How to Choose Domain Name For Your Online Business

If you are wondering how to choose a domain name for your website or blog then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I have shared10 tips to choose a perfect domain name for your business.

A domain name is the first key point of turning your website’s visitors into customers.

No matter how thoroughly you write content and how beautiful your website looks, an unattractive domain name can fully change the game.

Traditional advertising methods are now over.

The world is evolving day after day.

And today, in this mobile era, whenever we wanna know about something, we just take our smartphone and search the internet for it.

Whether it’s a product or some information, the internet is now capable of fulfilling all our needs.

The vast availability of the internet is the main reason behind creating a website for your business.

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If you are available online then your sales grow like a baby bear. Within a short period of time, you will achieve real success in your business.

Think about it.

After creating a website, you will be available all the time for your customers, even when you are sleeping.

From local businesses to giant companies, all have their website at this time.

So it’s very important to save your online presence before your competitor acquires it.

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OK, now how to create a website?

There are three steps to create a website.

Today’s article is all about – how to choose the right domain name or top-level domain name for your website.

Remember A wisely chosen domain name can make your website and just opposite, a wrong domain can break your website.

I briefly researched and found “11 proven methods” to choose the right domain name that will directly impact your website ranking and popularity.

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

So before choosing a domain name carefully read this article and I bet, you will unlock the mystery behind many successful websites including Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

1. Easy to Type and pronounce Domain name

easy to choose domain name

The first tip for choosing a good domain name is, it should be easy to type and easy to pronounce.

It is seen that easy to type and pronounceable websites beat other websites.

If your domain name is not easy to type and pronounceable then visitors show less interest in your website.

From Google to Facebook all big website owners knew that secret.

They used it to choose their great domain name and became successful in online marketing.

Easy to type and pronounce domain name has an ability to attract people from the beginning.

Just stop reading this article for a moment, open text editor and type Google. How much time will it take to type? OK, now pronounce Google.

Now add an O after the second G in google. After adding O the word changed to “Googole”. Now pronounce it.

Compare these two words which one you can easily type and pronounce?

Obviously, Google.

This is the catch.

You don’t want your visitors to go to another website by mistyping your domain name, so its good to choose an easy to type and pronounce domain name.

Although easy to type domain name are not easily available, you have to do mind storming and search the best one for your website.

2. As short as possible

Who wants to type more? Do you. So keep your domain name as short as possible.

Research showed us that shorter domains outperform over all the domains in its niche. – Resources for entrepreneurs – researched the popularity of websites according to the length of the domain name and found the 5 most popular websites have 6 letters in their domain name.

The most popular 10,000 websites have 8 characters domain.

According to this research, you should keep our domain name as short as possible.

You should keep your domain name between 6 to 12 character – always remember the fact that shorter is better.

Although, Maximum easy to type – short domain names are sold at this time.

They are either bought by big websites or by them who are in domain reselling business.

But if you do a brainstorm and search widely then you have a chance to find one.

On the other hand, If you have money then you can purchase a good domain from domain resellers.

But they can charge thousands of dollars for a short domain name.

Although there is hope, if you don’t find a short domain, keep your domain brandable.

“Brands beat short domains”

My website Recordingbase is an example of a brandable Domain name.

You can see this domain name has no meaning but it is appealing and one can easily relate my Website name.

3. Easy to remember

easy to remember domain

Do you remember the Beatles band?

There were many bands performing that classic time but why you remember Beatles more than others.

Run your mind,

It’s not about their quality of music, OK, I know you got it.

They have a word in their name “Beat”. Right?

Any music lover can easily relate to their name by simply that word.

They knew that beat is a part of the music and just adding this to their name can make their band’s name such a popular.

So friend, add a few valuable words in your domain name related to your industry and see the magic.

After became a popular website, They will google through your website’s name.

If you query for “Amazon” keyword in Google keyword planner you will see that people search for “Amazon” word total 277,000,000 times in a month.

Such a huge data.

And this has been possible just by choosing the right word which people can remember in their mind relating to the South American river “AMAZON”

So you have to run your mind like a horse and find out a Domain, people could remember after listening just once.

4. Social Availability

social media presence

Does your domain name is socially available? If not just drop this name and choose another.

Today social media culture is spreading out like fire in the forest.

If you are not on Social media you are missing a great way to become famous.

Social media is now the best platform for not only expressing your thoughts but it’s a great source of promotion for your website.

All the big whales in online marketing are using social media as a powerful promotion tool.

So it’s very important for your website to be available on social media.

You should be available on all major social networks Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or Tumblr Google Plus or LinkedIn.

If you want to promote your brand then social media is the best way to grow your brand.

Big companies like Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and many medium-sized companies are using social media as a tool for publicity.

As well as if you have a big fan following in social media then it will work as a new traffic source for your website.

So be careful choosing your domain name as the name available or not on social media platforms.

Don’t forget to read this ultimate guide on social media marketing

5. Which is best – Branding or Primary keyword

It depends on your website category.

If you are selling physical products or services with your name then I will prefer to go for branding.

But if you are just creating a blog focusing on a niche then go to keyword-based domain names.

Here you will ask me my website is a blog about website creation and management then why I chose its domain name as a brand.

Here is my answer.

Remember Amazon was formally just selling books but now they are the biggest e-commerce website on earth.

If they could choose a keyword-based domain name like then how they spread their e-commerce business by this level?

Brand based domain names always beat keyword base domain in names.

If you choose the branded domain name then you can run till the end.

In the long run branded domain name help you to grow.

But if your website is niche-based and you don’t want to expand your business in the future for broad categories then I prefer to choose a keyword related domain name.

Keyword-based domain names also help you to rank in Google for that particular keyword.

Its all depends on your needs.

6. Domain name extension matters

best domain name extensions

There is a broad range of domain name extensions available in the market.

But if we categorize domains extensions by there functions then there are two main categories.

International domain name extensions and country based extensions.

An international domain is the type of domain which is equally popular in all countries and used to target customers in all countries.

Some examples of international domains – .COM, .ORG, .NET etc

On the other side country based domain names are popular for that country, the domain extensions belong to. Such as .US, .IN, , FR etc

Choosing a domain name extension depends on your business.

If your business is locality based or specific country based then you should choose a country related extension.

Google prefer country-based domains over an international domain extension and it will be extremely helpful for those who are writing their content in the native language.

Also, those domains extensions create a psychological mindset on your site visitors if they view your domain extension related to your country in google search results.

But if you are targeting customers all over the world by providing service and products, useful for all counties than strictly go with International domain extensions.

And remember if you are choosing an international domain then go with only .COM because .COMs are very very popular international domain extensions.

Majority of international websites are using .COM domain extensions because of its popularity.

7. TLD (Top Level Domain name) or Second level domain name

There are two types of domain names.

  • Top-Level Domain
  • Second Level Domain

Many web hosting providers and blogging platforms offer free second-level domain names.,, and other big platforms offer the same second-level domain names to attract customers for their future sales.

But I suggest you don’t go for any second-level domain because Google doesn’t recommend 2nd level domain names.

If you want to rank in Google search results then you only choose the top-level domain or TLD. Google loves Top-level domains and rank high this type of domain names.

Also, you and your visitors don’t like another website’s extension like; in your domain name.

So I personally don’t prefer you to choose any second-level domain name.

8. Geographical targeting

geo targeting

In chapter 6 domain name extensions I already described geographical targeting.

Today targeted visitor is the most important thing in internet marketing.

So if you want to target a specific country then go for country-based domains because Google and your visitors prefer country-based domains if your content is created for a specific country.

Even big websites buy all counties domain extensions for their domain and redirect their website for the countries.

Whenever somebody searches from a specific country then they redirect him to that specific country based domain extension and serve them the data created for that country.

Go for geographical targeting if your product requires it and see how much Google will love your product.

9. Don’t use numbers and hyphens etc.

Don’t use numbers and hyphens for your domain because people who search for your domain could be confused typing your domain name.

For example, if you are using 3 in your domain name and somebody type three in the place of three then they will end an error page or some other website. Right?

And this mistake could convert to a loss of a potential future customer.

Same with other characters in your domain. If you use them then how would you pronounce it?

If I used a hyphen in my domain name like then what will be the pronunciation of my domain name? or

Keep your domain pronounceable keeping it hyphens and numbers free.

10. Research, research, research

domain name research

Research is very very important before hitting the purchase button for your domain.

You don’t want to face any legal notice or something else for a trademarked domain name. Research for the name which you want to keep your domain name.

There is mane cased of domain name legal wars for a particular domain name in internet history where domain name holder has to surrender his domain name to the original trademark owner.

So do proper research before purchasing a domain name.

After all, this domain name will become big and big in the future and then after somebody claims for your domain name ownership then the loss will be so huge.

11. Bonus Tip – Choose for future expansion of your business

future business growth

Does your domain name have the capability to be global in the future?

Choosing the right domain could make you king so choose a domain name under which you could expand your business globally and also add more products to your website.

I personally suggest two things on choosing a domain name for future expansion.

Use .COM domain extension
Use branded name

Choosing a .COM domain could expand your business globally without any restriction to a specific country.

As well as .COM domain is quite popular in all countries so it will increase your choosing it will definitely expand your business.

The second one is using a branded name in your domain could bring a possibility of adding extra products and content from other niches which are really helpful to grow your business from time to time.

So this was a bonus tip from me use this tip you will get benefits definitely.

Good Domain Name Providers

There are many domain name providers on the web. But I suggest 2 names because of there service and reliability.


these 2 are my personal recommendations because they have very good service as well as reliable.

They serve millions of domain names all over the world.


Today we all became internet savvy people.

To grow your business you have to be online.

And the first thing you do for this is purchasing a stunning name for your business.

I think this guide helped you to make a perfect decision before purchasing your brand new domain name.

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