a separate SSL then it’s very beneficial for you.

Google encourages websites that have SSL. So it positively impacts your SEO.

So, don’t forget to use Ezoic SSL along with your host’s SSL.

Big Data Analytics by Ezoic (Analytics Tab)

ezoic big data analytics

Just like Google Analytics, Ezoic has its own Analytics tool called “Big Data Analytics”.

When you click on this tab you will be redirected to one of the sophisticated website analytics tools by Ezoic.

In Big Data Analytics you will get all the information regarding your website including, revenue, traffic, behavior, caching, and Google web vital score.

You can check out this tool periodically to observe what is happening on your website and change things as per requirement.

Big Data Analytics helped me a lot in improving my page speed score, bounce rate, and revenue.

Ezoic Design Tab

Ezoic also offers a website design service that includes a Layout tester, Progressive web apps (PWA), and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Layout tester allows you to design your website layout as per user behavior. Under this tab, you can design different web layouts and test them in real traffic. Then you can choose the best layout out of them as per user behavior and continue with that layout.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – This tool helps you to create your own android app for your website. You can then publish your app to Google Playstore to get more traffic.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – This tool helps you to change your existing web pages into fast-loading AMP pages. You can say that WordPress has already several AMP plugins then why do I need Ezoic’s AMP. Well, Ezoic AMP allows you to serve Ezoic ads on AMP pages which doesn’t let down your ad earnings when serving AMP pages.

These three tools help you to get more traffic and increase ad revenue so you may consider using them.

Ezoic Content Tab

This is the tab for some advanced settings. I didn’t use this tab So I cannot tell more about it.

However, it’s about testing scripts on your website. According to Ezoic’s Script Teste, this makes it easy to find out how new features are affecting your users.

ezoic script tester tool

Ezoic Settings Tab

ezoic settings tab overview

And finally, the last tab is Ezoic’s setting tab. It has all the core settings you need to run Ezoic on your website.

Let me explain all of them to you.

Turn On/Off Setting – This setting allows you to turn Ezoic on or off on your website.

Site integration – This setting helps you to integrate your website with Ezoic. It has three integration methods, Nameserver, Cloudflare, and WordPress plugin integration methods.

Optimization Goals – Here you can set how ads will show on your website. You can choose from balanced, revenue-focused, user experience-focused, and also you can customize the settings as per your need. I always use the balanced optimization goal.

Cloudflare – If you don’t have a Cloudflare account but want to integrate your website with Ezoic via Cloudflare then you have to use this setting.

Nameservers – It helps you to set up nameservers that you need to change your domain to point to.

SSL – It helps you to add an SSL certificate to your website.

DNS setting – DNS setting shows the CNAME etc of your website. Here you can change the existing setting.

Note: Don’t change any settings without proper knowledge of the setting otherwise you will suffer revenue loss and even website downtime. Always refer to Ezoic support to know more about the setting.

Ezoic WordPress Plugin For WordPress Users

Ezoic has built a multipurpose WordPress plugin for WordPress users. This plugin helps integrate WordPress website with Ezoic, managing ad placeholders, speed, and CDN settings.

ezoic wordpress plugin

It also automatically purge the cache whenever you update your website plugins, posts, and pages.

Ezoic suggests installing their WordPress plugin along with nameserver integration or Cloudflare integration to see optimum results.

So, don’t forget to install it if you are a WordPress user.

The best thing I’ve seen in this plugin is you can visually control the visibility of placeholders on your site.

Ezoic also has a Google Chrome extension to do this but I personally like the WordPress plugin. Maybe you have different views about both but I like WordPress plugin over the extension.

Ezoic Support

Ezoic support team is amazing. Whenever I contacted them through Live Chat or support ticket, they solved my query.

BUT, the Live Chat support is not 24/7. It remains open during office hours according to the USA. A person, who lived outside the USA such as Australia, India, and other Asian country find it difficult to contact them through Live Chat.

SO, my suggestion to Ezoic is to extend the Live Chat support to 24/7 so other country users can take benefit of it.

Ezoic has a wide range of FAQ sections which also helps you to solve your query yourself. But I don’t recommend you to do anything without the proper knowledge. Instead, go and contact the support team and they will suggest with right things

Ezoic Classroom

When you mark certain milestones, you will be eligible to unlock more features on Ezoic. One of those features is Ezoic Classroom. When this option enables on your dashboard, you can join the classroom to get some pro information about Ezoic and your website.

Obviously, it helps you to grow your revenue and UX.

Withdrawal Options in Ezoic

ezoic withdrawal methods

Ezoic provides three withdrawal methods.

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer or Prepaid Card Via Payoneer
  • Check (USA and Canada only)

SO you can see that Ezoic does not support Check for other countries except USA and Canada. If you are not a USA or Canadian citizen then you have only two options Paypal and Payoneer.

You can create an account with either of them to withdraw your earnings from Ezoic.

I personally suggest using Payoneer because the Payoneer remittance fee is less than Paypal. Early I was using Paypal, but one year ago I had switched to Payoneer.

Payoneer allows you to create your personal bank account with their select US banks with real bank account numbers and other details.

So, you can use Payoneer on any occasion where a US-based bank account is needed.

Ezoic FAQ

How to pay for Ezoic premium?

You can pay for Ezoic Premium via credit card or international debit card. Any Visa or Mastercard supports the recurring payment if it’s enabled for international transactions.

Is Ezoic an ad network?

Ezoic is not an ad network. It is an ad mediator between you and ad networks as well as a website optimization tool.

How many monthly page views do I need to get started with Ezoic?

Ezoic has removed the minimum page views requirement. If your page views are less than 10,000 then you have to join this via “Ezoic Access”. To signup with Access you can simply go to Ezoic’s official website, scroll down and click on the “Join Access Now button”.

Does Leap, or other site speed features, require me any payment?

If you are serving Ezoic ads on your website, you can use these features for free.

Does Ezoic negatively impact my website speed?

No, if you have done all the necessary optimizations on your website suggested by Ezoic, you will not see a significant site speed problem. However, Ezoic ads slow down your website a bit but it’s acceptable compared to other ad networks.

Conclusion: Ezoic Review and Case Study

Here was my review and case study on Ezoic. As you’ve seen I am already an Ezoic user and earning a good amount of money from Ezoic ads.

I have three websites integrated with Ezoic and I run ads on my single website but I get the benefit of speed optimization on all of my websites for free of cost.

That’s another cool feature of Ezoic. You can integrate up to 50 websites with it without paying any fee if you enable ads on any of the websites.

Ezoic provides better CPM than any ad network and also provides many other features free of cost that’s why I am using their services.

If you have any website where you want to serve ads then you must give it a try.

Check out my other articles,

Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. He loves music, writing and travelling. He is also an active investor and a successful entrepreneur.  

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