5 Site Analysis Tools To Win The SEO Battle in 2021

Online business seems easy but actually, it’s not.

You have to put some extra effort to get the results(Leads).

However, there are growth hack techniques that exist that if you can apply to get the best results. But Growth hack requires some professional tools.

Without these professional site analysis and growth hack tools, you can’t win the 1st-page battle in Google.

So, here we will discuss some great site analysis tools that help you win the SEO battle over your competitors.

But before dig into the list let us know what is site analysis, and why it’s important in growth hacking?

Site analysis is a thorough analysis of your competitor’s website.

In other words, we can say it’s just spying on your competitor, analyze their website performance, and set your goals to achieve the ranking just like your competitor in google search engine.

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In site analysis, we analyze the traffic sources, ranking, backlinks as well as the websites that give them backlinks and many more tools to better spying our competitor.

If I say it in one word it will take you to the 1st position in your niche and make you the market leader if you perfectly analyze your competitor’s strategy and apply the things in your website.

For these types of analyses, we take the help of various online tools and websites.

Most tools and websites are paid on a recurring basis but they are just awesome.

With the right tool, you can optimize your web performance in no time.

So if you are thinking about the cost then think once, if your sales increase 100% after getting the help of those tools then it is not a loss, rather a win-win situation.

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Let us compare and review the best site analysis tools available in the market.

1. SEMrush

semrush-site analysis

If you want to rank in your niche on the google search, content strategy is essential.

SEMrush not only gives you the competitive analysis but also suggests you take proper action by their actionable insights.

And it’s even better when you can collect the insights in documented format and make a documented strategy.

SEMrush is capable of this.

Just opposite to other online SEO marketers SEMrush provides you with the document of what they analyze in their tools and what actions to take to rank your website.

Just put a domain name on the SEMrush website and see the results it gives.

The most accurate results.

Save the results and make a campaign to achieve your goals.

So simple to use.

Followings are some tools that SEMrush provides us for the battle.

  • Keyword Research
  • Site Audit
  • Competitors Research
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis

SEMrush gives you real-time updates of search engine results and keywords.

This key feature gives you the ability to make content which your readers want to read.

You will be able to make much informative and helpful content to achieve success in your business and target the market better.

If you are B2B or B2C marketer you can achieve great results using SEMrush.

If you want to try it then here is the link to try for our special 14 days and when it gives you a better result, you can buy their recurring plan.

2. MOZ


MOZ pro is the second one which I strongly recommend to our readers.

It’s a comprehensive online SEO software with several SEO functionalities and features.

Although it has the strength to help achieve SEO success it is not for everyone.

Because it’s a bit tough to use. However, if you are an SEO expert then it’s the right tool to use.

Moz provides us two of the best tools,

  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword analysis tools

Moz Pro is a sleek and sober design than its competitors SEMrush and Ahrefs.

It has a lack of feature called PPC in keyword analysis because it focuses only on SEO technology.

Moz, formally known as SEOMoz is a powerful tool for SEO optimization of your website.

Here are some core features Moz has in its panel.

  • On page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Rank tracking feature
  • Site Crawling

If you are an SEO expert or want to be one then try Moz once.

It is perfect for advanced SEO experts.

3. Ahrefs

ahref-competitor analysis tool

Ahrefs is a most reviewed product in SEO software.

Although it’s not the 1st choice for me, don’t underestimate its power.

It can do magic in SEO and site analysis.

Ahrefs makes you do anything in the SEO field.

It is not as good as SEMrush in the case of keyword research but in other fields, it can simply beat SEMrush.

It has many features which are used for extraordinary performance in SEO.

Ahrefs has real-time tracking which gives you the real-time results of any website and makes you a champ in site analysis.

But it’s pretty expensive.

This means even for basic plan company will charge you a hundred dollars in a month.

Just opposite to SEMrush, it’s not suitable for newbies because of its interface and other features.

If you are an advanced SEO specialist and manage many sites then it’s perfect for you.

  • Following are some key features of Ahrefs
  • Great overall performance
  • It has a browser extension
  • Much suitable for professionals

4. LongTailPro

long-tail-pro-keyword research

LongTailPro is just another awesome SEO tool for you.

As you can see in its name it’s a premium keyword research tool that can find hundreds of low competition keywords on your topic and help get results in your SEO efforts.

I have added it to the Site analysis tools list because it can find the keywords with low competition in your industry and make you the leader in your industry.

It has a KC feature, which means keyword competitiveness by which you can analyze a better keyword that can rank better in the search.

LongTailPro can discover all easy to rank keywords in your niche.

If you are a blogger then this tool is for you.

For search engine friendly content creation you have to find low competition keywords.

And in this work, LongTailPro helps you.

LongTail Pro has a plan of $297 in a year which is not too expensive if you are managing sites for your clients. But for individuals, it is a bit costly.

You can buy its package from here.

5. Majestic SEO


Another great tool for SEO analysis and competitive analysis is Majestic SEO.

This has some unique features than others.

The main reason for its uniqueness is its backlink analysis tool which provides you the most accurate results for any website in the SEO industry.

It has many plans so you can choose the better one which suits your need.

It is best for those who own one website and don’t want to spend extra bucks.

With this tool, you can do anything in SEO, from spying on your competitor’s backlink to keyword analysis.

Such a powerful tool for individual website owners.

It has its own proprietary search engine, called MJ12 which is able to serve you accurate results regarding any website.

It has easy to use interface and does well in backlink analysis when you are spying on your competitor.

Majestic SEO is a great tool for entrepreneurs and medium-level webmasters but is not suitable for advanced webmasters.

It depends on you and your work whether it’s useful for you or not.

Here are some features of Majestic SEO

  • Low cost: best for entrepreneurs
  • Great in backlink research feature
  • Quickly load interface
  • Several types of information displays you can choose from

Although there is a disadvantage. It has no free trial offer.

However, if you want to review Majestic SEO click here.

Conclusion: Best Site Analysis Tools

Today we can’t achieve our goals if we won’t spy on our competitors.

Even the biggest companies in the world spy on their competitors.

If you don’t want to be kicked off from the market then you must know what your competitors are doing.

These site analysis tools help you a lot in this.

Use them as a spying tool and be in first place in the market.

In my opinion, SEMrush and LongTailPro are the best SEO site analysis tools on the internet.

They have the best features as well as great customer support.

I personally use SEMrush and recommend you to use it for once.

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