How To Create Website with WordPress in 2022 [Step-By-Step Tutorial]

A Website has the potential to make huge money for you, provided, how you create a website and run it. When I have entered this field, I made several mistakes.

Over the course of time, I learned from my own mistakes and made it possible to make a decent passive income from my websites.

Learning from our own mistakes make us successful with time, but learning from others’ mistakes makes us successful with no time.

I have a 10-Step guide here that will help you to create your 1st website and make a business around it to get huge passive income, and obviously with much less time than me.

Create a Website with WordPress

1. Buy a Domain


On the way to making a website, the first step we take is to buy a domain. A domain represents your business, your brand, your fame and we cannot compromise with it. We must choose a domain that should have the potential to grow with time.

For me, choosing a domain is an art. We should be some sort of predictive when choosing a domain. After all, the domain is the first impression when a user interacts with our website.

We can divide the domain names into two categories.

  • Branded
  • Niche related

You have to decide which category can best fit your needs. Before hitting the buy button we must think twice about our choice.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.


I have a brief guide for you on Choosing Best Domain Name and you can refer to that guide to get started.

You should read also Web address – Get Domain name and Configure DNS for configuring your domain name with your web hosting service.  This is a brief tutorial on DNS and name servers that can help you to connect your domain with your website.

Where Should you buy Your Domain?

It depends on your needs. If you read my article Expired Domains: Your Key to Success in Online Marketing You already know that old expired domains have more backlinks and authority than new domains.

You can go with new domains though it will take time to gain authority and genuine backlinks.

For New Domains, I recommend three names which are the most trusted name in domain registration as well as an affordable one.

For old Domains, you can check out

  • Flippa
  • ExpiredDomains.Net

2. Buy a Hosting Package and SSL

web hosting-create website

Okay, now you have your domain ready, its time to take the 2nd most important step. Buying a hosting space, where you can host your website.

There are many types of hosting packages available in the market which creates confusion among newbies.

So, how would you choose a hosting plan which suits your needs?

I too got confused when I was a newbie, but with time and thorough research, I am now able to suggest to you the best hosting plans for your brand new website.

I have written a brief guide on Web Hosting which you must read before getting started with web hosting plans.

As I said, choosing a web hosting plan depends on your needs, let’s divide the needs into 3 parts.

  • Blog
  • Shopping cart
  • Online/Offline services


If you want to create a blog and share informational content and experiences with others then you should go with,

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting

I recommend Hostgator as they provide these packages at a very affordable price. I am also in Hostgator and don’t have any problem since I bought the 1st package with them.

If you are new to web building and don’t have much technical knowledge, you must choose Bluehost WordPress Hosting. They give 1-click WordPress installation in their WordPress hosting package.

For a technical guy, I recommend their shared hosting as you get some extra room regarding flexibility.

Shopping cart

If you have an offline business and want to sell your products online too, the best method is to set up an online store. Setting up an online store is actually not as hard as we assume. There are many ways you can use to set up your online shop.

But I recommend two options


Shopify is a dedicated E-commerce software where you can easily create your online shop. It provides a drag-n-drop website builder with hosting space too.

If you want to create a shopping website and don’t have enough technical knowledge then this software is for you.

They provide their service against monthly rentals.

WooCommerce (WordPress Shopping cart plugin)

This option is recommended for tech-savvy guys as it is a WordPress plugin and requires some technical knowledge of WordPress.

Though, it’s not much hard to create a full-featured shopping website with Woocommerce. You can read my article on WordPress to gain basic to advance knowledge of WordPress.

Basically, Woocommerce is free but if you want more features you have to spend a few dollars on Woocommerce premium extensions.

As Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin, you have to buy a shared or WordPress hosting package to use this.

Again I recommend HostGator which is an award-winning web hosting service and as I said above, I am using it without any downtime and speed issues.

Online/Offline Services

Many websites provide online and offline services to make money. Do you know It is the best example of service-related websites. There are many websites like, and many more.

If you have a game plan for a service-related website and wanna create a website around this, you can use 2 options.

  • WordPress or Joomla CMS
  • Your own Web Script is written in PHP or other languages

I know the 2nd option is not made for you so let’s talk about the 1st one.

You can use a CMS as a core framework of your online service website and find a plugin that can help you to implement your service on your site or create your own plugin which can implement the service on your website.

You can use 2 web hosting packages for your SAAS website.

Bluehost is for small SAAS websites but if you have a big plan, I strongly recommend you go with Liquidweb.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL certificate is now compulsory by Google and other search engines. Without an SSL certificate, your website visitor will get annoying SSL errors which are not good for your website reputation.

Thanks to Bluehost, they give free SSL certificates as well as a free domain for 1 year with their all hosting plans.

3. Install WordPress

wordpress-cms-create wordpress-website

Now you have your domain and your web hosting plan ready, the 3rd step is to install WordPress on your web server.

Here is my 9 step WordPress Installation guide which will help you properly install WordPress through your web host’s cPanel. I strongly prefer you to read this guide to learn the process of installing a fresh WordPress on your server.

As well as, for the sake of proper knowledge if you ended with a faulty installation, this guide helps you in that too. In this guide, I have already described the uninstallation of a faulty WordPress copy.

If you don’t wanna follow this “a bit hard” process you can buy WordPress hosting which gives you the ability to the one-click installation of WordPress.

I recommend HostGator as it is the best hosting service. also recommends HostGator for WordPress and shared hosting plans.

4. Install a Pro WordPress Theme 

install WordPress themes

Any WordPress website has three main ingredients.

A theme is your website’s main user interface and any user who lands on your website first encounters with your theme. The quality of the theme decides if the user spends time on your website or leaves it within a few seconds.

I think you are already aware that Google monitors page bounce and uses this data to rank your site respectively.

The other factor which affects the ranking of your website is the loading speed of the website. The website loading speed depends on many factors.

A properly optimized theme plays a big role in page speed.

So, you must have an SEO-optimized theme for your website. Though you can use free themes from the WordPress theme directory they are not properly optimized.

I would strongly recommend you own a pro theme. There are many pro themes available in the market.

But I recommend the fastest theme, Genesis from StudioPress.

My second recommendation is the Elegant theme’s Divi Which is a highly customizable theme.

If you want to learn how to install WordPress themes on your website you can refer to my guide – How To Install WordPress Theme: The Simplest Guide

This guide will also help you to customize your theme for your needs.

5. Install necessary Plugins


The fifth important step you have to take is installing some necessary plugins on your website as they extend the functionality of your website.

Read my step-by-step guide on How To Install WordPress Plugins Which will help you install and uninstall plugins on your website.

For you, I researched and made a list of some necessary plugins which are must-have plugins for any niche of website.

  • Jetpack – Official WordPress plugin which offers many powerful features
  • Akismet – Official WordPress Plugin to stop spam commenting
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages – Mobile optimized pages are now compulsory by Google so you must have this plugin installed
  • Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP
  • Loginizer – For Login Security. It limits your login attempts
  • No Self Pings – Disable self-pinging from your own website
  • PuSHPress – Speedup your website
  • WP Smush – Image optimizer
  • ThirstyAffiliates – To create and monitor affiliate links. You can refer to Thirsty Affiliates setup guide for properly install and setup this plugin on your WordPress website.
  • TinyMCE Advanced – For advanced formatting options
  • UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore – Backup and restore your website
  • WP Fastest Cache – My favorite plugin for speeding up my website – Read my article Boost Website Speed With WP Fastest Cache [Setup Guide And Review]
  • Yoast SEO – Best on-page and on-site SEO plugin
  • Title and Nofollow For Links – Nofollow attribution is must for affiliate links. This plugin help in that.

These plugins are considered essential plugins for any website, no matter which niche it has.

6. Create Contents


Any website without content is like a Zombie. Content is a breath of your website which keeps your website alive. And original quality content is like fresh air which makes your website ranking skyrocket.

So the question is, How would you create quality content?

You gain experience over time. As more you write as more you learn to create quality content. There are three rules that must be followed in this process.

  1. Following your passion – Select a niche of which you love to write.
  2. Consistency – You must be consistent. I suggest you write daily, especially in the morning time.
  3. Reading – Read other blogs and websites in your niche for having an idea of the flow of writing. Learn from others experiences. This is the shortcut and best way to get success.

Even you create videos or other types of content, the three rules mentioned above are the best rule to create quality content. Follow these rules and you will get success with time.

A very important question people want me to answer. How to get rid of grammatical mistakes, especially if you are a Non-English person?

So here is a tool you can use to write without worrying.

Grammarly – A free tool to get rid of those ugly grammatical mistakes. Just download its chrome extension and signup for a new account. Now whenever you write in an online editor in chrome, it detects grammatical mistakes and suggests you correct them.

Its basic version is totally free but if you want extra help you can try its premium version for just $11.66 a month. Though its basic version is quite enough for basic writing mistakes you can try the basic version absolutely free for a lifetime.

7. Connect Your Website With Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Traffic

Google provides two essential tools to website creators and webmasters which you must use if you are serious about growing your traffic.

Google Search Console

Google search console helps a website owner not even submitting their sitemap but also monitor their organic search performance. You must connect your website to the Google Search Console to take benefit of it.

Here you can submit your website’s sitemap, Monitor clicks, backlinks, and other things, and also check the crawl rate. You can find which web pages to rank in which keywords and which position. 

An important feature Google search console gives – Fetch as Google through which you can instantly index any page to Google search.

Google Analytics

Google Search console only gives you the analytics of Google search but one step further Google analytics provides you more analytical data like direct search, social search, organic search from all the search engines, event tracking, and many more.

And you know? These two tools are absolutely free.

8. Start Your Social and Email Marketing Campaign

wordpress website

Social Media

Today Social Media is playing a big role in Content marketing. Social media has the power to influence any market and if you have no social media account for your website you are missing a lot of targeted traffic.

There are two ways to get traffic from social media

  • Paid Advertisement
  • Free Group, wall and hashtag optimized posting

Paid ads work well as their rate of conversion is high than free alternatives. But what if you don’t wanna invest in paid ads. Simply create accounts with as much social media as possible.

Create groups, pages and use other community features in your social media account to promote your content. Though it is very tuff for most website owners to post on many social media accounts simultaneously.

Well, don’t worry everything is gone on autopilot and social media posting as well.

Try Social pilot to transform your social media posting into autopilot. The price starts from only $8.33 per month and the best thing I like is it gives 14 days trial.

You should try it Once.

Email Marketing (The legendary marketing solution)

Email marketing is 2 decades old but the most effective way of content marketing. Every small or big website owns infrastructure to capture the emails of its users. Capturing email can give you the ability to offer your products right into the inbox of your users.

This method is categorized as a one-on-one advertising method and hence it is a very powerful method.

Once you captured your user’s emails, you can nurture them and offer them your product via a sales funnel. The sales funnel is a very important strategy as it creates trust among your users. Trust converts in sales. So the sales funnel is a very important part of your email marketing campaign.

Here are the two best tools that I personally use to create email autoresponders and landing pages to design my sales funnel.

Aweber – For Collecting emails, email newsletters, and Autoresponders.

Leadpages – Landing Page Builder

9. On-page and Off-Page SEO

SEO-Search engine optimization is a must to attract organic traffic.

I think you are aware of, organic traffic brings the most targeted customers to your website and the good thing is, compared with few hours of social media traffic or few days of referral traffic, organic traffic lasts for years.

Even we use social media and other traffic sources to build our brand our last goal should be to increase organic traffic.

Organic traffic comes with time but without SEO organic traffic never comes. Well, there are many tools available to help you optimize your website for search engine traffic.

But before, I wanna give you a quick introduction to On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO done can be done on your website and web pages. Mainly you have to optimize your website structure along with your content and make them SEO friendly to help search engines to find them.

A WordPress plugin that I use to optimize my blog posts and web page content is,

Yoast SEO

Its basic version is free and full-featured to properly optimize your On-page contents, create sitemaps, alter robots.txt files, etc.

Off-Page SEO

All the SEO-related activities which we do outside of our website fall into Off-Page SEO. Creating backlinks, Social media campaigns,s and many other activities we do to optimize our Off-Page SEO structure.

Though backlinks are the most important ingredient in Off-Page SEO if it has not properly our website will lose its credibility and in the worst case, Search engines could ban our website.

So, if you are new to SEO I suggest you read a lot about it and then implement the processes. You can use a tool to properly do your Off-Page SEO along with your On-Page SEO like keyword research etc.

I suggest you use SEMrush for planning accurate SEO strategies and implementing them. I already described it in my article,

SEMRush Review: Best Keyword Research & SEO Tool [Rank On Google Now]

10. Make Money Online (3 Ways)

create website with wordpress

Well, now you have a website with a good reputation and obviously good traffic. Now, what’s next?

Of course, you wanna make money with your website. So, how could you make money with your website?

There are four main ways

  1. Ad networks
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Saas (Software as a service)
  4. Offline services

Ad Networks

You probably know about Adsense, the best ad network owned by Google. But Adsense is not alone. There are many ad networks that work well. Chitika, Popads, Bidvertiser, and many others.

The concept is simple. You have to place ads codes on your website, provided by ad networks, and whenever somebody clicks on ads you make a percentage of the advertisement cost.

Though you can be paid by impressions also. So, it is a win-win situation to signup an ad network that is offering payment on impressions along with clicks.

Adsense is best but you couldn’t get approvals very easily so you can also try other ad networks.

The only demerit of ad networks is it requires traffic – huge traffic. Many ad networks pay $2 to $3 per 1000 impressions and you have to have huge traffic for a decent income from ad networks.

Heres comes Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

When you refer someone’s products to people and they make a purchase then you will get a commission on the sale. There are two parties involved in affiliate marketing – You as a publisher and the product owner as an advertiser.

The cool thing is you don’t have to worry about making a product. You get the readymade product and can start selling them on your website.

The payout is also huge. If the product is digital you will get up to 70%-80% of the sale. People are making thousands of $$$ from affiliate marketing. One example is me. I also earn my butter and bread from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a very effective earning strategy for low-traffic websites. As the conversion rate is high – 2 to 5 % you can implement it if your website traffic is low.

There are many affiliate networks available on the internet. Some best networks are Commission junction(CJ), Share a Sale, Clickbank, JvZoo, etc.

You can join one of them and select products from their inventory to promote.

You can also join individual affiliate programs run by many individual affiliate products. Just type “niche Affiliate” on Google search and you will be amazed by the results come.

Saas (Software as a service)

If you are a developer and able to create online software you can promote it on your website and charge a monthly recurring fee against the membership. There are many examples who are running their Saas website and make huge money with that.

SEMrush is one of them. They started their Saas website with keyword research and now they are offering a complete search marketing and ranking solution.

Forget SEMrush, I think you know about Facebook? I know you are thinking that I am kidding with you. Who else doesn’t know about Facebook?

Facebook is a Saas Website. Mark Zuckerberg thinks of an Idea and creates that social network. The rest of the story you already know.

Good News – Now, you don’t need to have programming skills for creating a Saas Website. I have a website where you can convert your Idea into a Saas or mobile app with a drag and drop facility.

Try and turn your dream SAAS Project into reality without coding.

Conclusion: Create Website with WordPress

This page is the most viewed page on my website. I squeezed all my knowledge-creating this page. I think and really want, this will help you a lot in your way to success and grow you as a successful Webpreneur.

If this page creates inspiration in your mind then this will be my success. Share this Guide on your social circle as sharing encourage me to write more and more valuable content. If you have any questions regarding this, comment below.

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